Thursday, August 22, 2019


                                                     ETERNAL CONSCIOUSNESS

The world, our reality, exists within our personal consciousness and therefore cannot be lost at physical death since consciousness eternally resides in the spirit world.

Monday, August 19, 2019


                                          THE COSMIC DESIGN OF LIFE & DEATH

Human life has been designed to be transitory and death is so designed too. The one is a preface to the other. Remember if anything changes and transitions away, this is only because it turns into something else.

Sunday, August 18, 2019


                                                        ANGEL NEWS NETWORK PODCASTS

Our nation and world seem filled with chaos and confusion.
What is truly going on? What can we be and do about it ?
Listen to Channel Phillip Elton Collins and spiritual journalist Joel Anastasi as they seek answers from archangels, ascended masters and other higher realms. Archangel Michael via channel Jeff Fasano will be a regular guest on the show.
We do not have to be powerless observers. Knowledge is power. There is no greater source of wisdom available to humanity than the higher realms of the Archangels, Ascended Masters, etc.
Active Angel Agents


                              WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE GIFT OF LIFE?

When we die our eternal spirit will ask us, “What have you done with the gift of life?” How would you answer that now?

Saturday, August 17, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Moving the Core Connection to the Truth of Who You Are

From the Archangelic realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you move deeper in the depth and breadth of your heart space to continue the self excursion leading you to self empowerment. You are moving toward the greatness and the powerfulness of self and toward a deeper love of self. The greatest lesson you are learning is about love, love of self, love without attachments, love of the human condition, love on all levels. 

So We ask you, is there love in your life? 
Are you receiving love? 
Is there self love? 
Self love is the greatest lesson of all. 

You are all learning to love. 

Many are now moving through a transition period on a soul level, transitioning from an old state of being to a new state of being-ness. You now have a choice at this time to release the old in your life and have the opportunity to do this in whatever form you choose to.   This is a time of transition from the old into the new and you can now move through it with a greater awareness of self, a greater consciousness of self.

This is part of your soul’s divine plan and many now are consciously living the embodiment of this. Many now are feeling that it is time to make new choices and decisions. These choices and decisions are made within your heart space not through the mental body and not based on anyone or anything outside of you. 

Move within and connect to the depth and breadth of your heart space and your intuition to make your choices and decisions now.  You may think you know what your choice should be because your mental body is telling you so.  Or perhaps an attachment outside of you is influencing you, or something may not be healed yet? Perhaps an old relationship may be influencing your choices or decisions. If you are feeling that change must occur this is based on your intuition and love of self. Move into your heart. 

Many are moving through a cleansing and clearing process within your physical being-ness. There is also a cleansing and clearing and a redefining of relationships. Perhaps it is time to close the door on relationships and perhaps they must come to and end.  It is time to move toward relationships that are heart based in the soul body, light body and heart body.  There may be some apprehension because you have strong attachments in old relationships, yet know that these attachments must end. These attachments must be cleared and the physical body must be cleansed.  If you are feeling this, it is because you are connecting more deeply to your soul’s divine plan. 

What is transpiring is a transition into the next phase in the soul’s divine plan. Many are facing the old. No matter what you do to avoid this through your attachments, your wounding, your old habits, patterns and rituals and behaviors, you must face the old. If in fact your choice is to raise your resonance and vibration to bring you and your endeavors out into the world, you will face the old, you can no longer avoid it. Many are now being faced with the realization of this. It is time to transcend the old and to live in transparency, authenticity and truth. 

This transition period will last as long as it needs to in order to make the choices and decisions that are needed to make.

What is most important is self-introspection. Look at extraneous drama and glamour that may exist in relationships. Begin to look at your soul connections, the connections that are heart based. These connections are not based upon attachments or any extraneous drama and glamour but the core essence of the connection. 

What will be transpiring is a gathering of soul’s. Soul’s coming together from their core through a grand healing process. This will only take place if each individual moves through a self introspection process to see the attachments in relationships, the drama and glamour created in relationships that is created through your wounding. Once again, it is time to face yourself.

You no longer can run and hide from yourself. You can no longer run and hide from the soul core connection. You can no longer run and hide and blame and shame. Self -introspection is imperative at this time so you can move into the core aspect of self. What is happening at this time is a core connection to the truth of who you are. 

Thursday, August 15, 2019


                                    THE ANGEL NEWS NETWORK LIBRARY

                                                   YOURS TO CHOOSE:



This book has profound value for all wanting to be a part of realigning to core values of democracy – from a point of view of individual self-empowerment and that true unity is birthed out of diversity    This is a soulful sharing of two accomplished men and how they were chosen to create this rich insight into our history and origins.     We are in a crisis identity in our world platform and only through universal truths – which our founding Fathers were governed by – can we realign to the soul purpose of America.  The content of this book emphasizes the important of education and enlightenment for all … not from organized religion, or today’s political structure … rather through an Awakening to the innate divinity in everyone.   I am an ordained Minister and resonate fully with what is shared in this work.   We can rise through the turbulence, division, and hatred that we see in our world … to a collective consciousness of empowerment and genuine regard for every soul’ pursuit of happiness.  This is at the heart of American being a beacon of light for the world.   I honor the depth, and timeliness of this beautiful manuscript.

Monday, August 12, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Can you Look at Life as a Gift?

We ask you to look at your life and see aspects of it that need to be refined and defined? 
When you look at a relationship that raises your resonance and vibration, can you look at the aspects of it that fulfills your needs? 
Doing so allows you to define what is important to you in relationships.
What you are doing is looking into the mirror. Not to expose aspects of yourself , though that may transpire, you will be looking into it to help you define and refine what is important to you and what you need.  

If you choose to look at your life as a gift, what are you gifting to yourself?
Are you gifting you, joy, community, harmony, equality, and intimacy?
Or are you fighting and depriving yourself of this?
Can you give yourself the gift of joy, community, harmony and equality? 
Or are you fighting the deprivation of this? 

Many continue the fight based upon their wounding and conditioning. They have a need to fight and oppose. In essence, this tells you where they are in their personal process. By fighting and opposing what they are saying is, “I am frightened of intimacy”.  

Might you find yourself chasing after what is unavailable, yearning after what is unavailable, continue to fight and think you can get what is unavailable to become available?
When something or someone becomes available, do you fight and oppose this?  
Doing so keeps you in your comfort zone and in the old.
Perhaps you push it away with your energy, keep it at arms length?
All this done based upon your worthiness to be loved. This all leads to how you feel about your self worth. 

Can you look those who you are in relationship with and see who raises your resonance and vibration and have gratitude for them? 
Can you have gratitude for those areas of your life you are creating that raise your resonance and vibration? 
Can you now see the difference between these relationships and those you created where there is fight and opposition? 

Seeing this can lead to a re-birth into raising your resonance and vibration and into community, harmony, equality, peace, love and joy. You can take this to heart more deeply now. 

You may see all of this playing out in the world outside of you. You may see the reflection of fighting, blaming and shaming and judgment. When seeing this can you use it as a mirror to see where you may continue to fight, blame and shame others and yourself? Nothing is separate from itself. Everything and everyone is interrelated.  If you see this outside of you there is no mistake, no coincidence. What does it trigger within you?   

As you move on your spiritual journey to a greater awareness and consciousness of you and look outside of you at the low, dense vibrational atmosphere of the third dimensional realm, ask, What is being triggered inside of me? Is there a mirror? 
Or, is it reminding me of where I was and no longer resonate?  

Look into the mirror outside of you and look at the reflection. Perhaps it is time to hold that mirror, look at the reflection and see joy, contentment, community, harmony and equality. 
Look at your life, see what and who raises your vibration and what and who lowers it.   

We ask you to now raise the mirror to you, look directly into your own eyes and ask yourself, Am I joy?  Am I community, harmony, equality, peace and love? Am I embodying what I have learned and opening my heart to conjoin with the LOVE you call God?  

Sunday, August 11, 2019



The foundation for all hate is our relationship with our self. Not seeing our selves good enough/worthy enough reflected out to others creates the hate we are seeing in our world. Healing and creating a loving relationship with self is vital. There are many tools available to us to assist in the healing: &  and many others

Saturday, August 10, 2019



With St, Germain, written by Phillip Elton Collins

Four Part Essay: Introduction, The Higher Realms: In The Spirit World, Change Is All There Is & Rebirth & Ascension.

Click on link below:

Tuesday, August 6, 2019



The individual who you call your president is appealing to the large, unhealed wounded aspect of humanity of not feeling good enough and worthy enough and thinking that their place in reality as the majority race is being threatened by others. 

These people are acting out as if it were the only way they could maintain and sustain their base of reality which is dwindling at this time.

Your president is feeding upon this, his base, all those people who feel less than. In reality, he himself feels less than and not worthy. He knows his own dwindling success as well. He senses and knows that he is incapable and unqualified and that perhaps his entire election was illegally won, so he baits his base voters and fuels them. 

But he did not contemplate his “bully pulpit” could incite such violence. In reality, it is giving these wounded individuals permission to say, Yes, Mr. President I will act out through the words you are speaking. This individual you call the president doesn’t realize the connection between cause and effect. 

As the behavior increases and intensifies and the copy cats follow suit and get recognition themselves as this escalates, it is going to force your corrupted Congress to act. They are controlled by the gun lobbyist to do nothing. Notice how loud their silence is. Almost none of them has come forward. There are countries on this divine planet who have overnight resolved their gun control issues.

So the question the American people have to ask themselves is: What is preventing this problem from being resolved as the numbers continue to grow from hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands of gun violence victims?

It is an opportunity for the majority political party that does not vote to step forward and say, enough is enough or remain in inertia and create a consequence perhaps not to their liking--until eventually they step forward and there will be a shift. It is all in divine order. 

Monday, August 5, 2019



With all the hateful things happening in our world, it is good to remember that our higher selves (souls/spirits) remain undisturbed by our human emotions, thoughts and actions. Let us focus on staying connected to this eternal higher aspect of ourselves, thus create the world we say we want.

A Reminder, 
Phillip, Co-founder The Angel News Network 

Sunday, August 4, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

A Message for August 2019
What Serves Your Highest Good?

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as you are opening up to new parameters in your life. Many are now are moving into new depths of self introspection, self healing, that dis-lodge aspects of old conditioning. Feelings are now surfacing.  

Many are opening to new facets of their life, taking stock of what is transpiring in their life, looking at their life and seeing what no longer resonates for them. Many are looking at relationships and seeing what no longer works in those relationships. They are differentiating between relationships that they think are purposeful in their life and now seeing the relationships that are purposeful. 
What We mean by this is, many are beginning to look at specific aspects of their life. Looking at relationships, what is transpiring in their life, their geographical situation and asking, What serves my highest good?  

As you move into your month of August, it is now important to look at what serves your highest good.  What relationships serve your highest good? What aspects of your life serve your highest good? Look at old behaviors, old routines, old relationships, do they serve your highest good. Look at how you are behaving. Are you reacting or responding to what is happening in the world outside of you and in your relationships? 

What is transpiring in your month of August is moving into a great depth of self love. Taking another step into it by looking at what serves you and what doesn’t. This is based upon self love and self acceptance. 

So We ask you to look at what is serving you in your life, who is serving you and what and who no longer serves you.  It is an all encompassing look. Looking at your old habits, patterns, rituals and behaviors and asking, Do they serve me?  Do they enhance my life? Am I growing in my life based upon the way I interact with others each and every day?  Do my relationships serve me? Is there a balance of  giving and receiving in these relationships?  

Your month of August is about looking at what raises your resonance and vibration and what doesn’t. You can look at August as a month to “clean out your closets”, cleaning up the mess and what is transpiring in your life. You can look at where you are expending your energy on what no longer serves you yet is a habit and behavior that when you do you wind up with the same results. 

It is now important to once again take a step within and ask, how much do I love, honor and value me and can I now look at what serves me and what doesn’t? This may be confusing to many and be very clear to many, it is all based upon the depth of self love.  

If you chose to look at what serves you, what doesn’t, who does and who doesn’t, you will inevitably need to release aspects of your life. What you will be doing in this process is taking a look in the mirror.  As you do, it will bring up deep seeded feelings that you have repressed and suppressed.  As you entertain doing these exercises, you will move deeper within the depth of your heart space and begin to uproot deep rooted feelings. It is important as you do this to allow yourself to feel your feelings. This is a clearing and cleansing process, clearing and cleansing all that no longer serves you or raises your level of resonance and vibration. Quite possibly you will see where you tell your same old story. 

It is important now to raise your resonance and vibration. Look at where there is joy in your life, peace in your life and harmony in your life.  Ask, Am I expending energy on these areas of my life? Am I expending energy on those who raise my resonance and vibration? Am I expending my energy on those who bring me joy, where I am in harmony community and equality, there is a balance of giving and receiving and they champion my highest good as I do theirs? 

Or are you meandering in old relationships. We speak about relationships in the broad sense of the term.  Relationships with an other, your relationship to your career, what you are doing in your life, your modalities your endeavors.  Are they raising your resonance and vibration? Does it bring you joy? Or are you expending in inordinate amount of time on relationships that don’t?  Are you expending an inordinate amount of energy on areas of your life that do not raise your resonance and vibration but lower it?  

It is time to see where you are expending your time and energy.  Are you expending energy and time on those relationships that raise your resonance and vibration where there is joy? Or are you expending time and energy on relationships where it is “ one sided” and lower your resonance and vibration? Perhaps now you can see where  you expend time on those relationships where there is a lack of giving and receiving in balance and reduces your resonance and vibration. And now shift into seeing those relationships that raise your resonance and vibration, yet you shy away from, perhaps because they raise intimacy issues within you.  Is it easier for you to spend time on relationships that are not fulfilling?
It is time to see this and look in the mirror at yourself so you can move into intimacy.  If you are in a relationship where there isn’t a balance of giving and receiving, doesn’t raise your resonance and vibration, and you are trying to get it to do so, this is a sign of where you are where intimacy is concerned.  Can you now foster relationships with those who honor and value you and raise your resonance and vibration and open your heart to them?  

As you move into your month of August it is time to look at where you expend energy and time. Ask; Where am I spending time and energy? Are you expending time and energy on areas of your life that raise your resonance and vibration, or on areas that lowers it?   Then look into the mirror and ask yourself; What do I truly want?  What is important to me? Is it important to me to expend time on that which lowers my resonance and vibration? Look to see where you can lend your energy to that and those who raise your resonance and vibration. 

This is just another step in creating a new collective consciousness. It is a consciousness that fosters the balance of giving and receiving, harmony, community and equality. A consciousness that is simply joy and where you are not constantly fighting to get the attention of another. 

It is important see areas of your life where you are fighting to get what you need and what is important to you. The see in your life where this is easy and in balance and comes to you naturally and organically and you can open your heart to receive love. Open your heart to know that you are worthy to be loved and will be loved for who you are if you allow it.  Do you fight in relationships where it isn’t readily available? Do you continue the fight and think and hope it becomes available? Look at your life where it is available. Have you allowed it to enter and penetrate your heart space.

In many ways your month of August will be a month of elimination if you choose to eliminate that which no longer serves your highest good.   

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Higher Realms: In The Spirit World (Part 2) 

With St. Germain, written Phillip Elton Collins

During physical life an individual lives within the third dimension of their emotions creating their thoughts creating their reality. When they leave their body (die) they transcend into the next dimension called the fourth or astral.

New information for many is the truth that there is no need for the mind to lose (be lost) its own existence when the five senses stop when an object of its consciousness like the physical body dies.  Physical death cannot eliminate the mind itself (being independent of the physical brain). A person is receiving thoughts from the independent non-physical mind that the brain receives during physical life. Knowing these things, why should anyone fear death?

The world, ones reality, exists inside a persons consciousness and therefore cannot be lost at death. The mind will come into spatial manifestation once more when consciousness resumes after death. In this reality a persons knowledge survives after death. This is humanitys victory over death! Remember, the mind itself (apart from its contents) is not in time and is not limited to time sequences. Thus birth and death, which are ideas completely dependent on time cannot apply to it. So in reality the mind  is immortal since time does not effect it.

Remember the mind existed before the birth of the physical body while the body was waiting for the completion of its form. Death ends some things but leaves the mind, the divine human essence untouched. This truth allows an individual to know that death does not end all.

When the period of post death unconsciousness ends, consciousness slowly returns not unlike the gestation in the womb. The individual begins to experience a self-centered, external world.  But what is felt as external is actually internal. Things seems very much like the dream state when alive, space is not physical but mental.

Let us change the where we are after death to what we are after death. The spirit of the recently dead person does not reach this other world by any sensation of spatial movement. It is reached by a change in consciousness, knowing the mind remains and gives birth to a new and different state of beingness. Remembering the earthly dimension is a form of consciousness so the next dimension after death must also be a form of consciousness, not a place. The mastership of the mind is that it can create its own world by its own manifesting powers. So whatever dimensions and world that exist beyond this one they too can only be mental ones, forms of consciousness (states of being).

While the spirits state is likened to that of a dreamer, there are some essential differences:  (1) It is longer; (2) the illogical sequences of dreams is not found there. Things are presented in a divine order. The world of the disincarnate spirit (an imagined one)  feels very real as the one just left. The experiences in this new world pertain solely to the spirits own person, not others. Just like dreams, the spirit world is a private one with all destinations ending in Creation itself. The spirit has begun a sacred journey to the unified, oneness connection with Creation itself. The spirit is no longer in a public world as on Earth.

Waking, loving, dreaming, creativity and spiritual experiences are all ingredients in the make -up of existence. The after-death life sees itself as if they were external to itself, seeing people through images constructed via their subconscious utilizing emotions, thoughts from its physical lifetime.

The average persons experience within their post death spirit life will be a mild mixture of good and bad and should not expect anything too dramatic to occur. The halls of hell of the wicked and the heavens of the heavenly are fairly sparsely populated. The new arrival will most likely fall into a state which is hardly different from that of an uneasy sleep. During these prolonged spells of awakening the individual recovers much the same personal consciousness, emotions, thoughts, desires which they possessed before. There seemingly is no major change in the person, memories of the past return, they find it hard to believe they are really dead. All this becomes an extraordinary dream that is pure spirit existence.

Now for the others who have been particularly good or bad, there are some six fully conscious states in one of which the spirit will find itself by an universal process of natural attraction and mental receptivity:  three being dense and dark and three being of a high frequency and light. There is a seventh and intermediate state that lies between the two aforementioned states.  This seventh state is the one most people pass into at death.  Each state measures a different intensity of moral character, with the lowest state being a sphere of the absence of love (hatred) and the highest state is a sphere of love (blissfulness). The forces of moral attraction and moral repulsion (Law of Attraction) determines the character of the spirits environmental experiences and contact with other positive or negative beings. 

In the lower states the spirits become victims of their own extreme selfishness and addicted vices, (remember the spirits are dwelling in a world very similar to their dream state when they were alive). The spirits dwell surrounded by the most divine spheres to which only a change of thought is necessary to lift them but they can ignorantly remain in their own hideous creation if they so choose through their free will. The spirits imagination eventually wears itself out with their struggles against its own self-centered phantoms and finally it perceives the truth that hell is simply the hunger of their own unsatisfied passions and eventually releases them. This act teaches the spirit to keep their negative aggressive behavior close at hand and ascends/liberates the spirit to a higher frequency humanitys ascension process continues in spirit as well as human form).

An essential lesson learned is that the next world is not a physical location/place but a vividly prolonged mental experience (but like all mental experiences it can contain people and locations within itself, and are real enough while it lasts). The universal truth is that what organized religions call heaven and hell is not a place but is a state of mind. To say they are a place to possibly arrive at is a way of fear and control.

A historical example may help at this time which can apply to some of your current events at present. The Nazi Germans who were filled with the passions of greed, cruelty, hatred and conceit, in the spirit world were tutored in a most effective way. They were destined to undergo a veritable nightmare in which they experienced in prolonged form the living images of the agonies they had brought to others. They became the scarified victims of their own debased thoughts and actions.

Those who denounce the doctrine of purgatory as mere superstition or religious dogma are only partly right for there is a state of moral instruction for humanity. The state of purgatory described here is only a temporary condition. In the divine order of creation there can be no dreadful doctrine of eternal damnation for there is a divine eternal spirit within each human. Each individual is within a personal process of ascending into that state of being.

What the spirit passes through in any of the after-death states is largely determined by the general tendency or habit-energy of what is thought, believed, desired and understood during its Earth life. There is no reason why anyone who wants to have a blissful time in paradise cannot create that. You can create happiness in a dream while alive so why not as a disincarnate spirit? The after-death state allows humanity to realize (for a limited time) their dominate desires. Human emotions and thoughts will inevitably manifest to the mental sphere most in accord with them. In effect, the death-world is a subjective one and evolves out of ones own imagination.

There is always an end to the dreaming sleep during Earthly life and there is always an end to the dreaming activity of spirit life. Permanent union with others exists only in finding the enduring self (Creation is inexorable). The passage from this dream intermediate state to the next one, which is that of blissful dreamless sleep, is similar to the swoon that takes place from the physical life to the spirit world. The spirit now enters and dwells in a condition which is equivalent to what is formerly known as a deep slumber when alive. Here the spirit finds a merciful rest from the burden of personal consciousness, an utter oblivion of the self-centered memories, joys and pains which have accompanied the spirit within earthly and unearthly existences.

The above period may now be divided into roughly three stages: (1) where the dream life is immersed into the denser/darker side of personal existence and addictive desire; (2) where the dream life is immersed into the brighter and more honorable side of existence and (3) is an entirely dreamless and unconscious rest.  Thus, the spirit passes successively through the phases of  pain/suffering, happiness and that which transcends both. Most individuals skip the first stage and start their spirit-career intermittently conscious in an unexciting neutral zone.

The question commonly asked is whether it is possible to communicate with spirits whether through seances or other settings with professional mediums. The answer is that under abnormal conditions you can succeed in doing so. But in most cases, it is unlikely that the communication will be the spirits of those whom you believe them to be. Both the requester and the medium are usually ignorant of the working of the deeper layers of their own minds, an ignorance which often causes them to ascribe to a spirit words and visions which emanate from themselves alone.

By the grace of the eternal spirit or by the force of great love genuine communication is sometimes affected through a medium and can bring great comfort. At a minimum such contact proves to some that there exists a world beyond the one they presently reside within. But keep in mind, just as living humans are not ordinarily aware of the dead-life, so the dead are not ordinarily aware of the living. A factor in this non-awareness is that fact that time and space are elastic, they will differ to different beings in different planes. There is no fixed space and no fixed time beyond the realm of the living. And to further complex the matter, different kinds of living creatures have different kinds of space-time perceptions.

The spirit does not usually understand that their world is a dream world (and mediums do not know this either). Each spirit will have their own private world just as each living dreamer does. Therefore, there may be as many million spirit worlds as there are spirits. Thus, this discussion has been an outline of the general conditions in which a spirit can find itself and the general destiny which faces all spirits at the end of a certain period.

The master key to unlock the door of death is to keep in mind its identity with dreams and/or sleep. Remember, mind is immortal, it remains untouched despite the physical bodys death. You have no more reason to fear its death when the body is destroyed than you have to fear its death when you retire to sleep at night. Sleep affects the body but leaves the mind as active as ever in dream. Death works upon the human being in a somewhat similar manner and the experiences which come to the soul after the body has died are nothing else than prolonged vivid dreams or unconscious deep sleep. If you can take a benign rest from all the challenges of living personal existence why not enjoy the same deeper rest called death. That within you that can survive dreams and sleep in the living world can likewise survive them in the after-world.

Thursday, July 25, 2019


St Germain on man landing on the moon 50 years ago:

"It allows you to have a world view from another perspective. To realize you are this blue-green ball flying through the cosmos and seeing from a distance there are no divisions, no barriers, no national divides and to see that you have all chosen to come to this blue green ball to create a destiny to be a reflection of love as citizens of the united planetary civilization called Earth."

Wednesday, July 24, 2019


With St. Germain, written Phillip Elton Collins

To better understand life within the dense frequency we all exist within now  and gain a better perspective on  present current events , let us discuss what happens when we leave our physical bodies and transport elsewhere:
Since most do not fully comprehend life now, we might ask how can you comprehend death? But to fully understand life humanity must comprehend death. This is the missing link in the wisdom needed to free humanity from itself.
We all know what death will to a person’s body.  What will it do to your thinking feeling self? Do you become a ‘spirit’? The answer to this question is so important for the advancement of humanity it demands and deserves extended discussion. Thus, the meaning, value and purpose of this discussion.
This discussion will utilize the wisdom of a being who has transcended being human and ascended into an eternal state of being (the destiny and destination of all of you), Ascended Master St. Germain.
We know full well the pain and suffering that death has caused others but when a dying person is sufficiently enlightened through a committed personal process to heal the unhealed/unloved self,  they come to know that the physical body is his ‘idea’ and through healing the wounded self he will  naturally and  be prepared for this great change/shift (knowing the real  self separate from the body). Just as a fully ripened fruit falls easiest from a tree so such a person will part easiest from their body.
Dying itself (excluding violet or ‘accidental’ death) can be further compared with the squeezing of a ripe fruit for its juice.  The dying person feels an intense pressure which begins in both feet and moves slowly up the whole body.  This in turn affects breathing, the flow of blood and the senses of sight and hearing. In the final moments, the intimate/personal identity with the physical body disappears and centers within the heart space itself.
If there is a strong emotional thought of some other person that dominates the emotions/thoughts at this moment this will be telepathically communicated. Those receiving this may have a sense of unease by knowing the other is dying (the channel had this experience when his twin brother died). The dying person may be heard or in some cases seen. The last thoughts of a dying person contribute to a complex group of factors which determine what form their next incarnation will take.
The ebbing away of consciousness which culminates during the death process provide the person with an opportunity they may not have had during their earthly lifetimes to perceive what they were not able to perceive while alive.  After the final beating of the heart, the ‘dead’ person passes into a state of clairvoyant vision which varies in time from person to person. The ‘dead’ person begins to realize that an unknown and deeper layer of their mind has kept a secret record of all the multitude of their experiences from cradle to grave. Nothing has been lost but all still exists in a picture form.  They will receive flashing glimpses of most of the important episodes and details in their own past life.
The past returns vividly in a video of sharply focused tableaus which seem ‘external’ to them now. Nor do they re-live them in the same way as when they were alive. In life time ran forward, in ‘death’ it runs backward (they start from the latest events preceding death and views backwards every detail until the earliest years are reached.  Thus, the past reverses itself into the now.  All this happens due to the fact the person out of body clings to earthly existence.
What happens next is that something the person  did not recognize before will now connect with their consciousness. This being is none other than their eternal soul. Through this cosmic-soul the ‘dead’ person will see anew at the total impressions rather than the episodic detail of their earthly life.  Through their new universal-eyes they become their own incorruptible judge.  The unhealed, selfish self disappears.  For the first time they see themselves not only as others see them but also as the impersonal power of karma sees them.  During this time, they come face to face with the consequences for other people of their behavior/acts on earth (consequences they often were unaware or had no ego-interest). They come to know that whatever happened was the result of their own character and deeds. A great remorse is felt. They question whether they have been living in a make-believe world of their own. At last, they are made to ask by their eternal soul: What have you done with the gift of life?
Eventually, all the episodes and people of their past Earth life begin to seem curiously remote, unreal, dream-like. The universal existence they find themselves in seems phantom-like, there is a chance to perceive the world’s dense existence for the ‘teaching-tool’ illusion that it is: A Lover-versity, mastering love through mastering self, that they are in the process of graduating from. If they can put away their personal desires and addicted attachments to the ‘dualistic’ world they just came from, they can gain a spiritual advancement which can reveal itself in the following incarnation. They must indeed be able to free them self from the very past they just left.
When these revelations are complete, the ‘dead’ person falls into a needed dreamless sleep, an utter rest of their being and doing into complete unconsciousness.
Only now is the transition of death fully complete. An epoch of the individual’s life is at an end. The flesh has fulfilled its task of providing through the senses the needed conditions whereby the consciousness now reconnects with its true home, the spirit world.

Monday, July 22, 2019



All metaphysical studies are but a preparation for a flash of reality across a cosmos of consciousness which can become truth and insight.