Tuesday, November 19, 2019


                                                                               THIS STORY

This is the powerful story of a divine experiment to create a nation and world based on love, designed to be a reflection of creation itself allowing America to be the hope of humanity, a way shower for the world, a beacon of light…
No matter how things appear now this is still true!

Sunday, November 17, 2019

                                                                    GIFT OF THE INTERNET 

The Archangelic Realm of Uriel gifted humanity with the Internet to free us from our densest frequency in existence. Mankind has new corrupted this gift and it is up to us through our free will and choice to free ourselves from this misuse.
Phillip Elton Collins,
Co-Founder The Angel News Network

Tuesday, November 12, 2019



Beloved Founders of The Angel News Network,

We come to you from the Archangelic Council of Twelve. All of the angelic frequencies you channel are an aspect of this Council. We reflect the twelve-star systems that seeded your planet.

Let it be known within your hearts and minds that all of the higher realm wisdoms, teachings and tools you share from us to humanity are meant for present generations within your third-dimensional dimension, as well as those yet to be born, to incarnate again.

 In additional to those who are presently receiving and able to apply what you are sharing there are those within your world now who are not ready/able to receive what you are bringing forth and need additional soul-advancement in order to receive what is always in divine order. This will likely take place with their next incarnational cycle. Also remember that much of what you receive is for your own personal growth and expansion. Never allow this progress to deter your mission to bring the messages of the divine realm to the Earth plane to contribute to mankind’s spiritual growth and ascension by raising the consciousness, resonance and vibration of the world.

For in the final analysis, the past, present and future will integrate into the now, the only true reality there is.

In gratitude and blessings for all you are and do,

The Archangelic Council of Twelve

Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins, Co-founder of The Angel News Network

Sunday, November 10, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

There is a Purpose for Everything in Your Life
Moving from Avoidance to Allowance

There is a purpose for everything. Yet, what many do is avoid the feelings they don’t like. Many live in a state of avoidance, constantly trying to avoid what doesn’t “feel good”.  What does this mean? What is good to you?  

If you look at everything that transpires in your life as having a purpose this will allow you to evolve into an individuated adult and utilize everything that transpires in your life for your highest good, your growth, and what you can learn from it. You can allow everything.  

It is about moving from a constant cycle of avoidance to a new cycle of allowance. 

Many live always seeking to avoid something, and situations in their life. What they are doing is trying to protect themselves to avoid something that might surface. They move into a place of protection. “I need to protect myself so I can avoid what may transpire in my life.” “ If something transpires in my life, I will have enough protection around me and then I can avoid what may transpire.”    

Many eventually see the folly of this. They will see the illusion. It is then you can begin to open your heart space, release the mask you have created to protect yourself, and move into the beingness of you. Then as situations transpire in your life, you can move within, utilize your tools, and utilize the situation for information, for growth. You can see how it triggers you and see your old behaviors as a reaction to what transpires in your life.  What many do is avoid the feelings that are triggered when something transpires in your life.  

Many live a life of avoidance, protecting themselves to avoid. They need to protect themselves so when something transpires they think they will be protected enough to avoid it.   

What you think you are protecting is your heart. But you are not. 

You are setting up a false mask, a false layer of energy around you where you think you are protected from anything that may transpire outside of you. “ I will be ready when something happens and I will be protected.”  You are never ready. 
You are ready when the gateway of your heart opens.  

Whatever transpires in your in your life that triggers your feelings ( your emotions )  allow yourself to begin to feel. There is always a purpose for whatever transpires in your life. That purpose is always to allow you to grow more deeply within you. 

There may be symptoms in your life that are triggering you. And as you are being triggered, can you open your heart and allow what is transpiring to do so and move into acceptance with compassion for it.  Then allow yourself to feel the feelings that surface.  

If you move from avoidance to allowance, you will grow more deeply within you and your relationships will grow exponentially based upon how open your heart is. 

There is always a purpose for everything that transpires in your life.  This goes along with your soul’s divine plan.  If in fact you need to create a wall, a mask for protection to avoid life, it is important to understand that you are never avoiding life. What transpires in your life is all based in your soul’s divine plan.  It all depends on how deeply you go within in your inner personal process to allow you to grow to a place where you can allow what transpires in your life and respond to it through love in your heart. 

By loving, honoring and valuing you, you can utilize this process. Simply look at what it transpiring in your life. Identify what it is triggering. Allow the feelings to surface, identify them and ask if you can accept with compassion where you are.
You may ask why this is happening to me? Instead, ask, Why is it happening for me?   

Saturday, November 2, 2019



By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

We all have free choice and will to choose what we shall and shall not be and do in life. And what a blessing and learning tool this is.  Not all frequencies of existence have this (our) gift.

From eons higher realms (archangelic, ascended masters, etc.) have been supporting our evolution and ascension into a higher frequency of existence (our divine destination). I personally have written nine books about this topic.  They have been teaching us the risk and dangers involved in drinking alcohol. I know this is a challenging topic for many and I acknowledge your divine right to do as you choose.  But I am puzzled to see how many ‘spiritual teachers and leaders’ disregard this awareness and do not make this wisdom an aspect (a choice) of their teaching.

 Alcohol comes from the Arabic term “Al-Kuhl” and “Al-Gawl” which means “Body Eating Spirit”. Maybe this is why alcoholic drinks are called “spirits” and “Boo-ze.”  Higher conscious beings (5th dimension and beyond) have been warning us for hundreds of centuries that drinking alcohol is the one of the fastest ways to lower our vibration (keeping us in our present grounded physical 3rd dimension reality and our 4th dimension, nonphysical astral reality). Our mission, soul plan, as a human species is to increase our vibration and ascend/transcend from our present “densest frequency within the universal plane,” to a higher frequency of existence (our divine right).

To drink or not drink alcohol has nothing to do with morals, religion, judgment or right or wrong or good or bad. It is simply an enlightened choice that we can make or not. But we can become aware in the choice we make to know that alcohol is being used to keep human consciousness at its lowest level possible.

This reminder is not discussing the physical, emotional and mental consequences of the abuse of alcohol, knowing the cause. Many of us have directly experienced these consequences through family, friends, and co-workers.   We are not ‘bad’ if we choose to moderately drink alcohol, we simply may choose to know the energetic, conscious consequences.

We are all perfectly right where we need to be within our free will choices.  We shall all arrive at our divine destinations. It’s just a matter of how and when…

Friday, November 1, 2019



The last two months of this year combines into what is being called “The Year of Advancement,” by Archangel Michael via channel Jeff Fasano. This a period of seeing the old aspects of ourselves coming to the surface, triggering old wounds of not feeling perfect, worthy or good enough.  It is the ‘shadow period’ and death and mourning of what no longer serves our higher good.

Michael continues by explaining to be alone and applying our past taught personal process tools we can release the old aspects of self which raises our frequency and vibration. By being alone he cautions us not to go into isolation but to feel our feelings fully and to request the support and love from others (by further opening our heart space) when needed. We are to explain to others what we are feeling and what we need to avoid others from trying to fix us or tell us what to do.

The aim is to be alone without being separate or isolated. In the aloneness, using previously taught tools, we can release the struggle to survive life. It’s all about revealing “the new me to me.”

“You are not alone in this world. There are those who will guide and support you simply by allowing you to be heard”, Michael reminds us.

We are asked to allow ourselves to be where we are while opening deeper aspects of ourselves to heal. It is all about an intimate, loving relation with self-reflected to others.  Again, these last two months of the year are all about intimacy with self and others and loving exactly where we are.

In order to allow deeper growth and expansion (through further opening  gateways of our hearts) we are asked to move from AVOIDANCE TO ALLOWANCE of life.

We are told that every moment we create in our lives has a purpose and is based upon our own divine soul plans (our purpose in being here). All of it is simply to allow us to grow! EVERY SITUATION IN OUR LIVES IS HAPPENING PERFECTLY,” Michael concludes.

Saturday, October 26, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano 

Advancing Your Awareness

Many now are moving to a greater awareness to the truth of what is transpiring outside of them in their life on a personal basis and the world. They are advancing to a greater awareness of their truth and thus seeing the illusions outside of themselves.  As you now look at your life see how your awareness has grown in relationship to your old behaviors and relationships. As you grow to a deeper awareness to self, you then move to your core truth. As you begin to see this in your personal life, you then see what is transpiring in the broad spectrum of the world outside of you.  

As you move deeper within and release the old within you and in your life, you raise your resonance and vibration. And what you endeavor to do is come into harmony with those around you who are doing the same. So when you look at the old in your life, relationships and that which no longer serves you, you then can begin to congregate with those who resonate and vibrate as you.  

What you are doing is coming into harmony with mother earth and all its inhabitants.  You become a more empathetic soul. You have empathy for what is transpiring in your world, become more compassionate and your energy is at a higher vibration. It is a compassionate, empathetic, harmonic connection with yourself and others. All of this begins by moving to a greater depth of self love, healing aspects of your wounds, moving into an individuated adult then into harmony with others. 

Your relationships with others in the “we” are sustained by individuated adults who know who they are, who honor and value themselves, where there are no attachments, and move in the beingness of who they are and in the high vibration of love, honor and value. 

The beingness of you is you as an individuated adult, who honors, values and loves themselves, conscious and aware of attachments, and what is transpiring outside of themselves in their life. They are conscious and aware of their behaviors.

It is now about standing individuated knowing that in community, harmony and equality you can reach out and be supported in life.  

Look to see where you began your inner personal process and where you are now. See your growth and celebrate it.  Celebrate where you are now. See where you have become conscious and aware of your old behaviors. See where you have shifted and changed your life and how more deeply you love, honor and value you.   

Many now are in an advancement period of their life. Graduating from the old to the new and doing it gradually. It is a gradual process, yet it is a commitment. It is a life long commitment. Not a commitment you make for three months, two years or five years.  It is a life long commitment to love. 

It is now most important to remind yourself of your commitment.  
What is it? 
What is your commitment to yourself, and to others? 
Is your commitment to raise your resonance and vibration?  
Is your commitment to be who you are? 
Is your commitment to be of service to others?  


       We all came from the same source. We are diversified versions of one another. We are each other in disguise.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019


Facilitated by The Angel News Network
Thursday, November 21, 2019 7 PM
Bridges Spiritual Centers
1881 N.E. 26 St., St. 244
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 33305

As we enter the Thanksgiving Season let us balance the universal equation “Gratitude=Abundance” by focusing on what is in our lives rather than not what is not.

Embracing the truth that change is the only constant, November 21st (Thursday, 7pm) will be the final Ascension Chair Ceremony at Bridges Spiritual Centers. This will also be a ‘community hug’ as we say farewell to Bridges, knowing all is in divine order for future rituals.

As many know this ceremony has been described as one of the greatest gifts to humanity where the higher realms and our dense frequency join in oneness. Ascended Master St. Germain via channel Phillip Collins, assisted by Joel Anastasi and Maria Colmenares will facilitate this sacred ritual as we further join in love and support of our personal ascension processes.

By simply showing up an appropriate shift for each participate (increase in ascension vibration) is created, often allowing a personal message for each one from St. Germain.

We are asking that you give in balance to what you have received during this sacred temple ceremony. Funds collected go to support The Angel News Network and Bridges Spiritual Centers. Invest in your Self; show up and shift. Participants please arrive and be seated before 7 PM. Once the ritual begins, the doors are closed and the ascension energy is maintained and sustained in community for the full benefit of all.

For those who cannot be physically present (or those who wish to review the ceremony) a description of this sacred ceremony, which you can create and perform on your own is at  https://www.phillipeltoncollins.com/pdf/ASCENSION_CHAIR_CEREMONY.pdf.

Your Active Angel Agents,


Tuesday, October 22, 2019


                                                   THE STEPS OF CREATION

First, there is the void. Second and succeeding is the light, followed by the third, consciousness and finally our condensed reality is created from all three.

Sunday, October 20, 2019


                                                               DISCOVERING OUR SOULS 

                         By means of the mind returning to the service of our hearts we shall discover our souls…


                                                               PROGRESS IS A SPIRAL

Progress is not always a straight line forward, sometimes we have to step back to gain a better perspective in order to move more effectively forward. This is happening with our nation at this time.


                                                                 HATE PART OF THE WHOLE

We are experiencing a lot of hate in our nation and world which may cause us to ask “why does hatred exist?” Hate is the opposite and absence of love. Many world leaders are appealing to the deep- seated hate in many. By having hate, we can know and choose love through our free will. Through darkness we know light, through problem we create solution, through wrong we know right. Through hate we really can know and choose love! 


                                                                               OUR SOUL

The non-physical part of us, our soul, is our in-depth, permanent teacher housed in our heart. It is the final bestower of all insight to free us from this dense existence. It is time to think with our hearts.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Akhenaten/Moses And Me

Chapter Excerpt from DIVINE DISCUSSIONS

From: Akhenaten/Moses and the Great White Brotherhood.
We of the Great White Brotherhood, in conjunction with the Akhenaten/Moses energy, come to you at this time within your evolutionary process of Ascension with more truth of your past and how that is affecting your present. It is your Divine Destiny to know the truth.
Beloveds, the meaning, value and purpose of the Great White Brotherhood is Self-Empowerment within the dimension you presently reside. As with the channel with who we are coming through now, our intention is to open each divine soul to direct contact with their God Power/Source energy. This will leave no one dependent upon others, but rather empowered in their own soul plan/life with true connection to truth. There is much deceit and denial of deceit within your world. It is your destiny for this to end. True power is never power over another but standing within your own God Power for the good of all with grace and ease.
Many of the teachings/wisdoms within The Angel News Network and many other endeavors are about bringing the tools of Life/Self Mastery to you at this time, to free you from yourselves. Are you ready to receive these tools?
Your lives were never meant to be the struggle they are. If you so choose, it is time to choose self-empowerment over victimhood and the control of others. Through ownership of how you have chosen to learn, it is time to make other choices. These words represent the tenets and codes of the Great White Brotherhood.
The Great White Brotherhood consists of higher realm beings of unlimited power who disseminate spiritual teachings to humans whose soul plans includes receiving these wisdoms: becoming Masters of the Ancient Wisdoms or the Ascended Masters. So in effect, we of the Great White Brotherhood are enlightened beings guiding the spiritual development of the human race. We are also known as Great Brotherhood of Light or the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth. The name brotherhood includes the balance of the masculine and feminine energies, and the term white refers to white light as opposed to darkness. Here are a few of our members who you may know: Master Jesus/Lord Sananda, Mother Mary, Gautama Buddha, Saint Germaine, Hilarion, Kuthumi, Confucius, Kwan Yin, Archangel Michael, and Uriel. All of these beings and more are here to assist whatever needs healing to advance the spiritual well-being of humanity. Simply ask and you will receive.
It is time, dear ones, to connect we of the Great White Brotherhood with a being who brought great light into your world and laid the foundation for many of your spiritual/religious endeavors and wisdoms (even though they have often been corrupted by humanity). This individual is the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten and the Biblical Moses who are one and the same. The name Moses means ‘heir’ or ‘born of.’ Thus, Moses is a title rather than a name. This truth will put a new spin on your religious and spiritual history and how you think about yourselves and your present world. The reason we are coming through this channel at this time is that he and a soul brother shared the incarnation of the way shower, Akhenaten/Moses. One individual allowed the maturation of Akhenaten/Moses; the other brought in the Great White Brotherhood energies when needed. These two served as proxies for humanity.
We bring in the present incarnational cycles information to show you as a human species; you are in the process of clearing and cleansing past lives that are affecting the present. You are all in the process of healing past and present lives, passed on from generation to generation, to set yourselves free from their wounds and defenses in order to move into a higher frequency of existence/consciousness. This is affecting personal and world events since they are all connected.
Dear ones, through your freedom of choice and will, and your discernment, you will decide what is true for you (what you apply or not) as we continue. Many other sources at present are also bringing this truth to you. Recently discovered ancient documents such as the Sumerian cuneiform tablets (your first form of writing after the last fall from Truth), the Dead Sea Scrolls, and Emerald Tablets support the premise, there is much correction needed in your view of history. You do not yet have a true view of your history and exactly where you are headed. This new applied knowledge (wisdom) will assist in freeing you from yourselves, religions, governments and corporations. Soon you will have a new worldview of your history that will support a shift in awareness.
Akhenaten/Moses Speaks
To those meant to hear me, I, Akhenaten was born in Year 12 of my father Amenhotep III, 1,394 BC, in our lovely summer royal palace in now what is called northern Sinai (where there is currently so much unrest). This is the same location where Moses was born according to your history. Many of you know the baby-in-the-bulrushes story. It all had to do with my mother’s bloodline not being good enough for me to be king.
During my early years, mother kept me, Akhenaten/Moses, away from royal residences so I would not be killed. Later I was moved to Heliopolis, north of Cairo, to receive my initiations/education under the supervision of Anen the priest of Ra, the prevailing religion at the time. When I was sixteen, I was allowed to appear at the capital of Thebes. It was here I met my half-sister Nefertiti for the first time. My non-handsome self fell in love with her beauty on first sight. We were two lost souls meant to join in a twin flame and shift human history forever. As Nefertiti was the heiress to the throne, our relationship was encouraged since it strengthened my right to follow father on the throne.
Following my marriage to Nefertiti, I was appointed (by Amenhotep III) to an important political/religious position, which upset the prevailing priests of Amun (the controlling religion at the time), and reactivated a long time dispute. On my accession to the throne, I took the name of Amenhotep IV. My beloved Nefertiti strongly supported me and took a prominent position in all official occasions and on all monuments during the early years of my reign. The conflict and hostility that surrounded me at the time of my birth resurfaced.
When the Amun priest objected even more to my power, I responded by building various temples at Karnak, and Memphis, to our new God, Aten (the concept/truth of one Supreme Being). I was not a good politician and ignored the old priests and often banned them from festivities. I eventually only allowed our one-god Aten by changing my name to AkhenATEN in honor of our new deity, Aten. The raging Egyptian establishment viewed Aten as a challenger who would replace the powerful state god Amun and would not be under Amun’s control. You are presently freeing yourselves from such control.
These were tense days and eventually I was persuaded to reach a compromise by establishing a new capital in Middle Egypt, at Amama on the east bank of the Nile, some two hundred miles north of Thebes. The situation did calm down following my departure to Thebes, as I ruled alone. We built a beautiful city, Akhenaten, the Horizon of Aten, parallel to the Nile, and we were free to worship our God. Today, dear ones, you can still see what remains of this glorious time and my Nefertiti depicted as having equal stature with the king (balance of the masculine and feminine energies).
Aten was depicted by a disc at the top of royal scenes, extending its rays towards the king and queen, with the rays ending in our hands holding the Ankh, the Egyptian cross symbol of eternal life. Through receiving the Great White Brotherhood energies, I conceived (re-introduced) a single controlling intelligence above and below all beings including the human gods.
Akhenaten’s Reign
During my reign, with the ascended master’s support of the Great White Brotherhood, I was able to abolish the complex pantheon of the ancient Egyptian religion and replace it with a single God concept, Aten, who was unseen. This is the same soul plan/purpose as the one you call Moses, and the basis for much of your spiritual/religious knowledge today.
In review of my Moses/Akhenaten’s incarnation: I was brought up by Israelite relatives, ruled Egypt for seventeen years and angered many of my subjects by replacing the traditional Egyptian gods with the one god, Aten. I was led to re-introduce monotheism to this world and then was forced to eventually abdicate the throne, retreating to exile in Sinai with my Egyptian and Israelite supporters. I died at the hands of Seti I while attempting to regain power. I did all this to impregnate this planet with the Christ Consciousness Oneness energies of the Great White Brotherhood of which this channel and his soul brother (the one now called Omar -- meaning, he that speaks, living a long life) were joined as me -- Akhenaten. It is time to speak again the truth and allow it to integrate into our eternal lives: to heal the past into the present.
In Conclusion
The remaining and resounding truth of my life is that we are all one; the one who may appear your oppressor is your salvation. When I received The Ten Commandments there was no official Hebrew language at the time. The Egyptian Book of the Dead and The Ten Commandments are the same messages. Rosicrucians, founded upon Great White Brotherhood wisdom, have been teaching all of which we speak for centuries. It just may be time to rewrite the Old Testament Christian and Hebrew Bibles, the Talmud, Jewish Cabala, the Koran, Arab history, and release the hidden ancient documents within the Vatican vaults in order to allow you to know the truth. Much of your duality and confrontation today is based upon you not knowing you are each other. It is time for this separation to end, if you so choose. You are your brother’s keeper. There is plenty for all; simply ask each what you need, and how you are feeling. Dear ones, you are each other in disguise. It is time to drop the veil and see you are all one experiencing one another, including God. This message/teaching was/is the soul plan (political and religious activist) of my incarnation as Akhenaten/Moses. If you so choose, now apply the truth spoken once again into your present lives and world and manifest the creation of a world of equality, harmony and balance which I began so many centuries ago…

There Is Only One.



St Germain advises us to “follow the money” to Russia in investigating the Ukraine affair. He also says the American people are being given an opportunity to strengthen ways of protecting our Constitution and our democracy. As a key influence in the creation of the United States, he suggests we redesign the office of the President, get rid of the Electoral College, reduce the life terms of Supreme Court justices, get big money out of politics, end gerrymandering and stop state and federal efforts to discourage voting by minorities.

St Germain says, yes, a meteor was responsible for killing off dinosaurs and most of the plant and animal life on Earth 66 million years ago. But what science gets wrong, he says, is their claim that humanity and many animals evolved from a tiny surviving mammal. The meteor cataclysm, he says, was just one event among many that spirit used to prepare Earth for humanity’s habitation. Listen to St Germain’s fascinating explanation of where man and many of Earth’s life forms came from.

These and many other companies have been apologizing to China for any offenses they may have “unintentionally” caused that nation—especially involving democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong. Here, in part, is St Germain’s response to these companies seeking to do business in China while ignoring the oppression of its citizens:
“Money is a rationale for these companies to support one of the most repressive regimes in the history of the planet. They are financing the most corrupt government affecting more people than ever before. It is time for American companies to realize they have financed the monster.”

Monday, October 14, 2019



Understanding what God is and who you are in relation to Creation is your wholesale ticket out of the densest frequency (where you are now) within the universal plan. Ascended Master St. Germain.

Sunday, October 13, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Advancing into Being Who You Are
Seeing Your Core Wound

When you look outside of you at what is transpiring in the world, does it drag you down? 
If you find yourself being dragged down, what are the attachments still in place to it that allow you to be dragged down?
What means do you have within you that will allow you to not be dragged down by what is transpiring in your world today? 

Can you see what is happening in the world outside of you, observe it, and see what is being triggered. It will trigger feelings. What are those feelings? Observe them, feel them, how does it make you feel?

You are moving though a period of advancement, it is advancement into being all that you truly are. Being peace, love, and equality, moving into being this. By moving into your beingness, you can demonstrate that you are in the powerfulness of you. If you are being peace, love, community and equality your resonance and vibration raises. There is not so much a need to say it, it is time to be it. 

If you are moving in an energetic society where it is all about energy. It is about how your energy resonates and vibrates within you. It is about feelings as well, it always is.  If you are predominantly peace, joy, love, harmony and equality, this is what your resonance and vibration will be. You are then being what you would like to tell others. Your advancement is from doing or saying into being. As you see what is transpiring in the world you can respond through your beingness. It is a time to move into the beingness of who you are. 

As you look outside of you at your governmental systems, your political systems, your corporate systems, many within those systems are simply being who they are. What you observe is seeing others being who they are and know no other way. They are being who they are based upon their wounds, the wounds that have not been addressed. It is the wound of the child and the child is running their life. It is what they have been taught and what they have learned. 

If you take a look back at your life, look to see where your wounds ran your life  and at times still may. The core wound has run your life for many years. Through your inner personal process, you allow yourself to open your heart to those wounds and begin to nurture the wounds of the child. You then begin a new practice of loving yourself. You begin, not so much to heal the wounds but to accept the wound. This is called responsibility.

In your personal process you release the extraneous energy that surrounds your heart space. This is the wounding, the conditioning and what you learned from mom and dad.  As you release the layers of wounding from around your heart space, you release the chaos in your life. 

The reason why We ask you to look outside of yourself is to look at your attachments to the world outside.  You then can look within to see the old in your life, the old behaviors and your relationships that no longer resonate and vibrate with you. You can see what you need to release. Doing so will simplify your life and streamline it with a focus on moving forward and toward an advancement of you, your modalities, and endeavors that serve the world in the beingness of you.  

You can call your inner process a process of simplification. Releasing that which no longer serves you. 

The tentacles of the world outside of you come at you, they are what you are attached to. There is an old ideology that says, what is transpiring in the world outside of you directly affects your life. Based upon conditioning and their attachments many think this. 

When you see something outside of you that does not resonate for you it triggers an aspect of you and your wounding. If you are aware and conscious, you can see this. And when you do, it then moves you into your truth. For example, you see inequality in the world and it triggers you, perhaps a wound where there is or has been inequality in your life. You may also see those outside of you who you have deified. To the wounded child, it is mom and dad who the child deifies, simply to keep them alive.  If you understand this premise, and look at what is transpiring in your governmental system, many, based upon the wound of child, will look at this and say this will keep me alive. Thus, many can be manipulated by those outside of you. They are manipulating the wounded child into thinking this. In many ways what is transpiring outside of you is the manipulation of the wounded child.  It is the wound that says, mom and dad will keep me alive. This is what the child only knows. They deify mom and dad and look at mom and dad to keep them alive. Thus in their adult life, deify those outside of them based upon this wound. 

This is why it is important to move within in a committed personal process to make yourself aware of this. Connect to the wounded child and begin to re-parent that child and consciously know your wounds. This moves you into a greater sense of self, loving, honoring and valuing you so you can begin the process of individuating from mom and dad.  

All of this can be transferred onto relationships you are having and move them into codependency. Each individual seeing that the only way that they will be alive is based upon the codependence in the relationship. You become dependent upon the other to keep you alive. 

It is important to wake up to the wounds of the child so you can take responsibility for you. 

What you see in someone outside of you is simply a reflection for what may be transpiring within you. 

A way to simplify your life is to release that and who no longer serves you.