Monday, January 20, 2020

Martin Luther King Day 2020

                            Every generation divine messengers are sent to us to remind us who we really are:


        St Germain tells us, with the help of the higher realms, we have an opportunity in this new decade to “clear and cleanse” the earth of the dark energy that has controlled humanity for millennia. The depth, breadth and speed of that cleansing, however, depends on the consciousness we individually and collectively bring to our lives and world. He urges us to see the world through love and oneness so we may respond to events in ways that raise our vibrations—which, he reminds, is the purpose of earth life. As we see our leaders “acting out the follies of humanity,” he counsels us to remember we are all children of God, we are creation experiencing itself, and we are creating all the time. The question is: what do we choose to create that will raise our consciousness and vibrations so we may finally dispel the dark energy?
St Germain says the killing of Iran’s general was a “diversion to create a smoke screen” to distract our attention from the impeachment proceedings against President Trump. But the larger issue, he says, is this act illustrates the need to reassess putting the vast powers of the presidency in the hands of one person. He reminds that our nation’s founders discussed creating an executive committee rather than a single chief executive, which could better reflect the diversification and interests of citizens and act as an additional check on power. With the vast changes since our nation’s founding, including in communication, technology and weapons, he suggests we revisit that idea.
People of color in America are far more likely than whites to be imprisoned, die in childbirth and live in poverty. Many say it’s the legacy of 250 years of slavery. Others claim it’s their own fault. St Germain observes that more people are enslaved world-wide than ever before. He discusses the origins of slavery, its lasting effects and warns that anyone enslaving another will have the same experience in this life or another, since karma is designed to create equality, harmony and balance. He reminds us the same forces of creation created all the diversity of nature, including the diversity of mankind. “You are all diversified versions of the same thing—which is you.”

Monday, January 13, 2020


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

The Collective Consciousness of Nurturing, 
Support and Equality

It is time to release preparing. It is time to move out into the world with your message and express what you say you want. It is time to release the story of your life.  It is time to shift and change the old lifetimes that have come to the surface. It is time to move into a collective consciousness of nurturing each other. 
It is time to open your nurturing heart. Opening your heart to nurture others as they move into their blind spots.  It is about nurturing in collective consciousness. This is the assertive feminine energy of acceptance and compassion. It is an assertive energy of nurturing. It is time to be more assertive with your nurturing.  

It is also important to connect with the masculine energy within, and move out into the world assertively. In doing this it is also very important to connect and combine it with the feminine energy of compassion and acceptance.  If you focus on just one the masculine or feminine you will continue on a path of duality. It is most important to combine both the masculine and feminine energy now. As you connect with the healthy masculine energy of assertiveness within, this raises your resonance and vibration for your will for life, to have what you say you want, make a mark in the world, and stand for yourself. It is important to combine this with the assertive feminine of acceptance, compassion and nurturing. 

As you move out into the world assertively, you will inevitably hit a blind spot. This is when the assertive feminine moves in and opens your heart space with acceptance, compassion and nurturing. As you move out into the world with the premise of collective consciousness, it is always important to open your heart and nurture others along the way.  

It is time to see those for who they are in their wounding. 
Look at your governmental, political and corporate systems, to see their need for power and control. This is unhealthy. If you can look at your life, where might you need power and control, perhaps in a relationship? The thinking is, if I have power and control over it then I am superior to it. 

When moving in a collective consciousness of community and equality it is important to know that each individuated adult is unique and of equal value. Their self expression, truth and what they have to give is important. This is the message now and what you demand in your life. Within this is responsibility and accountability. It is about being your message. 

As you look at what you want in your life it is about having it.  Are you opening your heart space and welcoming this into your life and ready for it to have it? It is about assertively opening your heart, standing in the truth of having what you say you want and assertively receiving it. What We mean by this is receiving more deeply than you ever have before without protecting yourself. It is about knowing what you want and opening your heart space to have it.  For many, the reason why you haven’t had what you say you want is because you are protecting yourself through the wounds of the child. 

You have enough tools now and have created nurturing relationships. Thus when a blind spot shows itself, and you begin to feel deep feelings from the wounds of the child, and move closer to what you say you want, it is important to utilize these tools and connect with each other. This will support you to move you through the blind spot and keep you moving forward as the individuated adult to have what you say you want.   This is a collective consciousness of nurturing, support, guidance and equality.

Saturday, January 11, 2020


                                                             WHERE DIS-EASE ARISES

25% arises from our etheric non-physical body (effecting our physical body).
25% arises from our mental body (thoughts we are having).
50% find its origin in our emotional body (realizing our emotions create our thoughts that create our actions).

Wednesday, January 8, 2020


                                          FOURTEEN DECREES FOR ASCENSION

By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

This is a partial iteration and extension of the SEVEN PATHS TO ASCENSION previously received from the once human Ascended Masters higher realms. (who have mastered and applied these decrees and are once again now sharing them with we humans).  In-depth details of these decrees are available to all who seek them. We are all in process to mastering these. Let us accept, where we each are, within these, is perfect, and where we need to be, as we advance.

1.1 Love for all beings.
2.2  Release all unhealed selfness ego wounds, making service to planet and others a priority.
3. 3   To heal our emotional and mental bodies so our dense, lower self may transmute into our higher spiritual life.
4. 4  To honor the macrocosm, the universe of which the microcosm, our world is but an infinitesimal part.
5. 5   To know our true origin; to study Akashic Records (Halls of Wisdom) of humanity, and beyond.
6.  6  To refrain from taking life, to do no harm. Progress into becoming vegetarian (vegetables, grains, fruits, nuts).
7.  7  To master the universal power of speech and silence. To be pure in emotion and thoughts, accurate in the unspoken and spoken word. Skillful of our being into doing.
8.  8  Constantly focus on increasing our frequency through raising our consciousness. This requires positive emotions, thoughts, meditation and service.
9.   9 To unite with a collective conscious community based upon: (a) unity of purpose, (b) oneness of vibration, (c) past and present life karmic links, grand reunion, (d) ability to work together in love, equality, harmony and balance.
110.To research and study how higher work: (a) the purpose of sound, (b) master esoteric meaning of words, grammar, syntax, (c) master energy laws of vibration, electricity and neutronics.
111To control our sex impulses, to move the energy that vitalizes the generative organs to higher chakras, transmuting love energy to our heart center, to learn to think with our hearts.
112To use our hands and hearts in service to the planet and others; ultimately, we are all here to love and support one another.
113 Experience our ascension path through our three major senses. Through listening, touching and seeing maintain and sustain our individual journey to ascension.
114.Three final areas to master:  (a) Master energetic laws of radiation, (b) master the laws of magnetization, (c) Transmute the science of alchemy into healing self.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020


                              SEVEN PATHS TO OUR EVOLUTION/ASCENSION 

By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network
It is our destiny as human beings to ascend to a higher frequency of existence.  Received from the once human Ascended Masters higher realms (who have mastered and applied these paths) here are the requirements that will increase our consciousness and also allow our ascension.  The in-depth “how-to” of all these paths are available to those who seek it.

To know our planet is a living, conscious being and apply this wisdom in supporting all beings upon the surface (and interior) of the planet.

To master vibrational/frequency sciences that are the forces that support all elemental formative energy, manifesting and manipulating all matter.

This planet is called the “lover-versity” of our solar system.  The meaning, value and purpose of Earth is to master knowing and being love, the building block of all creation.

Twelve Star worlds came together to assist in the creation of this world. Each star system has a purpose, an intention planted within the core of this planet. Sirius is our stargate, discover which star system from whence you came and know its mission.  Learn why all these star systems came together to create our home.

Each of us has an individual energetic wave-length empowering our existence, supporting collective existence.  It is essential we each know ours. These are colors and sounds., creating manifestation.

It is essential we all master our reason and purpose in being here, in combination with the purpose of creation; to be love.

To know how and where our karma is working out( being released) , is crucial.

Monday, January 6, 2020


Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

A Message for 2020

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as  you now transition into your new year of 2020. A year of the full expression of you, standing in your power, knowing who you are, being who you are, and affecting change in your life and the world outside of you. Bringing your modalities, endeavors, your talents and gifts out into the world in a greater way that you have ever known.  Most important, it is a year to create the essence and truth of collective consciousness. Connecting with like minded, like soul’d, like heart’d individuals who carry the essence and beingness of who they are out into the world and raise the resonance and vibration.  

As you move from 2019 into 2020 it is a transition into raising your resonance and vibration. It is a transition into connecting with those who resonate and vibrate as you, who have the same goals, mission and purpose and create relationships in collective consciousness.  It is a collective consciousness of love, peace, community, harmony, equality. 

You are now moving from the feminine energy and transitioning into a more assertive masculine energy. Your year of 2020 is a year of asserting yourself out into the world, it is a year of assertiveness.  

Many characterize the masculine energy as being aggressive. You see this out in your world. Many are balancing the feminine and masculine energy within. When you integrate the feminine energy you move to a new level of compassion and acceptance of self.  The healed or healthy definition of the feminine energy is compassion and acceptance. It is important now to be more assertive with your compassion and acceptance and continue with this throughout your year of 2020. Be more assertive with the compassion and acceptance of self. As you become more assertive with compassion and acceptance of self you will become more assertive outside of you with compassion and acceptance of others.  With this said, it is now most important to connect deeper within and connect to the masculine self, the healthy or healed masculine energy of assertiveness. By doing so you can move out into the world more assertively and have more of what you say you want. 
You can now bring you out into the world more assertively saying, “ I am now bringing me and who I am in the full beingness of me along with my talents and gifts and this is what I want.”  

Your year of 2020 is a year of expressing the full beingness of who you are and move out into the world more assertively, bringing yourself to the world and open your heart through the assertiveness of compassion and acceptance and begin to receive what you say you want.  It is about opening your heart to bring in what you say you want and opening the doorways to a full realization of the balance of giving and receiving.  It is about looking at your giving and looking at your receiving and moving assertively out into the world giving your talents, gifts and abilities and opening your heart to assertively receive. 

In many ways the year of 2020 is about truth, the truth of what you say you want. It is about being your message, being what you are saying.  If you are saying what you want in your life, what you are seeking in your life is this, it is now about opening your heart and honoring this. Being your message.   It is now time to have what you want and be more assertive and move out into the world to create what you want.  Having what you want in the full expression of the beingness of you. 

As you move through your year of 2020 it is about connecting more deeply with the masculine energy within you. Moving out into the world stating, “This is what I want, this is who I am being and I am now opening my heart to receive have what I say I want”.  It is about adhering to your truth and the truth of your being.  If your truth is what you say you want, it is now about having it. It is about releasing speaking about it. It is now speaking it in your truth assertively, opening your heart space to receive it and have it.   

As you move out into the world in collective consciousness and look at the world outside of you at your political, governmental and corporate systems, it is time to see it for what it is. It is not about shifting and changing it in the physical, it is about assertively bringing you in collective consciousness to energetically shift the resonance and vibration. This is what you are shifting and changing.  You are not changing the structure of the old world of form, you are shifting the resonance and vibration of it.  

As you shift and change your resonance and vibration, you begin to shift and change the resonance and vibration outside of you.  It is about making a choice. You have a choice to shift and change your resonance, to look at your relationships that no longer resonate for you and make the choice to shift and change it.  

You are now moving into a year of taking great responsibility for yourself and in turn a greater responsibility in collective consciousness with what you are bringing to the world. So it is important to look outside of you and see where you are being responsible for yourself. 

As you look at the world outside of you, you are seeing greater irresponsibility.  This irresponsibility is people speaking and being irresponsible for what they are saying and what they are doing.  If in fact you are moving within, living your truth in the powerfulness and beingness of you and who you are, and being responsible for you, it is time to look outside of you and hold others accountable for taking responsibility for themselves.  This is moving in a collective consciousness of responsibility and accountability. 

It all comes back to you. Where are you accountable for what you say and what you do? Where are you taking responsibility for what you have said and what you are saying?  Are you taking full responsibility for your actions? If you hold yourself accountable and being self responsible, then you are standing in a powerfulness you have never known before. 

When you move out into the world in collective consciousness with those who are doing and being this, like minded individuals who resonate and vibrate at this level, it is time to demand responsibility and accountability from others because this is what you demand of yourself and what you know. The collective consciousness stands in this power.  

“If I am standing in the powerfulness of myself, being a responsible, individuated adult, unique unto myself, and hold myself accountable for what I say, what I do and my actions, and this is who I am in my truth, this is what I demand and require from an other.”   

It is now about moving in a collective conscious of this to demand it and require of those outside of you. 

Your year of 2020 is a year of choices, choices that are important in your world globally in the macrocosm and in your political, governmental and corporate systems.  If you are demanding accountability and responsibility, it is important is collective consciousness to demand it of others. This is important to you.

“If I am an individuated adult, fully expressing my truth to the world, and taking responsibility for my word, my actions, holding myself accountable, I now demand this of others.”

This is a most important aspect of your year of 2020. Demanding accountability and responsibility. 

If you are holding yourself accountable and responsible for you, you are moving from the wounded child directing your life into an individuated adult. Releasing survival consciousness that is a docile consciousness, into a more assertive consciousness with the masculine energy moving into abundance. 

So it is now time to stand in the powerfulness of you as you move through your year of 2020. It will be a year where energy will be dipping and raising in increments almost monthly. Energy will raise to a crescendo and lower to a crescendo. 

The illusion of duality has been created in the world outside of you. It is a year of releasing isolation and separation and duality within you. It is a coming together in the full beingness of you. See where you isolate and separate yourself, hold yourself in duality, either / or, right or wrong, good or bad.  It is about shifting this as you move along in 2020. 

It all relates to collective consciousness.  It is a collective consciousness of healthy, individuated adults, moving assertively out into the world bringing their messages, endeavors, modalities, out into the world that raises the resonance and vibration of the world. And also educates those to see where they hold themselves as different, on a higher level than others, thus separating themselves from others. 

Your year of 2020 is a coming together of like minded individuals, perhaps creating new soul families in a collective consciousness to bring your world together in peace, love, community, harmony and equality. 

As you move through your year on a month by month basis, you will see energy ebb and flow, raise and lower. As you move from 2019 into 2020, your energy is shifting within you. You are seeing the old in your life more clearly before your eyes. Many lifetimes of old behaviors, of wounding coming to the fore at the end of 2019 that is in the process of being released. 

As you honor and value you, you can ask yourself, Am I ready to have what I say I want?  Am I ready to release telling my story of what I say I want? As you continue telling your story, you remain in resistance to what you say you want and in resistance of opening your heart space to have it.  

It is now about being in relationship with others. What We mean by being, is opening your heart space and allowing an other in. This is being in the relationship as opposed to holding the relationship at arms length to protect yourself from something that the wounded child needs to express to you. 

It is about releasing protection, releasing the need to protect yourself. 
What are you protecting yourself from? Protecting your heart space? 
Are you continually preparing yourself? 
Many are continually preparing. It is time to release this. 
Preparing allows you to stay protected.  
It is time to move from your mental body to your heart space.  We have been stressing this to you over and over again. 
It is time now to have what you say you want. 
It is time now to be who you are.
It is time to grow into the infinite, wonderful most glorious child of God that you are.   


As you move into your month of January of 2020, it is the beginning. It is a month to assimilate all of the new information WE have given you along with the new energies moving in. It is a time to look into the mirror and ask if you are accepting and compassionate for you. Ask what you demand of you. Are you responsible? Do you hold yourself accountable?

By looking at this, you release the armor around your heart space that holds you in a place of duality, separation, and isolation.

Your month of January is the starting point. 

Throughout your year of 2020 on a monthly basis, the energies will ebb and flow, shift and change. As you move through 2020 energetic systems will come into balance, and balance giving and receiving.  

January is the opening to all of this. 

We know We have giving you a lot to think about. We know what We are demanding of you is for you to move into the fully individuated, unique adult that you are and hold yourself responsible and accountable for you.

Monday, December 30, 2019

2020 Higher Realm Overview


“Happy New You In The New Year”

From The Angel News Network

(Edited combined wisdoms from Archangel Michael, channeled by Jeff Fasano, and Ascended Master St. Germain, channel by Phillip Elton Collins).

Let us remember the ascended masters were once human like us walking the surface of this planet, our DNA being the same, and along with the guarding and guiding wisdoms of the archangelic realm, we are so blessed to have these mighty support systems, filled with love, ever present in our lives.  Now let us see if we can be responsible and accountable (the foundation for our truth, needs and boundaries) for these applied wisdoms and insist (require)the same of others; our governments and corporations and world around us. This is creating new requirements for our relationships, demanding a balance of giving and receiving, and a balance of the masculine and feminine energies. This will create the new you, the new world in the new year, of which we all hunger.

The two higher realms forces speaking now have often taught that the foundation of our duality, separation and confrontation is our imbalance of giving and receiving and the imbalance of the masculine and feminine energies on this planet.  By knowing the cause, we can reduce and/or eliminate the effect. We are in process of healing these. It is time that we demand individual and collective soul family balance in all aspects of our lives, thus allowing our light (activated of our soul plan, our reason to be here) to shine out into the world…

With the continued ascension energies (macro) radiating from above and below the planet into humanity, we as a human species (teacher souls, micro) shall continue to accept and embrace the divine reality of being Children of God.
Throughout the 2020, month by month we shall continue to have the support and blessings and messages from the archangelic and ascended master’s realms.  There will be ups and downs, shifts, resistance, change and absorption during this process.  Monthly tools and wisdoms from the higher realms will continue to support us, accepting and applying the truth: we have never been alone.
Regular higher realms support will be consistently available on the Angel News Network web site (  and within  our social media and our library of books.
Looking ahead, the next decade will be an unprecedented period of growth and expansion as we accept responsibility and accountability for ourselves and demand it from others, our governments and corporations.  We are beginning to see this happening now.

The focus of this overview will be the new year 2020, with January being the beginning and assimilation of the new energy and all spoken of at this time. Ultimately, 2020 will  reveal the depth of our healed relation with ourselves and how that mirrors out to others.
These new energy systems coming in will assist us in not only balancing the assertive masculine and compassionate feminine energies but our giving and receiving, as well. It is time, if we so chose, to know and accept we are each other in disguise, unique adults, healing the inner wounded child, here to express our truths through love; knowing creation would be incomplete without each of us or we would not be here!

As channels of higher realms, it is essential that we at The Angel News Network look at ourselves first as a channel, to now we are receiving what we need to master our self, as we then share with others. This way we can move the individual into the collective consciousness (quantum resonance). It is time to be the message that we receive as we share, truly being the messenger that we are.

We are being told we are all ‘teacher souls’ mastering self (a reflection of all), thus assisting others to be and do the same.
It is time to look closely at what we want in our lives and to know whether we are having (creating) it or not., and why. Until we know each person is of equal value, we cannot create communities of love, equality, harmony and balance.
As we become more conscious and increase our frequency, we can see clearly the need for power and control of our governmental and corporate systems, not seeing each of us as necessary, equal individuals.   The folly of ‘man’kind, not being so kind, is that they cannot control what they did not create. And they did not create  this world or you and me. The outer world largely at present is not being responsible for what they are being and doing. The effect of this can be humanity’s demise, if we do not wake up.
The way to evolve is through changing our own frequency, through healing our self, not necessarily changing the structure of the old or present. Once our frequency increases dense structure will shift. Remember we are living in the densest frequency within the universal plane, a choice we made to learn what we need to learn the way we need to learn it.

For eons the higher realms have been giving humanity teachings and tools to assist our process. Most often we have chosen not to apply them.  It is time to garner the necessary tools given us and apply them. The Angel News Network has dedicated ourselves to sharing these many tools over the years allowing us to move beyond our blind spots into collective consciousness of love, equality harmony and balance. The basis for success, again, is taking responsibility and accountability for ourselves in being our message…. being into doing.
Now let us release being stuck in our stories, end old lifetime wounds, nurture self and transmute into collective we-consciousness.  It istime to be and have what we say we want, knowing we are divine beings having this human experience.

As we move into collective consciousness, as healthy, healed individuals, bringing our talents and gifts out into the world we can create new soul families, often a continuation from past life times.  These soul families will have the ability to bring our separated world together (united field) creating communities of peace, love, harmony and balance.
The year 2020 will be one of choices, applying our free will or not.  Again, it will be about holding self and others accountable and responsible; balancing the universal equation Responsibility = Consequence.  As we achieve this ourselves, we need demand it of others and become more self-empowered than ever before.

Once more, the year 2020 is the year of truth of what we say we want. And the only way to achieve this to be our message through learning how’ to think’ with our hearts, allowing our ‘believing’ minds to move back into service of our ‘knowing’ hearts. Remember, stored within our heart DNA is everything we have learned from past and present lifetimes. Time to access and apply this wisdom, if we so chose.
In closing, it is all about connecting with the healthy, healed assertive masculine energy that has suppressed the compassionate, receptive feminine for eons, to balance these two essential forces, allowing an assertive-compassionate feminine force to come through. This will allow compassion and acceptance of self, thus others further connecting like -minded, like- hearted peoples to create communities of love, peace, equality, harmony and balance.  Thus, creating the lives and world we all say we want.

Phillip Elton Collins,
Co-founder The Angel News Network

Sunday, December 29, 2019


Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

A New Perspective of You

As each and everyone one of you move on your individual pathway, new avenues may be opening and life is beginning to change for you. Old doorways are closing and you may be looking for change in your life, perhaps seeking a new perspective of your life.  This begins inside the depth and breadth in your heart space, for it lies within you, not outside of you. It comes from the essence of you, the wonderfulness of you, the beautifulness of you.   

This new perspective is a brand new perspective of self that allows you to open up to the full beingness of you and the full greatness of you.  It is seeing you for who you are, not what others outside of you say you are or seeking gratification and validation from outside of you through the perspective of others. It is about seeing, honoring and valuing yourself from your perspective of you.  

What is your perspective of you?

Each and every one of you has examined yourself and continue examining yourself. Many in doing this, shame, judge and criticize themselves. Look to see if you are doing this. It is time to now release this and shift your perspective of you. There is a direct relationship with your perspective of self and the life you are leading outside of you. 

When you examine yourself, are you doing so by continually criticizing yourself through judgment and shame? Are you looking at what might be wrong with you?

It is time to gain a new perspective of yourself by looking at your accomplishments, what you have done up to now in your life and seeing how far you have come in your personal process.  Begin now to look at your wonderfulness, your greatness, the beautifulness of the self and release the constant self examination. 

It is now important to define you from a new perspective that is based in loving, honoring and valuing you. Look at where you are in your life. Can you see where you are and new doorways that may be opening to bring your greatness to the world, to bring your beautifulness to the world? Or are you looking at what you haven’t done yet and examining this looking to find out why you think haven’t done it yet? Though this is part of the personal process, you can get stuck in this place. 

You can gain a new perspective of you through loving, honoring and valuing yourself through your heart space.  See what you have accomplished up to this moment in time and set new goals for yourself? 
The new goals that I you set for you are based upon what you want to give to yourself and how much you love, honor and value you. It is time to express yourself, it is time to be fully who you are through honoring, valuing and loving me.    

We come to you at this wonderful and most glorious time to tell you, you are loved, you are honored and you are valued.   

Monday, December 23, 2019


From Mother Earth
By Phillip Elton Collins

Greetings beloved children on the surface of my body. We come to you this night with many messages to God-empower you in your process, in your journey, in the choice you have made to be here once again upon this planet we call Earth, upon my body to continue your incarnational cycles.

We are a living being consciousness. We are your mother, and throughout recorded history, your recorded history, we have been abused. We have not been acknowledged. We have been taken for granted in the last millennia upon this history of yours. This time of our abuse, this time of our segregation from you, has ended, dear ones, our children.

It is time for us to join in oneness. It is time for you to ascend with us, to move into a higher frequency of consciousness, which is your divine right, which is an essential part of your divine soul plan, which has been pulled out from the Akashic Records, the Hall of Wisdom, the Hall of All There Is.

This opportunity does not come often, as the channel we are coming through has explained to you tonight. It is a rare opportunity for you to make the choices that you are about to make, if you so choose.

Understand, on this particular planet you are given a choice of your freedom of will, a freedom of choice, which is not always the case in every galaxy throughout the universes, dear ones. So, we cannot interrupt with that. We are not allowed to do that through Universal Law.

So we honor the choices that you make to move into a higher frequency of consciousness. But we wish you to know, for those of you who choose not to ascend with us, it will not be an easy time upon this planet. You can call that a warning if you will. It will be a difficult time to stay in this frequency.

It is a time to move beyond this frequency, to move beyond cause and effect, to move beyond the incarnational cycles of your emotional, mental and physical bodies, which have been your learning tools for millennia on this planet.

It is a time to waken to whom you really are, to know why you are really here. There are many teachers on the planet at this time and throughout history, which have come forward to attempt to teach you this. Many of them have been killed, destroyed or not believed.

Again, this is your choice to believe the wisdoms that are now coming in from the inner-earth civilizations, which is a new concept to many of you. But, it is where I reside. It is not so new to you that there are Archangelic realms and star realms that seeded this planet, that hold this ascension process in place and are here to assist you at this divine moment in your history.

This has been a unique experiment within the cosmos, dear ones, and you have all chosen to be an eternal part of it. This planet was seeded by twelve star systems. Most planets are seeded by one. Each star system is represented on a council of twelve, if you will, which brings a diversity of teachings and experiences throughout the cosmos into your planetary plane. As a result of this, you now have a diversity and multiplicity of cultures, languages, religions, and identities of the male and female energies.

It is a unique, divine experiment that many of you have had hundreds, perhaps thousands of lifetimes upon this planet to experience. We of the Earth consciousness of Mother Gaia applaud the arduous path that you have chosen, and it has not been an easy one, dear ones. But the end time has come for those who so choose it.

Since this beginning of your Christmas Spirit, we would now like to tell you another story of Christmas.

The Christ consciousness has been on this planet and has experienced itself in many incarnational cycles throughout your history—Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, Greece and Rome and civilizations whose names have been lost through the eons of earth time. The desire of humanity is to once again know the Christ consciousness, to know the teachings of unconditional love within, that we are all individuated expressions of it, unique expressions of it.

We wish you to imagine an extraordinary mother space ship. Her name is Mu. She is coming from a galaxy that seeded this planet many hundreds of millions of years ago. Oh yes, your planet is much older, and it has had much more advanced civilizations than your history books tell you, dear ones.

You have had many Golden Ages beyond the civilization you are living in now with advanced technologies you would marvel at, which are about to be revealed to you again. There is free energy available to you, but forces in your world prevent them from being given to you. There are worlds without taxes; there are worlds with immortality that await you. This is your true destiny, dear ones. This is your inherited divine essence that you are awakening to if you so choose, through this period of ascension.

But now, back to the mother ship. Imagine she is larger than anything you can conceive. This ship is as big as a continent on my body. It is coming from a portion of the universe, a galaxy with many beings captaining this ship, powering this ship.

The Christ Consciousness, the Archangelic realms of Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, the Christ Consciousness, Lord Sananda, his twin flame Lady Nada, and many ascended masters whose names you may or may not know; are all on this mother ship.

All these beings are powering this extraordinary space ship. It is coming closer and closer and closer once again, to the Earth realm, which it often does. The ship is often sighted over the heavens of Mt. Shasta in your northern California. And she’s coming once again, as she did 2000 years ago. As she gets closer and closer and closer to your planet, she begins to reflect the light of your star, your Sun.

Dear ones, this is the Star of Bethlehem. This is the six-pointed star, the Merkaba of your existence, the beloved Star of David, whose wisdom and power and truth of being has often been lost.

Many who are anticipating the coming of this wisdom once again upon the earth plane see this star. They are led to the incarnational cycle of the Christ Consciousness in one you call Jesus of Nazareth. The rest of this Christmas story is almost the same as your present one, except the relationships with the feminine energy have been altered throughout your history.

Jesus of Nazareth was a good Jewish boy, so, of course, he married. And married his twin flame, beloved Mary Magdalene. His mother Mary, and his wife, Mary Magdalene, were two very powerful feminine energies. But the patriarchal energy that created your churches and religions quickly subjugated them in order to control the feminine energy.

An important part of the ascension process will be the balancing of these two energies, the masculine and the feminine.

The channel that we are coming through now, was led to create two sacred journeys to Mt. Shasta, California, in preparation and participation, serving as a proxy for humanity, in order to balance the masculine and feminine energies.

During these sacred journeys there was also a further balancing of giving and receiving, personal processing and teachings and tools that would allow your deeper healing to clear all aspects of yourself that prevent you from moving into a higher realm of reality.

It is an exciting and challenging time, dear ones. For all that you have known will change as it changed when 350 million Lemurians lost their lives in one night, and the Atlanteans on their 10 islands in the Atlantic lost their lives in an instant as well.

Why? Pretty much the same that is going on now, dear ones, the abuse of power. The abuse of the few controlling the many. Whenever my body is in harm’s way, which is once again happening, we step in dear ones and prevent the annihilation of this planet. Why? Because, we wish to reveal to you tonight, the purpose, the meaning, and the value, of this planet you call Earth.

It is a Lover-versity. You have come here simply to learn how to love. So far, you haven’t done a great job, have you? And the Christ Consciousness energy, which is not exclusive to Christianity, is an essential component of your process, which allows acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness for all that you have chosen to experience.

It is time to know why you are here. It is time to consciously begin to remember the choice you have made to be here and to support those who do not fully understand, who are not conscious of what’s happening, by building communities of equality, harmony, and balance as your life shifts and changes. We wish to assure you, the world that you have known will not continue.

It is the destiny of this planet, in concert with humanity, to produce master teacherships to be expressed throughout the universe. Each one of you has signed an energetic contract to BE these master teachers. This is who you truly are.

You have been murderers; you have been healers; you have been priests; you have been abusers of power; you have been teachers of wisdom. You have experienced every aspect of the God force that we are in service to that you can possibly experience.
The learning time of this frequency is ended, and your real work will now begin as you move into a higher frequency existence beyond 3D, 4D when you sleep, or what you call death and on to 5D into immortality.

Can you imagine if you now brought your wounded behavior into immortality, what type of universe we would have? It would be a reflection of what exists now. That is not acceptable, and it will not take place.

There’s work that needs to be done in order to move into the higher frequencies of immortality. Our 5D governments, our spiritual centers are led by individuals who have achieved the higher realms of wisdom and understand what we speak of tonight.

It is a glorious time as you go into your Christmas, your Hanukkah, whatever religious celebrations you wish to connect you to the truth of who you are and why you are here. We, your mother, we, your home, ask you to remember what we speak of tonight.

Most civilizations live inside a house, as you do on the surface of my body dear ones. Most of the planets within your solar system have various advanced civilizations within the core of them. The same is true here. There are many Inner Earth civilizations inside my body. This is why you may not see on the surface of your solar system planets what you call civilizations. Or they may be in a frequency that you are not capable of seeing at this time.

There are many forces in the universes, the Galactic Federation and many others that are surrounding this planet to assist you in this ascension process. We, they, cannot interfere with your freedom of choice and your freedom of will, but we are here to support you by bringing truth and teachings and wisdom to you through many channels and many sources throughout your world.

The most important thing to remember is you chose to be here with so many of your brothers and sisters at these time, dear ones. It’s not an accident that you’re all here now.

As many souls as possible who have ever lived upon this planet have chosen to incarnate at this time in your earth history to experience what we are discussing tonight—your ascension into a higher realm reality.

New truths will soon become common knowledge. It will not be revolutionary at all. When we know, and the forces that are supporting you know, that we can be received as friend and not foe, much more will be revealed. Your energy systems, your financial systems, your ability to manifest whatever it is that you need, will be at your disposal, as they are in all advanced civilizations. How does that make you feel?

The reason you have advanced civilizations at the core of your home, your planet earth, is because they would be corrupted on the surface. They were once ON the surface. They’ve chosen not to be corrupted by your energy fields to maintain and sustain themselves in the core of this planet, in order to protect themselves.

But, they cannot advance until you advance. There is an inner connectivity of all life forms, all conscious beings on this planet. And, dear ones, everything on your planet has consciousness—your minerals, your plants, your animals, your fellow human beings.

The time has come to end thinking one is better or more superior than the other, to begin to remember that molecularly and electron-wise, you are all created from the same source, whether it’s a dog, a plant, a crystal, or another human being who looks dramatically different from you.

Wait till you really get out into the universe, dear ones. You’re going to see configurations, physiognomies of life forms that will astound you, filled with unconditional love, filled with service for all that there is.

We hope what we share with you tonight thrills you as you enter a sacred spiritual season, as you open your hearts, not your minds, to what we are now saying.

For your hearts and the DNA and the RNA configurations of your heartbeat are synchronizing with the heartbeat of my heart.  Your heart knows; your mind simply believes.

As many of you know, the end game has come for the mind being in control. She will now go into service to your heart, for only through the heart can your ascension take place.