Monday, January 16, 2017

Martin Luther King Day 2017

Martin Luther King Day 2017

Beloved Martin knew from what he received from higher realms that our Nation and world had to create communities of love, peace, equality, harmony and balance in order to advance/evolve as a human species. And he was willing to die being that messenger for us all.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Joel's Journal: "Donald Trump, A Gift Of The Gods?"

By Joel D. Anastasi. The Angel News Network

I confess that I have been as horrified at the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States as if he were a comet barreling towards Earth threatening to destroy us all.

And each day my anxiety grows with his choices to fill key posts in his administration, his attacks on the press and US intelligence agencies and his incessant, angry, sophomoric tweets.

So imagine my surprise—and pleasure, I admit—when I asked St. Germain this week for his assessment of Mr. Trump and received the response below. St. Germain, as many of you know, is humanity’s guide for this new 2000 year age of Aquarius which began in 2012, just as Jesus was our guide for the Age of Pisces which began 2,000 years ago.

St. Germain has had many notable incarnations including, Joseph, the father of Jesus; Christopher Columbus; Francis Bacon who wrote the plays attributed to William Shakespeare, and he inspired our founding fathers to write the founding documents of the United States of America. St. Germain is channeled by Phillip Collins, one of the co-founders of the Angel News Network.

Here are excerpts from our discussion:

J: Many of us in the spiritual community have thought of humanity as having progressed a great deal over the last century in moving towards oneness. Many of us are confused by the election of Mr. Trump who seems to risk reversing our progress.

SG: Well, ascension is not always a straight line forward. Let us talk about this divine soul called Trump.

I would like you to begin to think of this individual as making a gift to humanity, a gift from the gods.  Begin to see this individual (differently) in order to eliminate and prevent your resistance to this individual—because what you resist persists. Begin to see this individual as bringing up all the unhealed aspects of humanity. Begin to see this individual as a player upon the stage, if you will, to show the foibles, the follies, the wounds, the defenses of humanity that are coming up for review. Since we were so involved in the creation of the United States of America, we feel you are at a pivotal point in your ascension, an accelerated process to bring up all the things that are preventing America from becoming the light of the world.

J: You are referring to all the separation in our country?

SG: All of that is coming up for review within this individual and within the collective. Now you have in the role of your so-called president of the United States an individual who represents all of the weaknesses of humanity rolled up into one as never before.  With your communication systems, cyberspace and the Internet, all of this will be revealed. Then the  democratic principles that this nation was founded upon of equality, harmony and balance can come forward. It can be a test of the true intention of the creation of this nation going forward.

So begin to see this as a play that is being orchestrated by someone like Shakespeare, who we once were. Begin to see this as a human (drama) unfolding for you day by day. But the mission, as you witness this, is not to go down into it, to be it or to become it but to observe it and to make another choice, different from the ones being made within your political governmental process. Governments, as you well know, represent the people that they govern. So what you are seeing by this particular divine soul coming into this particular position is magnified unlike ever before because of all your communication and transportation systems.

J: We have been told by you and other divine realms that there are many hidden forces controlling things behind the scenes that we are not aware of. Because he has not been in government before, might he be a force who could challenge some of this controlling power?

SG: He was selected to assume this role because the forces believed he would be the most malleable and the most easily controlled. His opponent not so much. Let’s look at this individual for a moment. You have been studying the ego defenses and how they form around the wounds of humanity. You are looking at an individual who is severely wounded in his relationship to dad, within his relationship with his children and within himself. So he has developed the ego defenses around him so as to appear that he is in control and he knows what is happening. But if you look at his responses through his twitter and cyber communications you will see the inklings of a very wounded little boy crying out in the night, “For God’s sake, love me, like me, agree with me.”

J: His tweets seem like high school responses.

SG: They are of a wounded little boy saying, “Daddy, love me, like me, approve of me. “

J: So we need to show love towards him?

SG: Beloved students, it is a matter of showing love towards yourself, him and everyone else as a solution to the chaos and the drama that you are in. That does not mean accepting. But it can mean creating a parallel path to what is taking place in order to create a new paradigm. That is the intention of these seven discourses and the glossary that will affect and support you ascension process.

J: So the material you have given us and our dialogue will help us fashion this parallel path.

SG: That is the reason, in your vernacular, we are showing up. That is the reason we are making ourselves available.  And it is not just with this channel. As we have explained to you, we can be in many locations at the same time. We have selected divine souls throughout the planet to assist in facilitating this.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

WELCOME TO YOUR 2017 “Twenty-Eight Tool Reminders” (2+8=10; 1+0=1= The year of Rebirth & New Beginnings) From Archangel Uriel, World Teacher & Guardian Received by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network Dear Beloved Humans being human, As you embark upon you new year 2017 filled with 3D chaos, confusion and often confrontation, continuing to create separation and duality, perhaps it is time to again review a few life tools. . Are you ready to apply them? What is about to be shared (again) will allow you to move/evolve from duality into oneness (which is essential within your Ascension Process). Please know dear ones there is more higher realms, planetary and cosmic energies coming in to assist you than ever before in your history. The year 2017= 10=1+0=1= The year of transformation into the divine). (1) Remember your being within this 3D Earthly world is a JOURNEY OF CHOICES (JOC’s) through your free will and choice. So by taking responsibility for your choices/decisions you can stop blaming and shaming self or others for the life you are creating. In your vernacular this will clear up a lot of crap. Dear ones you can always make another choice. It’s just a choice, not the end of life! (2) If you so choose stop resisting being in this 3D world you chose to be in to learn what you need to learn the way you need to learn it. Your resistance is preventing your self-empowerment and growth by persisting in not supporting and loving who you are and knowing why you are here. Love is the vehicle to your freedom. (3) Most of the negative thoughts you have about yourself (that can be reflected to others) are trapped in your mental body from childhood conditioning from Mom and Dad. You have been given the tools to free yourself from this trap. Are you ready to apply them? (4) During times of challenge and self- doubt what tools do you know how to use to love and support yourself? (5) As #1 states; it is simply a decision or choice during a challenge to test yourself and see do I choose to use the tools given to me or not. (6) Until you really know your purpose in being here and what you need to know this you cannot truly be happy. You have been given the tools to know this. Are you ready to apply them? (7) You mission is to create the freedom to be who you are. The tools to achieve this are your resonance and discernment. (8) Are you ready to get rid of anyone and anything of which you do not resonate nor discern? (9) The purpose of your planet is to master love, peace, equality, harmony and balance. (10) How you feel is a major indicator of your success and a divine tool to your happiness. (11) Remember your major mission in your being here is to raise your consciousness/vibration in order to move into a higher frequency of existence. You be and do this through the forces of love. (12) The true expression of yourself lives in your heart not your mind. That’s why your believing mind is moving back into service to your knowing heart. (13) Many of you have been destroyed or abandoned in the past and present for being who you are. It is time to heal the fear this has created and move into the true you. (14) Do you know what you really need to feel fulfilled and to be happy? What are you suppressing or repressing that yearns to be expressed now? (15) Do you know you came from love, are lovable and loved? (16) As in your 2016, planetary and cosmic energies will continue to come into your 3D world on a routine basis during 2017 to support you like never before. You have never been alone. (17) Remember you are mastering life through self- love (love being the key component of who you truly are). (18) Remember resistance and fighting the old world of form fuels it and holds it in place. Build a parallel path instead. (19) Since you are in the final 2,000 year cycle of your planet’s ascension everything is accelerating in your 3D world in order to allow you to transcend it and move beyond the illusions preventing you from being your divine essence and self-empowerment. (20) Are you fully committed to your self- mastery and ascension process? Are these the priority of your life? (21) Are you tired of reacting to things that activate your nervous system and trigger your ego defenses vs choosing love and fully taking responsibility for yourself and assisting others? (22) The Divine Plan of 2017 is to effect a paradigm shift releasing the old and you fully expressing the who and why of yourself. (23) Do not judge what is truly transpiring in your world by outside appearances. Your Ascension is a process our inside out, not outside in. (24) You are a multidimensional being, experiencing many realms at the same time. Where you are within the 3D is the densest and the last dimension to be effected by energetic changes. (25) Learn “to think” with your heart. All the love, peace, equality, harmony and balance you need lives there all the time. You are leaning how to access this and apply it in your world. (26) Remember your emotions, thoughts, words and actions are creating your life and world all the time. (27) Your I Am Presence and Christ Consciousness living in your heart creates your ability to access the Higher Realms. This allows you to directly communicate with 5D frequencies and beyond. (28) Focusing on ‘what is’ in your life allows abundance. This is the path to eternal love and peace and your God Power.

Friday, December 30, 2016


NEW YEAR’S DAY MESSAGE From MAN POWER GOD POWER By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network Greetings, beloved brethren of your Angel News Network. We of the Intergalactic Federation (IGF) with Adama, High Priest of Lemuria, bring you tidings of great joy and support on this New Year 2017 of your creating the new golden age of we consciousness. You have waited many millennia for this moment. We have been granted dispensation to give you further clarity of your mission and karmic connections, dear souls. All of you have had various and many lifetimes together on this planet with similar missions as present, some deeper than others but all with the same purpose to bring truth and light into this world. Now, in this incarnational cycle, it is your destiny, desire, and direction to heal all aspects of self that have impeded you in the past and present, to be your message, your purpose in being here. You are, in fact, continuing to be proxies of humanity who shall clear and cleanse all 3-D unhealed aspects of self in order to raise your vibrations and to be the beingness of your soul plans. This is why you chose and were chosen for your past sacred journeys, dear brethren. This now is a continuation of your soul plans within the endeavor you call the Angel News Network. Dear brethren, if you so choose, it is time to accept with compassion and forgive any and all wounds and ego defenses created around those wounds that stand in your path. This has not so simply been the way you chose to learn what you needed to learn. You are to become a mighty beacon reflecting the mighty I Am presence within each of you that cannot and will not house wounds and defenses. Are you ready to receive and give this to yourself and your waiting, weary world? Are you ready for your Man Power to become your God Power? This year, as has been foretold, you will receive guidance from the IGF, archangelic realms,, various star realms, ascended masters and inner-Earth forces, including Mother Gaia. Your relationship with your conscious, living planet is crucial, for her forces and love maintain and sustain you. Being what you receive from higher realms is now essential to your individuated and collective endeavors, dear brethren. This necessitates utilizing all the tools and teachings given you in the past and present. These can no longer remain locked in your mental bodies. Your awakening of your knowing heart will empower your I Am presence into the oneness of we consciousness. You are all to become conduits of higher realms, not just one or two of you. This is the way to show others. As you know, the Star Seed wisdom’s you received this past year will be accessible for years to come to further assist you in any needed healing and processing that you will achieve among yourselves. You have already begun this final process. This internal work is essential to your external work, dear brethren. The right and fight of separation and confrontation is over, if you choose to move into we consciousness. Remember, this is what prevented your success in the past. Realize you have chosen one another time and time again to learn what is needed to heal self and ascend from dense duality. Awake, dear brethren, now, and replace your wounds and defenses with healing gratitude in order to fully move into being your mission. Your entire galaxy, various star realms, archangelic realms, and inner-Earth beings are beside you. You can now join all these God Powers in your world and be the divine beings of light you truly are. Fill your hearts with joy that this glorious moment has come! Your brethren of the Intergalactic Federation with Adama, High Priest of Lemuria

Saturday, December 24, 2016


MERRY CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS Now we are awakening in the all-seeing, The Christ Light within every human being. Chapter excerpt from MAN POWER GOD POWER, By Phillip Elton Collins CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS SEASON As we approach the final weeks of this year with still so much energetically happening within/on our planet and throughout humanity, our thoughts and emotions turn to the Christ Consciousness this spiritual Christ-season. This short conversation is with the combined energies of the collective Ascended Masters realms and myself. Phillip: What exactly is the Christ Consciousness and how does it assist us? Ascended Masters: The Christ Consciousness is a dispensation from your Creator to alleviate humanity from the massive levels of lack and limitation you have created for eons through your emotions and thoughts. This teaching/energy has been brought to humanity by many teachers, many times throughout your evolution, most reality through Master Jesus. Phillip: How can it best be used? Ascended Masters: It is suggested that you use your free will and time to focus regularly on this Christ Consciousness energy. This will overcome and transcend your negative emotions and thoughts that create your reality. The Christ Consciousness energy will consume anything less than itself by transmuting it into pure, divine Light. This requires self- discipline and self- realization. The tools to achieve these have been given to you many times and are present in your world again now. The channel who we are coming through now and his brethren (The Angel News Network) can direct you to many of the needed wisdoms. Phillip: What about those who do not believe in Christ Consciousness, especially the young who may see it as some corrupted religion? Ascended Masters: We are acutely aware of the non-believers and the destructive cultural trends in government, religion, and corporations that especially effect the youth. Many youth actually believe through their rebellious egos they are convinced that their free form of thinking, without any awareness of higher realms, achieves self-realization and truth. Nothing could be further from the truth. Self- mastery and discipline are essential to freeing you from yourself. This needs the support and love of higher realm energies; of contacting your God Power. Phillip: So are you saying we cannot advance without the Christ Consciousness? Ascended Masters: The highest awakening is through the Christ Consciousness energy. And each generation is advised to pass this truth on to the next generation. Me Consciousness of greed, immorality, selfishness and non-truth have never advanced humanity. All past Golden Ages have died due to their lack of connection to their Source/God Power. Only Light can advance humanity. And Light will ultimately consume anything less than itself. This is the process you are involved in now, dear ones; what you call ascension. Phillip: What else does the Christ Consciousness do? Ascended Masters: Most importantly it allows you to know you are God experiencing yourself. And once you know this, you come to know you are in service to this truth. God is the great WHO and WHY and you are the mirror of that truth. Now transmute your Man Power into God Power. Are you ready? Phillip: And then what happens? Ascended Masters: When humanity’s Man Power becomes One with God Power, through Love of Self, he/she realizes he/she is truly God. The Christ Consciousness is the journey/pathway to this reality. This force has lived within you always, Are you finally ready to apply it and free yourself from yourself? And continue your service to the ever expanding Universe as the Master teacher you came here to be? Phillip: Does the spiritual holiday season affect this? Ascended Masters: Humanity is more sensitive to the energies that are transmitting from above and below the Earth; your heart opens more widely. In fact, your heart is designed to house and dispense the Christ Consciousness energy at will. Call upon it anytime. Merry Christ Consciousness, dear ones.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Saint Germain's Seven Ascension Discourses: Conclusion





Beloved Students,

The more of humanity who can accept the Presence of higher realms such as I, Saint Germain, the wider new doors of truth and freedom are opened and old worn out doors of separation closed forever.
All of you who have listened to or read these discourses and dialogues please thank yourself for showing up. Know within your hearts, you now have the tools to create a new paradigm/reality through your resonance and discernment of equality, harmony and balance in your personal and world lives and to transcend those lives.

Remember that humanity never ceases creating through being the Creator. It is now time to create the life and world your truly say you want. I have given you some mighty tools to be and do during this exchange. Are you ready to accept and apply them?

Please accept with compassion and forgive how you have chosen to learn what you need to learn the way you need to learn it. Your permanent healing is assured through the choices you now make and the ascension process you chose.
We of the Ascended Master realms are complete, pure, perfect, all-powerful Divine Beings who never make mistakes. We have mastered energy and manifestation. We were human just like you and made our ascension the priority of our souls, and so can you.

We are the Wondrous Way Showers revealing all the possibilities and probabilities of what lies before you.

I shall never leave you until we permanently join hands and hearts in the higher realms.
I AM a Child of the Light. I love the Light. I serve the Light. I live in the Light. I AM protected, illuminated, supplied, and sustained by the Light. I bless the Light.

Your Teacher & Friend, Saint Germain

Our Greatness *

Humankind walks in the forgetting of our Greatness,
Not remembering what Power and Knowledge lie within each of our souls.

We walk through Life unaware of our Talents and Gifts,
Seeking secrets already known within us.

We are Eternal Beings of Light,
Awaiting our Awakening and En-light-en-ment.

Wisdoms once known will now awaken
Within each of us in World Service,
If we so choose in our observance.

All that ever was and still is
Is waiting to be born in WE CONSCIOUSNESS,
If we can just get the me out of the we,
Creating worlds of equality, and harmony.

Are you ready?



Channeled By Phillip Elton Collins,

Monday, December 12, 2016

12/12&21/12&16 Meaning & Celebration

12/ 12 & 21/12&16 MEANING & CELEBRATION Excerpt from MAN POWER GOD POWER By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network From The Inter Galactic Federation Dear Beloved Children of Humanity, We of the Inter Galactic Federation (IGF) in concert with your Mother Earth and other multi-fifth dimensional energies come to you now at this auspicious time to further enlighten you regarding your events/celebrations of 12/12 &21/12 &16 We of the IGF are acting as stewards of a process that last took place some 26,000 years ago on your planet. A process that allows you, if you so choose, to re-awaken to the truth of who you are and why you are here as you reconnect/recalibrate to the forces that maintain and sustain your existence. This is a process that begins with portals of fifth dimensional energies opening and interacting with Mother Earth and humanity. Your major timelines on these portal openings were and are 12/12/12&16 and 12/21/12&16. This is a process that will extend for many years with other star realm participations and we. You will receive additional guidance and support at that time…. This is a process of releasing the old paradigms that have kept you in duality and lack and limitation while reconnecting with your Source and now moving into a consciousness of oneness, moving from the me to the we, if you will…moving from Man Power to God Power. Through resonance with one another you will create various gatherings of celebration to acknowledge this extraordinary gift/happening in your world. You have drifted as far from your source as possible through your freedom of will and choice, and the timeline has come to reconnect to self, one another and source. The divine soul plans of your planet and yourselves is in full activation as a result of the energetic portal openings that took and are taking place 12/12/12 & 16 and 12/21/12 & 16 These are a cosmic event of your solar system, galaxy and the entire universe; you are all connected, dear ones. It is time you know and apply this wisdom. Within your various celebrations/gatherings of this shift of self and world you will participate in various guided exercises and restatement of light worker/way shower oaths that will serve as a Communion of Souls in communities of oneness. In these communities of equality, harmony and balance you will be asked to release the old and open and embrace to the unknowing of the new you and world. Beginning noon 12/21/12 &16 until midnight, a 24-hour period, was and is a unique opportunity to integrate these multi-dimensional energies (portal openings) to facilitate your transition/transformation into the new. Dear ones, this is a mass convergence of higher realms, Earth and human energies to create your New Age of moving from the “me” to the “we” consciousness. There are many billion of you present now to experience this event consciously or not. Whether you are aware of this or not it is taking place. Have acceptance and compassion for all the lifetimes you have had to bring you to this glorious moment. We are here to assist and guide you as your time/space continuum shift and change and transpire. This is the ending of the old you and world and the beginning of the new you and world. Rejoice and fill your hearts with joy!

Thursday, December 8, 2016




Discourse #7


Wonders To Come As You Ascend

Beloved Students,
As humanity continues its ascension process and evolves further into We Consciousness, wonderful gifts will be gifted to you as you become better prepared to receive them. This is how it has always been during the creation of Golden Ages. The creation of this final Golden Age is no exception.

These ages are never created alone. They are created with the love and support from higher dimensions. Remember, humanity’s separation from higher realms was the demise of all past Golden Ages. Your ascension process now insures a permanent connection; as above, so below.

Everything in nature takes total responsibility for its place in nature and its effect. Humanity is the only creature that does not. And you have been paying a price for not being responsible, remembering the universal equation: Responsibility=Consequence.

To bring further joy into your lives, I would like to preview some of the wonders to come and the ascension advancements you need to maintain in your consciousness in order to sustain these advancements.


This will enable humanity to power electronic/digital apparatus through brain waves by the use and mastery of the energy currents flowing through your heart and mind. Your emotions and thoughts have always created your reality; soon you will put this principle into further practice.


Cameras will become so sensitized they will photograph the human aura, your etheric, unseen, non-physical body just outside your physical body. This is the portion that maintains and sustains your physical. This will give medical physicians the ability to see the real cause and effect of may emotional, mental and physical imbalances and permit true permanent healing.


Mastering magnetism will become possible to suspend objects without visible support. This is the constructive wisdom of the Ascended Masters revealed. We have mastered the manipulation of energy. There is enough unseen free energy in your world to power the entire planet. This will be a game changer for your governments, corporations and economic structures.


New forms of air/water/land navigation and transportation/teleportation will be made possible by utilizing inner and outer Earth electro-magnetic energies. Thus, objects will rise in complete resistance to gravity, and you will be free to explore the cosmos without further consuming the Earth’s resources.


Through your raised consciousness you will know your emotions and thoughts create weather. Once you become aware/awake to the true power of your emotions and minds, you will create perfect weather. Think of the time and resources that are lost presently due to weather.

The above wonders will be dwarfed by still greater wonders to come from higher realms as you ascend into your final Golden Age.

In order to prevent humanity from repeating the past and destroying itself by the misuse of advanced technologies, I, Saint Germain, make the following suggestions to shift and change your lives to ensure your divine destiny:
1. Take full responsibility for everything you are creating in your life and the world.

2. Give up duality, separation and confrontation.

3. Give up herd consciousness.

4. Nurture all life.

5. Give up judgment, shaming and blaming.

6. Exercise acceptance, compassion and forgiveness everywhere, all the time.

7. Remember, you have free choice and will.

8. See yourself in others.

9. Know who you are and why you are here.

10. Feel your feelings and heal your emotional body.

11. Heal your mental body by reducing negative thoughts.

12. Love yourself enough to love others.

Your Teacher & Friend,
Saint Germain


No form can come into creation,
Without a thought as a picture.
For every thought contains an idea
That is the criteria of expression.
Let us look at the process
That brings access
To creation...
What is it your wish to create?
Is it worthy of your time and energy?
What is your reason to bring this into existence?
Is it to satisfy an addiction or comfort zone
Or get you arrested on the way home?
Make sure what you wish to create
Has no motive or need to do harm to another,
But has an intention of a loving brother.
Write down your plan in your own words,
As clearly and consciously as you can,
Then you have a starting plan...
Know you have the ability to create,
See it like a picture on a plate,
The seeing and the power to create
Are the gifts of God-state within.
Seeing and feeling within yourself
Allows you to lift creation off the shelf.
The heart already knows,
But keep reminding the mind
Creation is the ability
To see the God within all the time.

For God is the doer, the doing and the deed,
And you through Him can create and proceed with,
Whatever you need.
Read your written plan again and again
At the beginning and end of each day.
This way your creation is downloaded in your heart.
That is the best part and start.

Keep your intention to yourself,
Hold its power inside you,
So only you know its view.
When you are ready,
Steady yourself and allow
Your inner vision to come through,
Consciously connecting to the Law of Making
And the God-within you to fully come through...
Cast out all doubts and fear
And know in your heart
Your creation is near.
Have no set moment for results.
Just know you and God are issuing
The picturing of results,
With no wishing.
Allow yourself to be surprised and delighted,
And filled with gratitude
When your multitude comes forth.

Channeled By Phillip Elton Collins,

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


With all the fake news out there remember you have two internal tools to know what is true for you: (1) your resonance, now you feel about it, (2) your discernment, how you think about it. Put the two together and you know the right path/choice for you. Its all a process of inside out; not outside in. In Self-Empowerment, Phillip Elton Collins Co-founder, The Angel News Network

Thursday, December 1, 2016


EARLY AIDS, New York City, circa 1980. (Reflection on WORLD AIDS DAY 2016) By Phillip Elton Collins, Co-founder The Angel News Network One of my closest friends, Nick Rock, died of AIDS and never knew what it was. His last words to me were, “I do not want to die, please find out what in the hell this is.” His doctors called it ‘cat scratch fever’ and said that Nick died of a disease transmitted from his cats. Some of us had the foresight to freeze some of Nick’s brain tissue and when the virus was later identified we confirmed that Nick was one of the first persons in America to have died of some mysterious illness that would soon rock the entire world. Nick’s last name “Rock” became even more prophetic. At the time of this brewing crisis, I was in the film production business partnering with the likes of film directors, Ridley Scott and George Lucas, and introducing the personal computer to the world with Steve Jobs of Apple. So many people began dying that we could not put complete film crews together for productions and both my business colleagues and close friends began departing this world in epic “world torn” proportions. At thirty years of age I had lost a large majority of my friends and business associates. And no one had any answers how or why.