Saturday, January 20, 2018


Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network
With St Germain channeled by Phillip Collins


Donald Trump was inaugurated a year ago as the 45th president of the United States. As I write this, demonstrations numbering tens of thousands of individuals are taking place throughout this country protesting his administration’s policies as undermining the rule of U.S. law and our democracy.

Even before Trump’s inauguration, St Germain, the ascended master most responsible for inspiring our Founding Fathers, warned that Trump, surrounded by a cadre of like-minded people, was bringing the tyrant’s consciousness into the office of the U.S. Presidency, which threatened an assault on our democracy.

I wrote a number of blogs in 1917 containing St Germain’s warnings, including two that explained the Hitler/Trump connection. Perhaps nothing dramatizes that connection more clearly than both leader’s attacks on a free press. Trump repeatedly cries, “Fake News!” and Hitler’s rant was “Lungenpresse!” (Lying Press.) My blogs can be accessed at Hit the link to our blogs.

Early last year, St Germain dictated a document titled, 100 Tenets of the Tyrant, which describe the motivations and behaviors of tyrants. These 100 tenets will be included in a book of St Germain’s teachings we intend to publish this year. I am listing a few tenets here, so you may judge for yourself how closely they define Donald Trump’s behavior (or your favorite tyrant.)

Before I do, however, I wish to offer this excerpt from a teaching St Germain presented on President’s Day 2017:

“Being a President means being in service to the highest good of the people within the arena of love, peace, equality, harmony and balance.

“Ask yourself in the current administration, where do you see this taking place? Is there a balance of equality, peace, love and harmony? What you are seeing is chaos. What you are seeing is an individual, reflected into his administration, who does not understand his responsibility, thus creating chaos. In your vernacular, the emperor has no clothes.

“Right now, the two areas that you have to maintain your democracy are your judiciary and your freedom of the press. These are coming to the fore more and more. Individuals are ratcheting out into a collective consciousness in demonstrations to allow the present government to know the truth, the needs and boundaries of We the People. That is what is taking place at this time.”


. The tyrant will create unrest, struggle and hate in the whole nation and thence in other   
  nations. He shall poison relations between peoples and states with envy, hatred, struggle      and warfare.
. The tyrant thrives on a public characterized by ignorance and arrogance.
. The tyrant blames others for the ills of life, even arousing the deeply held religious beliefs of the people into a spiritual crusade supporting him and his policies.
. If the tyrant tells lies often enough, one day the people may accept him as the benefactor and savior supporting their needs and (erroneous) belief systems.
. The tyrant’s voice can seduce supporters into a condition of reduced moral responsibility and excite the masses to rise up and support untruths with no foundation, hoping few will expose and denounce him.
. The tyrant will paint the alleged misdeeds of foreign governments with lies and                      confrontation and create so much ill feeling towards them that “we the people”would rather choose slavery, which promises order and peace, over freedom.
. The tyrant attempts to disempower and excommunicate anyone or anything within their     
. The tyrant commands kings, popes and leaders as if he were ruler of the world in the    
  delusion of cause and effect.
. Sexual, physical and emotional confusion and distortion create a rage within the tyrant that reflects    in all his relationships. The tyrant is often impotent and incapable of achieving     
  orgasm through normal sexual relations. Sexual fulfillment is often achieved through 
  extremes of sadism and masochism. This behavior can reflect out in their administration’s policies and actions. (This tenet was given long before recent sordid revelations.)

(Here are three tenets promising great hope for the survival our democracy and country.)
. Millions of humans are waking up through the evolution of human consciousness. This is    
  the role of the tyrant. An individual spiritual identity is being born which is integrating into a
  collective consciousness with a new sense of love, peace, equality, harmony and balance    that transcends myopic forms of nationalism.
. The tyrant teaches humanity the futility of misplaced patriotism and unquestioning loyalty       to the leaders of the nation.
. The Cosmic Chronicle—the eternal tapestry of world destiny—is always in perfect divine 
  order with the past, present and future inseparably woven into the now.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network
With St Germain channeled by Phillip Collins


In my last blog posted mid-November, THE SHIFT BEGINS, St Germain explained what has been taking place in the United States and offered some insights as to what might be unfolding. Here are some excerpted quotes:

“It is the imbalance of the masculine and the feminine, the masculine attempting to subjugate the feminine, that is creating much of the chaos and imbalance in your country and world.

“There is a break down before the break through. America is beginning to wake up and realize the folly of the decisions that have been made and is beginning to realize the (break down) is an important aspect of bolstering, supporting and invigorating the concept and structure of democracy.

“We have said may times, democracy is not a spectator sport. It requires the participation of we the people, by the people and for the people. When you have your largest populace not involved or voting, you end up with what you have, which is a reflection of the wounds and the ego defenses of humanity in charge.

“Remember the formula: Responsibility=Consequences. You have a populace not taking responsibility (for democracy) and the consequence is what you have.

“The breakdown has reached its bottom. There is an awakening as a result of hitting bottom and the ascension from the descension begins. The women of this nation and the world will be the force to balance the masculine energy—not to eliminate it or to subjugate it, as they have been, but to balance it. That balance will allow the protection of the continued installation of democracy.”

St Germain said signs of the awakening were the heavy turnout of women and minority voters in the November elections, the increase in the number of women and minorities running for office and the increasing willingness of women to break their silence to challenge sexual abuse.

Since November these trends have clearly gotten stronger. A record number of female candidates are running for office in this year’s elections and a “cathartic revolt” seems to be underway by women in many industries against the abuses of power they have experienced from their male bosses and colleagues and in the culture generally.

Is this the beginning of the restoration of the balance between the masculine and feminine energies predicted by St Germain and the reinvigoration of democracy he says will come with it? I believe it is.

One thing seems clear: the momentum is building.

Monday, January 15, 2018


Joel's Journal
by Joel Anastasi

Martin Luther King was a modern day prophet whose mission was to remind today’s citizens of the principles of democracy at the heart of our Founding Papers, including the Declaration of Independence which contains one of the greatest proclamations of human rights ever written:

“We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

St. Germain, channeled by Phillip Collins, spoke with me on Dr. King’s birthday’s January 16, 2017.

Here are some quotations about Dr. King from the great Ascended Master, St. Germain:

The divine soul who you celebrate today, Martin Luther King, is a modern day prophet who was sent to you to reiterate the Founding Father’s papers of the United States, which at this time are the Divided States in order to have a new messenger coming within your black American culture to reiterate the founding principles of the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and many of the documents that the higher realms and I, St. Germain, dictated to your Founding Fathers.

We ask that you look at this individual as a modern day prophet of the foundation of your country, of the reason that this nation exists, that you set yourself free from yourself. You are beginning to create a nationless world which reflects your eternal formlessness which is your true immortal state of being.

Listen to his words. You will see that they are Higher Realm inspired, that he has been affected, motivated and inspired by a force greater than his blackness, greater than his being an African American preacher. He was able to stand before the people of his nation and in the cloak of the black preacher to transcend all of that in order for humanity to begin to see the oneness in all of you.

He created a fearlessness through the love that he received from We of the higher realms. And through that love, which surrounded his relationship with self, he knew he had a mission that was worth dying for. When he spoke about going to the mountain top, that was referring to the higher realms from whence he received his inspiration.  He mentioned that many, many times. He was a very young man, not unlike your Jesus Christ, who came with an inspiration who incarnated upon his baptism The Christ Consciousness energy. We and the ascended mastership realms were infused within this divine being called Martin Luther King. 

MLK DAY 2018

MLK DAY 2018
On this day let us remember another messenger who came to us to remind us only with equality, harmony and balance for all can we evolve and advance as a human species For we are each other in disguise awakening to this oneness truth..

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Archangel Michael Speaks: Beingness Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano


Being who you are is a high vibrational energetic state.  It has nothing to do with the human constraints of the physical body but the high vibration energetic aspects within you in your heart.  
The old manual of life tells you that you must do, and follow the old pathway that is made up of old dense vibrational energy and coalesce to what is transpiring in the third dimensional realm.   
The beingness of you is being in a new high vibrational energetic state and a new level of consciousness.  This is the consciousness of your greatness and powerfulness, and your individuality, that comes from love within your heart. 
By moving into your beingness you will begin to release an old linear way of being in the third dimensional realm. You will release the need to constantly do, and move into the intuition in the depth of your heart space. This will raise your level of resonance and vibration and lead you to a place of all inclusiveness. 
Understand that you will always be doing, but through the high vibration of being who you are and remaining in your truth, you will move to a new level of powerfulness and greatness.  It will not be habitual.
There are those who move to this high vibrational place, yet when they move out into the world the importance is placed on rising to a level of success in the third dimension. This emanates from herd consciousness.  
It is now about standing in the beingess of you energetically, and move to a higher vibrational level of it.  Doing so will allow you to contain your energy in the third dimensional realm and not be of that realm.  As you continue to look at what is transpiring in the world outside of you, it is important to be in the higher power energetically of who you are.
As you stand in the knowingness of you and the powerfulness of that, you can then connect in community, harmony and equality with others energetically at a higher vibration.
Loving, peaceful consciousness is rising within many and some are beginning to embody it. There is a power when embodying this consciousness.  By simply “being”

in this high energetic state and the truth of it you can affect and shift the consciousness of others outside of you. 

To learn more about Jeff Fasano and Teachings of Michael please visit his website: