Sunday, June 9, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled By Jeff Fasano
A Message for June 2019

A Period of Celebration
Movement to the Light

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as you are opening up to various aspects of your life.  Many are shifting from a life long darkness, a life long place of ineptitude, a life long place in the shadow and beginning to open and see the light. In many ways moving to the full enlightenment of who they are. Seeing their potential, their talents and gifts and who they truly are being in this lifetime.  Many as We speak to you now, are remembering and rediscovering who they are, their talents and gifts and their purpose in this lifetime. This is becoming defined for many.

As you move into the month of June, signaling the end of a three month period of enlightenment and entrainment, many are moving from a shadow, a prolonged shadow, a life long shadow. What me mean by this is, many are diving into the depth and breadth of their heart space to fully see their conditioning, the root of their wounds, the root of the modeling from mom and dad. They are realizing how deeply they moved into that modeling to see how they are modeling the modeling. They are seeing how they are perpetrating in their life the modeling they learned from mom and dad. Many are realizing the life they have been leading based on this. Many are realizing how they have been stuck in their story and ready to move to a transformation into the new.  

It is most important to know that this does not happen like magic. 

Many have been moving through life in a deep personal process to fully understand all of this and open up to the depth and breadth of their heart space. This is now happening. Many are moving into the depth of their heart and beginning to live from this place, and the depth of love, in the realization of their truth and who they are. They are finding that they do matter and what they need to express does matter. Understanding that their talents and gifts are purposeful. Finding that they do make a difference in this lifetime and seeing where they have made a difference. 

You are moving into your month of June and many are being enlightened, and awakening to who they are in the depth and breadth of their essence. Many are looking at their life and saying; “This is what I perpetrated for so long. These are the relationships I have formed based upon the conditioning and the modeling.” Upon seeing this, they are beginning to move to a place of joyusness and fulfilment in their life, fully taking charge of their life and saying, “This is what I want and I am going to create this”.  For many this is what is transpiring as you move into the month of June.  

Many are moving into a powerfulness and greatness you have never known. This is what will be shifting in the macrocosm in the world outside of you as well. As many begin to discover this within them, seeing their power that is based in the depth of their heart space in love, they can engage in their soul’s divine plan and fully be conscious within it. This includes letting go of attachments and attchaments to the outside world. Letting go in many ways, of everything. Releasing and letting go and moving into the depth and breadth of the powerfulness that is you.  

For all of you are are moving to this enlightened period of who you are. The enlightement of seeing how you have perpetrated old habits, patterns and behaviors from your models, We have questions.  Where are you now, what do you want and what is most important for you?  See this in your realtionship with you and your realtionship with the world outside of you. 

You are moving to a great awakening in the depth of your heart as to who you truly are and based on this seeing why you are here. Seeing why you are here personally and why you are here in realtionship to giving in service to the world.

The first and most important step is to engage and celebrate your enlightenment. Being to celebrate the enlightenment of you. It is time to “lighten up”. Move to a place of celebration within you, a place where you are in celebration of who you are. In doing this you will raise your resonance and vibration. 

For those who are waking up from a life long slumber of living in the shadow, in the darkness, you are seeing that there is goodness in your life. Seeing that there is abundance as well as the abundance of is in your life. It is about moving out of that shadow, perhaps the shadow you have cast on many realtionships and seeing the abundance of you.  See the abundance in your life, the abundance you have created and the abundance of where you are. 

You are moving into the month of June into a period of enlightement, the enlightenment of you. It is a period of celebration, a celebration of you. Celebrating you just may be a new comcept for many?  Celebrate you, enjoy you, honor you, value you, in the truth of what this means to you. 

As you move into your month of June, you a moving into a period of light. Many are now moving to the light, seeing the light. As you see the light and allow it to encompass you, enfold you, there will be those coming to you that will mirror the old aspects of you. You will see this and can elighten them to see where they are stuck in their story as they move in their story of suffering through life. They continue to look at the darkside and the downside of life. They continue to look outside of themselves and complain about what is transpiring in the world as opposed to bringing light to the world. 

What is transpiring in the macrocosm of your life can reflect outside of you in the macrocosm of the world. Where can you shed your light on what is transpiring in the world?  What have you realized from your core wound, conditioning and models that you have awakened from? Look in the mirror, directly into your own eyes, what have you awakened to?  Where is the great awakening within you? As the light is now beaming from you, what can you shine onto the world?  What can you shift and change in the life of others? 

Are you still telling your story? Or have you emerged from your story to realize that you are here and boldly can claim that you are here. That you can boldly stand in your powerfulness and the confidence of that powerfulness. And move to the elements within you of that confidence. Can you stand in the confidence of you? This is a confidence that is based in how deeply you love, honor and value you? This confidence is a confidence in your truth.  It is not the ego “stroking” yourself and telling everyone you are wonderful, and fantastic. Paying lip service to your wound and glossing over your fear and your shame. 

If you have moved to this place of awakening and elightenment, the enlightenment and awakening is to how deeply you have judged and shamed yourself. Thus, judging and shaming everyone and everything outside of you. Judging yourself so deeply that it has paralyzed you and you became stuck in your story, in the old behaviors and conditioning. Many now are realizing this and emerging from it so they can move to a new practice.  

As you move into a new month, We suggest to you to move into a new practice. What may that new practice be for you?  Is it a practice of celebrating you? Is it a practice of praising you? As you move into the month of June, simply take the next seven days and praise yourself each day.  It is about moving into the awakening and elightenment of you. You are worth it Dear Ones. 

It is time now to shift and change yourself and your life according to this awakening. Quite possibly shifting and changing your realtionships. As you move into this deep awakening of you, your old habits and behaviors, your old story, your modeling and conditioning, you now can form a new practice. A new practice of praise. A new practice of enlightening others to see where they are walking through the shadow as you see it more clearly now. Perhaps you are becoming more sensitive and empathetic to those are walking about in the shadow, a constant shadow.  It is a perpetual shadow with the need to constantly tell their story of suffering. Has this been you? You now have begun to realize that you have become accutely aware and conscious of this behavior within you.  And realize that it is time to shift and change your resonance along with the awakening. 

This is a great awakening for many. They now can shift and change to who they truly are. And know they are truly loved, and valued for who they are. And now that your talents, gifts and abilities are important to the world.

You are important. You have a voice in this crucial time on your earhtly plain.  That voice is you.               

Sunday, June 2, 2019



Connecting directly with the higher realms we answer:
(1) When did the world begin?
(2) Why was our world created?
(3) Who are we within in all?

Sunday, May 26, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Are You Stuck in Your Story?

Many sink or indulge into the drama and feelings of what is transpiring in their life and then get stuck in their story. 

If you find yourself in this place, simply acknowledge this is where you are and then move to acceptance and compassion for you. Allow yourself to feel your feelings and nurture where you are. Be aware if you are judging and shaming you. 

The next step is to “arrest” the patterns and behaviors as to where you are and how much you focus on your story and the “suffering” you are experiencing. You can do this by becoming aware of what you are doing and use your many tools that help “arrest” the pattern and behavior in the moment.  Simply be aware of what is transpiring and ask yourself. Where am I right now? What am I feeling and what do I need? 

Pain is the resistance to feelings and suffering is the story or the drama. 

Many move into a “blindspot” and lose themselves in their story and drama. They forget they have tools and resources to help them arrest the behavior that will help them shift their focus not from themselves but from the drama and story.  You can reach out to those whom you honor and value and ask for guidance and support. It is important that you are available to see the reflection when they hold up the mirror to you. 

Your story can be your comfort zone. It is what you know and though you may say you want something different, you are comfortable where you are. Perhaps you are frightened of the unknown and releasing your story will force you to face the unknown. 

The key to all of this is to ask yourself, What do I truly want? 
If you answer that question honestly with yourself, you just might realize that where you are is not what you say you want. But a place you know and where you are comfortable.   



While honoring those you have served, we are mastering the lesson ‘war does not work.’ This new book is the greatest gift I can give to them and our Nation:

Saturday, May 25, 2019



By Phillip Elton Collins 

Long before we were human, husband or father or friend we were eternal brotherhood spirits within the mist of eternity. Then our consciousness began to coagulate to once again become human.
We were and are two different spirits who were choosing to incarnate in unity on this Earth within the mystical geo-region of southern Georgia. We had birthed together before. This time we were selecting a vibrant and beautiful feminine- mother energy named Joyce Roslyn and her masculine-energy mate Robert Eldridge, as father.
We knew we belonged to each other as unified diversified expressions of being human. One the physical expression, the other the mental. He would climb the kitchen cabinets for the cookies and I would explain language. Together we could and would complete a whole, while separate we would always be somewhat incomplete. Thus, the reason for the choice we made to be born at the same time.
On the outside we appeared very different: one the expression of our native American heritage, the other reflecting the European Irish. But within, the energetic inside things were vastly different. We were eternally united
As we grew, we were taught to be fearful of our needed unity and sought ways to separate. Prevailing culture and mores of the time said it was unhealthy to be so close. Then we began to activate all the ways we could be different, knowing inside we were diversified expressions of one another.
Because of our unconditional, eternal love we fully accepted each other’s developed differences and celebrated them in one another, being secure in who we each were.
To fully express our diversity, we physically went our separate ways. I out into the world and he staying closer to the portal of our home and parents. Twin brother, William Ogden needed the bonds and boundaries of our earthly home and I, Phillip Elton needed to break free, to be me. But in our hearts, we knew we were never separated. For you cannot separate spirit.
We went on to fully express the myriad of ways in being human, being a human being. He became husband and father in a more traditional way and I chose ‘two-spirited’ expressions of love. But love is love no matter how we choose to express it. In the end, the differences of expressing love only matter in matter, not spirit.
 About twenty minutes before I received a phone call from Mom saying my soul-mate had been killed in an accident in the bayous of Louisiana, I woke up and realized my twin brother’s soul had escaped this early plane. Then the phone rang verifying what I already knew. Mother had sent older brother Bob to identify the body. She just could not do it.
The nation was celebrating a special fourth of July. New York City (where I lived) harbor was filled with tall ships, the country was alive with joy. While my heart, my parents, his wife and two young children were consumed with a reality to hard to fathom.  Had this man who was truly larger than life actually left this life?
When I arrived home at Tampa Bay, my usually youthful mother appeared old and bewildered Dad was in shock since he and twin brother were together on a business trip when ‘the accident’ happened. Words only go in the way. There were only raw emotions.
Upstairs in Mom and Dad’s bedroom in Culbreath Bayou Tampa, we gathered as a fragmented family and explained to brother’s young son and younger daughter their Dad had died. My father was the same age as brother’s son when he lost his Dad. The similarity was stinging.
We all attempted to rest that night knowing the future activities would be challenging, at best. I awoke early the next morning and went into Mom and Dad’s bedroom. Dad was downstairs making breakfast and Mom was glowing sitting by her dressing table. Her and youth and beauty had returned. I knew something magical had transpired. “Bill came to be last night as clear as you are here and told me he was ok and for all of us to care for one another,” she smiled. This would be the first of three ‘visits’ from brother Bill reassuring us he was where he needed to be and to care for one another. The other two ‘visits’ were in New York City, one in private and the final third while I was lunching behind St. Patrick’s Cathedral with client who witnessed the event. 

Reassured by her son’s spiritual visit, Mom wore a bright yellow suit to the service. We as a family went through the mechanics of an American funeral. Mom, Dad and I did not wish to see brother lifeless. But my partner at the time, Tony sat with brother’s wife Babs at the funeral home for all the time she needed.  He was the first in our high school class to die so young. I lost count of the hundreds of cars in the funeral procession or the volumes of flowers upon the grave.
In the truck of Mom’s car my older brother had put the clothes and glasses and personal effects my twin wore during his accident. I held these and for the first time cried. Years later I would give the glasses and accident report to twin brother’s children.
Leaving to return to my life and career in New York City was even more difficult than the first time I left home. Words only got in the way.
My first week at home I developed what appeared to be an acute flu. It felt like the life force was withdrawing from my body. My temperate hit 103 degrees as I laid lifeless in bed wondering if I was to join my twin. I refused medical help. I was ready to leave and rejoin the eternal journey with my twin. Then I passed out.
While on “the other side” I saw a vision of what my life was to become ( and that it was not my time to leave this world for another. Twin brother reassured me he was alright and pushed me back into this reality. I knew we would reunite later…
I woke up and the fever had broken, weak as a new born, I began to nourish myself and resume my soul plan, my purpose in being here…
Long before he was husband, father and friend he was (is) my eternal twin brother and forever will be.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019


By Phillip Elton Collins 


By Phillip Elton Collins, Channel of Higher Realms 

 IT IS TIME TO KNOW WE CAN DIRECTLY approach the higher realms (spiritual) world fully awake and conscious. Most people only know consciousness in what they can see and feel. But the ‘new normal’ direct  approach to spiritual knowledge is upon us now. This is our destiny that will set us free from our duality and separation and create the lives and world we say we want.

Monday, May 13, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Surrendering to Your Divine Soul Plan

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you are now moving into new parameters of your life.  New doorways are opening for you and you are walking through them and you are bringing the old to an end. You may be moving through the shadow aspects of your life and in them receiving revelations. You now may be realizing that the light is shining down upon you. Many of you are beginning to realize your full potential in your divine plan. And many are moving through great shifts and changes. It is as if the light bulb has been lit above your head and you have realized why you have come here.  You may now be transitioning and moving into developing aspects of your self and creating a new life. 

All in all, many of you are now beginning to surrender. And We come to you now to speak to you about surrendering.  Surrendering to where you are now in your life, where you are moving to and seeing where you may still be fighting and resisting what is transpiring in your life.  Perhaps you are looking at where you should be and what you think should be happening. This thinking is related to the third dimensional paradigm as opposed to your soul’s divine plan. 

It is about moving from the outer, the third dimension, to the inner where you are connected in your heart space to your soul’s divine plan. Many get caught up in the Third Dimensional Paradigm thinking about what you should be doing and why you think you should be doing it. This is based upon third dimensional rules and regulations. You can shift this and live now through the parameters of your soul’s divine plan that is based upon your passion and your mission and purpose in the lifetime. 

By surrendering to what is transpiring in your life right now and realize your attachments to the third dimensional realm, see your old belief systems and conditioning based in the third dimension, you can begin to shift and change and realize your meaning, value and purpose.

The Divine Soul Plan Paradigm is completely different from the Third Dimensional Paradigm. That paradigm is based for many in struggling to survive life. Creating a life that is based upon what you have been conditioned to live or what you were told life should be.  Perhaps seeking gratification and validation outside of your self. 

If you are on the pathway of self-mastery and moving within to the depth and breadth of your heart, shifting your perspective from outside of you to the inner aspects of you, this is the pathway to connect to your soul’s divine plan. By connecting to your heart and moving into the knowingness of who you are you will see that your destiny in this lifetime is world service. Being of service to those outside of you and supporting, guiding and helping others.

Most important though is connecting to the passion within you, the shining bright light inside of you and what brings you joy.

When you look outside of you at the old third dimensional paradigm does it bring you joy? 
What brings you the greatest amount of joy? 
Are you trying to keep up with what is transpiring in the third dimensional realm?
Is what is transpiring in the third dimensional realm important for you?
Is it important for you to connect to your soul’s divine plan and living your soul’s divine plan through your passion that brings you the greatest amount of joy?

If in fact you have chosen to walk the pathway as the wayshower and light worker, it is about utilizing your talents and gifts to express who you are out in the world. And to support, guide and assist others to raise their level of resonance and vibration.   The only way this can be accomplished is through joy. 

Thus it is about connecting to the depth and breadth of your heart space and releasing the layers of wounding from around your heart. Ask now, What brings me the greatest amount of joy? 

If you are toiling in your third dimensional life right now and life may seem like a life of drudgery, is this joy?  
Are you still struggling to survive life? 
Are you in relationships that lower your resonance and vibration? 
Do your relationships support your highest good?
What is your highest good? 

Many of you are moving through a transition period, perhaps moving to see the light within that will allow you to surrender to your soul’s divine plan. This will allow you to be who you are in the world knowing that you are loved for who you are. This is a love many of you are seeking. Many of you are chasing after love to bring you love. 

It is time to see if you are looking outside of you and living your life outside of you. Looking  outside of you at the third dimension and through the conditioning thinking about what you are supposed to be doing and what you should be doing in it. Thinking about what you should attain, quite possibly great wealth to become something you should be so you will be loved.   

Dear Ones, you are loved for who you are. Do you know who you are? 
Do you love, honor and value you so you can begin to make conscious choices for your highest good that will allow you to flourish and bring your talents and gifts to the world? So you can fully express the depth and breadth of the being-ness of you. 

Thursday, May 9, 2019



By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network 

In the end, spiritual truth is an essential aspect of the healing for the maladies of disillusionment and discouragement of unhappiness, inequality, lack of harmony and balance in our world.
So why don’t more people accept this truth?
Many still believe that the total human condition/experience is mainly the product of physical environment and heredity. Right now, humanity is waking up to the reality, transcending religion into metaphysics
, moving beyond the ego’s ignorance, that the eternal spiritual aspect of us is the only true tool to our freedom from an unhealed self and a world filled with separation and confrontation.
Those who do not understand nor accept the above continue to ridicule or look with indifference at the current attempts to reawaken the intuitive divine sense within us all. These people have become so absorbed in earthly business that they have forgotten that this life is a trans-earthly one.
It is time if we so choose to realize the utter failure of modern times to keep the peace or create a world of equality, harmony and balance. Unguided by higher realm wisdom, we continue to make a majestic mess of things. Most religions are not fully applying the spiritual truths at their foundations; thus, a new spiritual urge has awakened to lend to us the wisdom and tools we need to. apply in our personal lives and world events.
Holding the unseen realities of existence at bay and continuing to teach and believe that only material matters mattered has kept the number of people accepting spiritual truth/history to limited groups (even today). But this has been the reality throughout much of human history. All the great spiritual teachers have had a small following during their time which grew later. Our evolution as a human species can seem slow in Earth time but not in Cosmic time where there is only the now moment.
Most world leaders concentrate their energy and time on political chaos, military and economic dramas, ignoring higher principles and neglecting to seek divine assistance to facilitate the needs of the people.  They are fixated on attempting to control what they did not create with little consciousness or compassion and feeling for others.
Spiritual truth, in the end is an essential part of the cure that ails us. This truth has been overlooked because its appeal ultimately rests upon intuitive acceptance felt deep within our hearts (requiring thinking with our hearts). The acceptance must be found in our hearts where our soul dwells. It is here within us our ultimate awakening is assured.  How and when we get there is up to us through our free will and choice.
If there were no divine soul within us it would be challenging to know the meaning, value and purpose of life. That inner essence promotes self-empowerment and the need to love and be loved.  Even the worst amongst us has this divine spark within us whether we access it or not.
 The function of spiritual wisdom is four-fold: (1)  to know there is a higher power, to sustain and use it, (2) to directly connect with this spiritual power and to hold it sacred, (3) to assist in making us more loving human beings, to uplift civilization, and (4) to relieve pain so it does not become long term suffering.
In reality, no one is really emotionally, and mentally healthy who is physically robust but spiritually stubborn.  When spirituality and moral-efforts vanish, our cultures collapse even though our techno innovations multiply. As we are now experiencing there is no real peace and no lasting harmony is possible.
The effects of disbelief in the existence of a divine power show themselves in many different ways, the worst being brutality, selfishness and falsehood becoming acceptable. Humanity is currently paying a heavy price for such one-sided development of our own thinking creating our reality.
The reality is that divine spiritual access is as available today as yesterday and free to everyone who chooses, no particular race, culture or nation holds sole possession.  Our higher selves will reveal its presence to all alike.
Most of the world’s negativity arises out of our tragic ignorance and not an innate badass gene. This ignorance arises out of our habitual identification of self with the physical body alone, utterly ignoring our larger, eternal divine side.  This separation between our consciousness and ego and soul has proven to be a fatal one. It is the root of all our separation, duality and confrontation.
To counter this ignorance and gradually remove it there are messengers and teachers chosen by higher realms to enlighten humanity. Our many books and the fifth dimensional teachings of my colleagues and I through The Angel News Network is one such endeavor amongst many worldwide.  Left to ourselves without the guidance of spiritual instructors and divine awakeners, humanity would lie in ignorance and impede our ascension progress into our destined higher realm reality.
We who have chosen and been chosen to be channels and messengers of the higher realms receive and give in equal balance trans-human cyphers put into modern verbal and written language. We are in effect spiritual warriors creating parallel paths beyond the negative forces impeding our advancement.
We channels and messengers often see that our counsel is rejected by many except a few but this does not stop us for expressing what we receive in many forthright ways.  We know our expressions have more than a personal value, meaning and purpose. Our work may be ushered in rather quietly at first, it may even escape notice for a time but the energetic fortitude of our work transcends the physical. We in human flesh are moving the often-spiritual inertia of humanity, even though slightly at first. Those ready to receive what we receive from higher realms respond in self-empowered ways and those trapped in the matters of the mind may be barely touched and need another life time to advance. What do you choose?

Tuesday, May 7, 2019



No matter how things appear in our lives and the world at present It is the destiny of all of us to move from darkness into light, from ignorance into applied knowledge (wisdom), from badass into goodness, from helplessness into self-empowerment and above all, to transmute unconsciousness into rational loving humanity and thus advance into intuitive spirituality; our eternal state of being!