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MAN POWER GOD POWER: What Has Love Got To Do With It by Phillip Elton Collins

"There is only One Law of Life,
and that is Love."

Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages

What Has Love Got to Do with It?
Inspired by Archangels Gabriel, Michael and St. Germain 

Love is one of the most used words and supposedly experienced emotions in human existence. Do we really know or understand what love is? Do we know the true purpose of love? What is the understanding of love beyond what we think we feel or have experienced? Through the connection and support of higher realms beyond humanity let us see if we can gain a new insight and truth about this thing called love. “ Love is a force, a force of God, a force of creation, a force of being. Therefore, learning to love means learning to awaken, realize, accept, express, and experience in the fullest way possible the experience, expression and potential of your being as an individual. That is the divine plan embodies. That is the force of love embodies. That is the soul awakened. So your purpose in the divine plan is to learn to love, “ Archangel Gabriel.

The energy/vibration that is love is the manifesting power within creation, the building block, the power behind and within ALL THERE IS. It is almost impossible for the human mind to comprehend this thing called true love or to know exactly what it means. The human experience of love is a mere reflection/shadow of the true essence of love. The mystery of love is an essential part of its power and glory. True love is the attraction of the magnification of the eternal divine wisdom and God Power of Creator/Source or whatever you chose to call the most loving and powerful force in the many universes. Since we are all unique, perhaps our definition and experience of the most extraordinary force in the universe is meant to be unique to each one. True love always understands, yet not necessarily is always understood nor needs to be. 

But let’s see what we can piece together about love. The ascended masters who once were human and walked our Earth and experienced love in a similar fashion as we human mortals may give us some clues. Their Law of Oneness and Unity seems to be an offspring of love. “Love one another as you love yourself,” is the blueprint of knowing who we are and why we are here. “ Love one another as you love yourself. Imagine God saying to itself love one another as you love yourself. God would be speaking to all parts of itself that are in fragmented experiential array in the universe, “ Archangel Gabriel. But we still appear to learn “what is” through “what is not,” most often. 

“God brings together the fusion of the Consciousness of God in physical form. No more duality, instead there is oneness, unity, wholeness, completeness, merging, connecting, “Archangel Gabriel. The separations of alpha and omega, light and dark, masculine and feminine, right and wrong can only become one, whole and healed by healing our illusions through love of self and others. 

Love is composed of itself, wisdom and power in order to create the Oneness. But its wholeness can never be divided by its parts. For the foundation of reality is WE ARE ONE. Humanity has chosen to experience the separate parts of oneness and divide them but that has never been truth. This is our not- so- simple way we have chosen to learn what we need to learn. The separating is now coming back together in oneness…duality is in the process of ending. 

Love is accepting through understanding (compassion) that allows forgiveness, which frees the one forgiving. We need forgiveness since humanity has the capacity to be other than love. This capacity is the reason for human life’s drama (the divine can never be so). Divine love unlike human love is not giving to get, but simply giving with no expectation. The substance of divine love is the power within creation, as well as the sustenance of such creation. Without faith and trust that love actually exists it is impossible for us to know that it exists. At present, human love is an aspect of divine love not the whole yet…but we are working on it…

“The core of what love is, is the expression of your being, the revelation of your being, showing and sharing all of who you are with life, with the world, every other human being, with one individual being. All of that is love." - Archangel Gabriel.

The quest for the true meaning of love is often found with so called metaphysicians and spiritual seekers. They hunger for mastery of self and the universe, while not satisfying the “grand requirement” to honor before all else a meaningful and committed love toward God that created them, and self and others (selfish love is not self-love). True self-love is the foundation of all other relationships. You cannot love another without loving you first. This has kept humanity in separation and duality, and has been the downfall of all past Golden Ages. The applied requirement is the pathway to the final Golden Age. True Love is the God Power of the universe. 

There are many types of feelings and emotions, which we call love but in truth are not. Love is neither an emotion nor a feeling but an action of God Power manifesting. Love is penetrating and forever expansive and growing and enfolding and transforming, and transmuting. Love is all the Beingness of God combined with many mysteries that humanity is not yet ready to neither understand nor receive. Love is the foundation of life, and you refined and defined. True love is changeless and always. It is the one element in the universe into which all others meet. Love is the highest expression of you and God in and beyond time and distance. True love is a natural expression of you and God Power, while most human love is an aspect of truth aspiring to be true. True love is filled with an “attitude of gratitude” that becomes a magnet for love radiating out all around you. True love is God Power beating your heart and being manifestation at the same time. 

One day soon our scientist will develop “love instruments” that will be able to measure the love energies that radiate out, but they will never be able to measure the all-encompassing God Power of true divine love. Only you and God can do that as Man Power becomes God Power…

“The most critical thing is to become still within, to still the mind, to still the feelings, so that you can begin to experience the guidance. So you can begin to notice how your soul through love is guiding you this way or that way…how it is connecting you with this person or that group or situation. What is it teaching you? What learning experience is it introducing you to? How to love, “ Archangel Gabriel.

Love is God being YOU.




Lemurian Council Message #12:


You have all heard much about love throughout the ages. That it is the building block of all creation: that love is the only real emotion and every other emotion is the absence of it, etc.

Since we Lemurians were connected to one another and the universe in a fundamental way, we had/have another level of experience within love. It was/is without resistance of any kind and a natural part of our being. Loving one another was/is the same as loving self since we know we are all one. You are still discovering/remembering this, Dear Ones. Once you assimilate this truth, your entire world will shift...

Our love was/is what you would call unconditional love (I see the god force within you that you see in me). It was not based upon loneliness, need, nor control. It was/is based upon “we consciousness” unity—something else you are in the process of learning. 

We were/are openly affectionate with one another with no signs of taught shame or blame—sort of like you hippie lovers of the 1960s. In fact that ‘movement’ was a reconnection with our love. As then, our cultural, personal, and sexual relationships would appear very open and liberal to your taught ideas about intimacy now. We had/have not religions or government barriers to our loving: it was divinely heartfelt. Even the Atlanteans were not understanding of our relationship with love. 

There was no separation, duality, nor confrontation between male, female, racial, homosexual, or otherwise. This is something else you are learning not to be. Since love was an expression of our united divinity, it was/is embraced by all. 

Since we did not kill one another or other living beings on the planet and remained connected to Creation, our lives were/are filled with trust and joy. In your future the need to kill will vanish in a flash of light. 

Someday soon you will rediscover your divine love aspect of yourselves and know you are divine, loving beings of god, and any reflection of that is perfect. 

- Phillip Elton Collins, with The Lemurian Council of 12.


Love is the greatest attribute of Source/God; reflection of my higher self. It is the mirror of the Christ Consciousness within me. Love is the most powerful thing in the world; it is the greatest healing force; love never fails to meet every demand of my human heart. When I am Love, it eliminates every sadness, every illness, every lack and limitation I have.
Love is Source/God eternal, limitless, changeless going beyond all vision into eternity/infinity…
Love is the Christ Consciousness within me and the soul of humanity; love has no concern for the follies of humankind. Love is universal; it is all that there is.
Love is the ripened fruit of Spirit; it is the pulse of the world; THE HEART BEAT OF THE UNIVERSE; it is creation itself.
When I love I release Source’s unlimited abundance. Love is giving and receiving in perfect balance, with no thought of receiving when I give but allowing a balance of both.
For me, love is Source/God being present in consciousness; love is to contact my higher self, my God-self. Love is being one with life. When I am loving, I am a child of a loving God.
Love reminds me/teaches me that all human made limitations can be overcome by ascending my consciousness to a higher frequency where lack and limitation do not exist: when my consciousness is love, I can release myself from 3D existence and ascend to a higher existence.
Through love I am surrendering to world service, the real work of Source/God: this is being achieved through the application of the five agreements and the six sacred messages.
Love allows me to know we are all one, expressions of divinity, and all from the same source of God’s love. Through love I know Source/God will express perfectly through me the highest self/ideal.
Since Source/God is love and everything, when I breathe, I breathe God and everything else within me. And through breath, sound and motion I am that I am.
Through love I can unfold the fullness of my power and know who I am and why I am here by knowing my talents, gifts and giving them through world service. LOVE MAKES MY DIVINE SOUL PLAN BECOME REAL.  World service gives meaning, value and purpose in my life and releases love in life.
As we have been taught: how can love be expressed unless it flows through me expressing love?  When love flows through my consciousness, my emotional, mental and physical bodies love every aspect with the love it expresses. Then all my bodies become in equality, harmony and balance; my soul becomes radiant, my mind enlightened, my words impeccable and all things assume their true position/expression of love. Then I AM is expressed through me into the WE, and the me is no longer allowed to suppress the loving WE, the I AM.
It is my love that is opening the unlimited manifestations of Source/God to myself and all.
Love, Phillip Elton Collins.

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