Tuesday, January 2, 2018



 Adama, The Father of Humanity, Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Dear Brethren of The Angel News Network, and all who resonant with this endeavor,
This is your Father Adama coming to you at the crucial time of awakening and further activation and completion of that which began so long ago. Do you remember? Our beloved Lord Michael has recently reminded you of this truth.  Lord Michael, St Germain and myself are presently working in concert to assist your personal and collective processes. As you are becoming a unified field, so are we.
 Long ago we hid three Lemurian Scrolls which we were not able to fully assimilate (due to our unconsciousness)  in the past so that they could be activated and completed at this present time through the current, empowering ascension energy of the planet affecting and transmuting through humanity.
The two sacred journey’s that you were called upon  and chose to facilitated on our ancient home (continuing to act as proxies) of Mt Shasta were very much involved with the possible activation/completion of these scrolls through joining the energies above and below at the Lemurian portal that you opened on the mountain. The portal was closed upon your completed work and is now being reopened (having received higher realm dispensation) for the scroll’s activation.
 Now the timing of the activation of these three scrolls will be in tandem with your 2018 calendar reflected in this message:
YEAR 2018
The complete Archangelic Higher realm complement of Uriel, Michael, Gabriel & Raphael has now proclaimed the year 2018 (2+0+1+8= 11), the year of “ELEVEN”, revealing the time for you to re-connect with your higher selves and the higher realms ( 5D and beyond) allowing the grand reunion with ALL THERE IS. This will create an energetic unified field of ONENESS, if you so choose.
Also, remember 11=1+1=2, TWO meaning the integration of you being the Creator creating all the time. This is how powerful you have always been and are.
You are reminded your personal relationship with self- and evolution processes are one of inside out, not outside in. So no matter what is happening in your personal life and world, you can choose the above wisdom and create the life your heart desires.
 As revealed, each quarter of this New Year you will be creating the new you, as you transmute your beingness into doingness, healing all aspects of the past. The three scrolls, as your tools, will be further revealed and activated as they empower your growth and expansion through your application, if you so choose.

Scroll #1 (First Quarter) contains the eternal, unconditional energy of LOVE the building block and foundation of construction (the absence of love is destruction)..Remembers you are students of the LOVER-VERSITY awaiting graduation…

Scroll # 2 (Second Quarter) contains the wisdom of SELF that you are learning to master, creating freedom. Self is how you have chosen to experience 3D reality in being human.

Scroll # 3 (Third Quarter) through applying Love and Self Mastery you are able to manifest ONENESS, the divine destination/mission of your human species and planet.  Embrace that your  planet is the LOVER-VERSITY of creation.

Remember all that you are experiencing now is a clearing and cleansing of you and humanity to arrive and maintain and sustain the empowering elements of the three scrolls.

Beloved Brethren fill your hearts will gratitude (remembering gratitude=abundance) for all you have chosen to receive and give to yourselves and the world at this crucial time. It is time, like never before, if you so choose, to accept and fully receive your divinity and know who you are, The Creator creating all the time. It has never not been this way. You are finally waking up from a long, deep sleep and moving your believing into knowing… Now take this truth further out into the world within communities of love, self-empowerment and oneness, if you so choose…

Your father Adama

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