Tuesday, January 1, 2019



(Inspired from the Higher Realms from whence we came) 

To: The new you in the New Year, 

As our Mother Earth is surely ascending into a higher frequency of existence so are we humans on the surface of her body.  So, within this continuing miraculous process what is instore for we marvelous mortals during 2019?

If we so chose through our free will this can be the year where we balance our relationship with creation (macro) with our Earthly lives within this 3D reality (micro). This awareness can create a ‘cosmic consciousness’ (moving from me to we) that will be fueled by the balance of the masculine (assertive) energy with the feminine energy (receptive/compassionate).   Without the balance of these two universal forces we cannot and will not advance as a human species.

For eons the masculine energy has been trapped into having to be right or attempt to control what it did not create., and the feminine has been subjugated through that behavior. It is time for both male and female to stand in their true equal powerfulness allowing humanity to be more assertive with its compassion allowing deeper love of self and one another.

This will allow us to build communities based upon love allowing equality, harmony and balance. We can then stop doing so much in order to prove we are worthy to be loved. And stand in our divine beingness, knowing we came from love and are lovable.

During 2019 many aspects of our old selves will no longer work or be brought forward in our lives. Our further healed relationship with self can and will be reflected in all we choose to be and do.  This new year is seeing ourselves as ripe fruit falling off the tree of life and fully being ready to activate our soul plan (our reason to be here by knowing who we are and why we are here).

Fully loving the unique beingness of each of us,

Phillip Elton Collins
Co-founder, The Angel News Network 

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