Tuesday, January 21, 2020


                                                         A JOLT, A WAKE-UP CALL

 A massive force of etheric energies are coming into our Earthly lives to support the evolution of the planet and we human beings.

For those sensitive to these energies, our lives will be significantly affected.  These energies are actually changing the DNA/molecular configuration of ourselves and the planet as we transcend/ascend into a higher frequency of existence.

These energies will ebb and flow from month to month during 2020, allowing us periods of integration and creating an equilibrium in our bodies.

This jolt, this wake-up call is about our ability to be and receive love, to open our hearts, to think with our hearts, to balance giving and receiving, to create a greater intimacy with one another.  To create lives based upon love allowing equality, harmony and balance.

There may be physical symptoms for some that require lifestyle changes, to create a calmer, more relaxing environment of which to live.

The Archangelic Realm of Michael, from which this message comes, via channel Jeff Fasano of The Angle News Network, ask us to stay the course, to know all is in divine order, to take care of one another and relax as best we can.

After call, we chose to experience all that is happening in order to master ourselves and the task of being human.

We came from love, we are lovable, we are loved, 

Phillip Elton Collins, Co-founder The Angel News Network

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