Tuesday, June 16, 2020



(Edited by Phillip Elton Collins inspired by a recent session with Archangel Michael via trance channel Jeff Fasano, The Angel News Network).

Mid- June, 2020

“What is taking place in our world right now is a revolt, a revolution of the norm, an uprising seeking a deeper truth for the masses of our world, “so explained Archangel Michael.  Knowing the truth will break the illusion of the dense frequency within which we all live and with the enforcement of the truth, a shift in consciousness allowing equality, harmony and balance can take place.

Michael further explained by knowing the truth a higher vibration of ‘soul consciousness’ and collective consciousness can be achieved for the whole of humanity. In fact, we as a human species are evolving into our adulthood no longer needing “mom and dad “and understanding the value of each one of us being here. We are each deciding what resonates and discerns for each of us.

It is a time where many are taking seriously what is true for themselves (in a world where there has not been much truth) and stating the changes needed in government, politics and corporations.  Not necessarily to protest against what is happening but to state and demonstrate what is best for the common good, reflecting the truth of our being into doing.

Many are asking what is important to me and how can I shift the vibration/consciousness by creating a ‘togetherness’, knowing we are diversified versions of one another. Large numbers of people are asking what is my part in the equation of all this in relationship to why they are here.

Michel reminds us we have mastered and learned hate and separation quite well through our inner wounds and ego defenses.  It is time to heal and know our voice matters and to bring our talents and gifts out into the world joining a collective consciousness.

If we continue to oppose the old, we are feeding it energy, Michael further enlightens us. He explains the old world of form has become fearful and threatened by their controlling ways and are holding on for dear life. BUT THE REVOLUTION OF TRUTH IS HAPPENING NOW.

Michael reiterates that each one of us is needed to bring our talents and gifts out into the world: the greatest expression of ourselves.  We are to know we do not need to fight but know our truth and bring the greatest expression of that into the world.

During the recent pandemic we are experiencing a ‘global pause’ and this allows a deeper examination of ourselves and our needs and to know what is important to each one of us. It is a time to know what I am here for rather than what am I against.

We are urged to be consistent and persistent and to never give up in speaking our truth. “Never tire of speaking your truth and the true beingness of you”, Michael concludes.

NOTE; The Angel News Network is dedicated to bringing the messages, teachings and tools of the higher realms to humanity, assisting our evolution into a higher frequency. of existence. www.theangelnewsnetwork.com.




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