Friday, August 30, 2013

JOURNEY OF THE AWAKENED HEART: Being Alone with Jeff Fasano

Jeff Fasano, Trance Channel, Photographer and Author

Being Alone

You are now resonating at a level where you are moving within and beginning to gather your thoughts, feelings, and intentions for yourself. Now, it’s time to fill your “toolbox” and learn how to use those tools. Some of you have already been given many tools. Some are apprentices learning how to handle them. Some are actively searching for tools.

The next tool in your toolbox is your sense of self. You are looking to step out onto the great pathway of the unknown and, as you look at it outside of yourself, you see nothing and this frightens you. Seeing nothing frightens you. It is evident that you cannot control anything outside of you. Seeing nothing on the pathway ahead means your life is simply about you now. You have been used to looking outside of yourself to have your needs met. Now you are looking within. As you are moving into the depth of your heart, you gather everything you know about you and all your energies to this one space.

You have shed layers of wounding. Now, it is as if you have moved into a closet within your heart where you are looking at rubbish. You have identified the old aspects of your life that need to be thrown out. You will keep shedding layers and tossing out the rubbish until all you have left is your truth and your energy.

“Who am I?” you may be asking. “Since I know I can no longer look outside of myself for validation and gratification or for anything, who am I now?”

Looking for a toolbox is to search for what you need to take with you on your journey (other than yourself). You ask, “What can I bring with me?” In your toolbox are the tools you learn in your life about being who you are, and honoring and valuing your wonderful self. When you hit obstacles, these are the tools you will utilize.

You are beginning to release the patterns of isolation, separation, and duality within you. And when you look into the mirror now, you are beginning to enjoy who you see reflected there, as opposed to judging and shaming yourself. You can look into the mirror today and say, “I like this person; there must be something to this process.”

Old judgment and shame falls away as you integrate parts of yourself that you once avoided by honoring, valuing, and loving yourself from the depth of your heart. As you do this, energy emanates from your heart and raises the level of resonance and vibration within you. What comes next from you is a thought, “I would love to meet someone and begin to share this feeling with another soul.” Realize that the person you would like to meet is someone who feels the same as you do. And once the two of you get together, you both will wonder what it would be like to meet another person…and another.

By raising your vibration and level of resonance you attract those who are resonating at the same level. By moving in harmony, peace, and love with the essence of yourself—in congruence with your truth—you connect with a community outside of you.

You are now moving out into the world on a new pathway with a somewhat intact self and looking to give from the depth of your heart, enjoying how wonderful and glorious you are. World service occurs when you begin to look for ways to express yourself and ask, “What can I give?” Understand that this is why you are looking to attract and be with others who are at the same level of resonance as you.