Sunday, September 1, 2013

MAN POWER GOD POWER: Dedication to Robert Baker



Written the day of Robert Baker’s memorial service 
in New York City by Phillip Elton Collins

Dear Robert,

The spiritual and energetic training and personal counseling I received under your master teachership as a trance channel of divine spirits continues to be the foundation of my personal and professional lives.

Because of the Reiki and Light Ascension Therapist training I received from you, I was able to establish a private therapy practice that has continued my growth and expansion within a clinical setting. With you as a role model, I became a channel of spiritual entities from the higher realms and was chosen to lead sacred journeys of my own. Through your inspiration, I became a teacher, founded a metaphysical school, co-founded The Angel News Network and have written three books of my own. I already had a high profile, successful film production career before meeting you, but you allowed me to soar fully into my divine soul plan to contribute to Earth’s Golden Age future.

But the greatest gift to me was the profound love I developed for you, Robert, the man. When I saw you struggling with issues of your own, it was easy to show my unconditional love for you. I am deeply saddened and somewhat angry that we shall no longer have your presence in this dimension. You are one of the most gifted messengers and teachers the world has ever seen. I know you are now with Archangel Gabriel off on some amazing projects. How fortunate I am that our paths were destined to meet. I know they will meet again.

Keep us posted on your continued adventures. This MAN POWER GOD POWER is a small tribute to you from below and above…


Dear Robert,

The spiritual and energetic training and the personal processing that I experienced under your master teacher ship was and continues to be the foundation of all that is transpiring in my life and transforming me now...

From our several years together I went on to develop a successful private practice. You told me it was the most successful practice beyond your own. Through your trance and channeling and that of Jeff Fasano,I began to channel myself. This gift allowed me to connect with Archangel Uriel and Inner Earth realms and many other higher frequencies  which allowed the activation of sacred journeys beyond the  amazing ones I experienced at COL. I began writing books. My COMING HOME TO LEMURIA, AN ASCENSION ADVENTURE STORY, has now been adapted into a stage play and soon screenplay. My SACRED POETRY AND MYSTICAL MESSAGES has been highly praised for being an interactive teaching tool. I founded THE MODERN DAY MYSTERY SCHOOL, all upon what I had learned from you.

Through all this achievement, which you made possible, I developed a profound love for Robert the man. When I saw you were struggling with some issues of your own I put our friendship and my finances on the line out of deep love and gratitude.

I am deeply saddened, and a little angry that the world and myself will no longer have your presence in this dimension. Through my filmmaking career with film directors George Lucas and Ridley Scott and many other gifted individuals, I knew what great talent was. You were definitely one of the most gifted messengers I ever met. How fortunate I was that my destiny was for our paths to meet.

I know you are with Archangel Gabriel now off on some amazing projects. Keep us posted on your adventures through the channel of your choice. Who knows it may be me....?

I Love You Robert,

- Phillip Elton Collins