Sunday, February 16, 2014


Council of Archangelic Realms


Channeled by Phillip Collins, Interviewed/Transcribed by Joel Anastasi


On this day you are remembering the importance of love. You are remembering that the mission of the planet that you have incarnated on multiple times is to learn to love.

We are the Council of the Archangelic Realms coming to you at this time representing many realms of archangelic forces, if you will. Today we shall spearhead, as you might say, the energies of Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel.

Why do we do this, dear one? Why do we focus on the day of the heart on four major archangelic forces and realms and bands of consciousness whose mission, whose responsibility, if you will, is to serve humanity? For the questions that linger in your hearts and minds at this time with the endeavor you call the Angel News Network is to define through your heart spaces what is the connection to these forces, of which we are administrators of, in combination with the mission you call the Angel News Network. Is that not what you’re pondering dear brother and dear ones? Indeed it is.

Through your studies and through the activation of the fragments of each of your soul plans, the brethren of the Angel News Network have connected with various frequencies of the archangelic realms and other higher realms—beyond, beneath, above and below the archangelic realms—within your individual and collective endeavors, have you not, dear ones?

So at this time we would like to assist you in amalgamating and integrating, if you so choose, the missions of each of these particular frequencies—Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel—and how they integrate with individual soul plans and the mission to bring higher realms to humanity, dear ones. For that is what you have chosen, is it not—that you will be the messengers of higher realms in this particular discussion, the frequencies of archangelic energies and teachings to free humanity from yourself.

For that is the task, the mission at hand: Is humanity ready to transcend the density of humanity and transmute humanity into its ascended higher frequency—not to eliminate humanity but simply allow it to go into its true eternal, immortal, if you will, formatting. So as you have experienced directly with these realms and studied on your own, each of these frequencies has a particular mission which you are familiar with and are becoming more familiar with as you integrate and amalgamate and connect with these frequencies as an organic grace and ease process that all of humanity is in the process of achieving, dear ones.

For it is your divine destiny to connect with higher realms to become telepathic, if you will, with us on a new normal basis so that you will become permanently connected to our frequencies and others like us in order to facilitate your final Golden Age on this planet. And why is that, dear ones? As many of you know it is the time for your planet, your home, for mother Earth, Gaia, to return to a being of light. The cosmic cycle is taking place of returning to the energy and the light from which you came. Thus, in turn, as the planet returns to a conscious living being of light, all those elementals—minerals, plants, animals and humanity within and upon the body of light—in order to maintain and sustain existence, will be light as well. Quite simple.

So we realize you have questions about individuated involvements and connections with archangelic frequencies, how that relates to individual soul plans and the collective soul plans of your mission to bring higher realm messages, thus increase the resonance and consciousness of humanity to amalgamate and integrate with the increased vibration and frequency of the planet which has chosen to ascend, transmute, if you will, into light.

We have the capacity at this time to connect with each of the frequencies of Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel whose frequencies are with us now as a Council of Archangelic Realms realizing that your connection and the connection of the channel of whom we come through at this time will be your own unique connection with each one of those frequencies. So we ask you not to compare your connection with anyone else’s connection, realizing that your connection will be in concert with your soul plan and with the soul plan of that particular higher realm. Now, how may we assist you, dear ones?