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ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN! The Five Primary Human Ego Defenses

Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Chapter 16

Five Primary Ego Defenses

From Archangel Gabriel, adapted by Phillip Elton Collins 

When the founders of the Angel News Network were being trained as light ascension therapists through the teachings of Archangel Gabriel, the FIVE PRIMARY EGO DEFENSES were an essential teaching. As healing arts therapists, this important teaching gives insights into the cause and effect of many emotional, mental, or physical imbalances. It explains the how and why of so much of life. This wisdom can and will be a game-changer in our world, and a powerful tool in the activation of your soul plan.

At this crucial time within our planetary and personal evolution into higher consciousness, all past and present lives’ “woundings” are rising up in order to be released, cleared, cleansed, and healed. Wounds from past and present lifetimes often have a great deal of emotions associated with them. In order to heal the wounds and release them, it is necessary to know and feel the emotions inside them. To think we are our wounds has created much of the lack, limitation, and duality/confrontation in our world.

Wounded and defensive little boys and girls with a lot of power are controlling our world. Let us imagine and create a world where our leaders have a self-loving, empowered relationship with self, thus others.

A defense is an unconscious reaction to protect the wound. In effect, the protective defense is an etheric “armoring” around the wound. Until the unconscious becomes conscious, lifetimes of patterns and comfort zones will continue. As quantum physics has proven, the moment the wound and defense are fully seen, they will shift and begin to dissolve into the illusion they are; for we are not our wounds and defenses, but they have controlled us for eons.

In order to break the insane cycle of wounds and defenses, let us now become conscious of them. We each have a primary (monadic) defense leading our lives, but in reality we have aspects of each defense within us. See if you can identify your primary defense. Knowing who we are is essential in freeing ourselves from ourselves. The names of these defenses do not reflect standard psychotherapy definitions, but they expand into metaphysical energetic healing.

The oral defense forms earliest, since the first thing we do is suckle. It defines itself through one who can never be enough, thus the person seldom can be fulfilled. The person has a “vampire” energy, pulling and sucking energy from others. These people appear always busy, never having enough time.

The primary emotion is feeling weak—low self-worth, not good enough. The parental upbringing is often deprivation, not being nurtured, taking care of parents’ needs. The past life issues center on starvation and deprivation. Therefore, this defense is trying to be filled by pulling energy from others, with no boundaries. Their basic need is to integrate fulfilling the self and setting boundaries. The body type is caved in or hunched over slightly, with vacant eyes.

The masochist defense reflects a fear of being controlled (by Mom or Dad) or subjugated by others, and thus the need to flee inside. The essence of the individual is held inside or distorted. These people appear quiet and fearful of being taken over by others. They have a tendency to sink energy within themselves and have difficulty resonating with a distinct moment in time, getting lost.

The primary emotion is humiliation, feeling deprived or lost. The parental upbringing is an overbearing mother consumed with her needs. The past life issues are about being imprisoned or trapped. Therefore, people in this defense will withdraw, and depend on others to tell them what they need or when to act. Their basic need is an ability to express/feel/ achieve individuality and boundaries. The body type is solid, padded, often overweight.

The psychotic defense is a reaction to the feeling of betrayal, with overt aggressive behavior toward others. They need to have an enemy in order to feel superior. A warrior energy is projected through the cause of right and wrong. The basic energy is a pulling and pushing out over the head. There is a tendency to project time into the future, not the now.

The primary emotion is not trusting in order to avoid betrayal. There is a fear of being out of control or unsafe. The parental upbringing is based upon one parent against the other and feeling used by the mother. The past life is all about betrayal. Therefore, there is little trust at present. The basic need is to be able to trust the self, make mistakes, and see others as equal. The body type is a developed upper body and large back.

The schizoid defense is based upon the fear to exist in the physical. There are many past and present life traumas projected into what is perceived to be a threatening world. Therefore, escap- ing the body is a way out of the pain, since it is felt that the body is not a safe place to be. This defense is often seen as multidimensional or having multiple personalities. Many channels and psychics of other frequencies contain aspects of this defense.

The primary emotion is feeling unsafe, a fear of abandonment and separation. The parental upbringing is one of abuse and attack. The past life issues include torture or punishments for beliefs. Thus, they cannot integrate God-self into the physical, with no boundaries. The basic need is integrating being human into spirituality. The body type is slight and weak.

This is one of the last defenses to develop, usually during our early teenage years. This defense is associated with the need to appear perfect in an imperfect world. The individual develops a division between true inner feelings and the outer world. To appear perfect and project that image is vital. Not able to see (blind spot) anything negative with self, pushing and deflecting their energy forward while avoiding true intimacy. Life is filled with an endless succession of empty moments. The primary emotion is emptiness and a fear of making mistakes.

The parental upbringing is relationships with no real connection of feelings. The past life issue is who is in charge with what image; loss of sense of individuality; not in reality, appropriate response for image. The basic need is to realize that the sense of self is on the inside; get off the treadmill to be real. The body type is to look perfect.

By using these defense tools within a therapeutic personal pro- cess, we can free ourselves from ourselves and create a world of equality, harmony, and balance, reflecting the loving relationship with self and our divine soul plan.


*The poems in this book are all from Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages by Phillip Elton Collins. 


If we could only remember,
And understand that Repeated Earth lives
Are an optimistic opportunity
To take ownership, correct and balance
Mistakes of past lives, 
Becoming a true member of life.

Then we just might
Use every experience
To make a legal contract with learning, 

Instead of resisting,
All we create,
Not seeing ourselves as victims, 

Always persisting.

When we finally become conscious, 

Of the purpose of past lives, 
Learning the lessons of each one, 
Then we can leave the Rotating wheel of incarnations, 
Through free will,
And become immortal, at last.