Sunday, March 6, 2016


By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Death is feared.
And yet ever so near.
Let us re-train ourselves
Through another view
And review a new view
Of what we call death.

Death is but an opportunity
For rest and re-attunement,
To free us from the out-of-tunement,
Turmoil and imbalances of being Earth-bound,
Long enough to heal enough
To decide if we want another ride
On the physical side.

Perhaps physical format’s only reason to be
Is for preparing, perfecting our human body
For another toddy, mixing and blending with its
Spiritual body, once again.

Maybe this reunion with spirit
Is the real reason for human experience,
At all.

When a loved one has passed on
They are actually with their higher body consciousness,
Causing celestial bliss.

If we could only remember
Our body is only a wardrobe,
We wear for a moment,
Until we shed it,
To accept a better opportunity to bed,
A fuller moment.

It is the unknowing of these truths
Which hamper humanity and keep
Us in self-created chains of non-clarity.

We get stuck and refuse
To understand the true cycle of life,
Dragging ourselves into stiff with self-pity,
Breaking down our resistance,
Creating more persistence in the resistance,
And what we resist, persists.

It is the lack of knowing our
True spiritual composition
That keeps us in the position
Of lack and limitation.

Let us celebrate and emulate
The fact that we are eternal beings.
Who can never die,
And when we leave these bodies,
Which we have done thousands of times before,
We shall mourn never more,
Knowing we have gloriously returned home,
To decide what our next roam, ride and home,
Shall be.