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Archangel Michael Speaks: A Message for November 2017: Gratitude Leads to Intimacy

Archangel Michael Speaks
A Message for November 2017
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Gratitude Leads to Intimacy

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as many are moving to a heightened sense of awareness on your earthly plain.  This is because many are beginning to love, honor and value themselves.   As you move into your month of November toward the end of your year, many are now loving, honoring and valuing themselves more deeply and moving to a heightened sense of awareness thus beginning to stand up for themselves.  This is the beginning of creating a new collective consciousness of loving, honoring and valuing.  It is transpiring because many are moving into the depth of their truth as We said would transpire in your year of 2017.  Many are moving into the truth of who they are.

What is transpiring in your outer world is triggering many to move into a greater depth of loving, honoring and valuing themselves.  This is leading to a greater depth of knowing themselves and a deepening their sense of self thus growing deeper within.   This all leads to being self-sufficient and self sustaining,  no longer needing to fit in in the world.  This is the realization that you are a self sustaining adult and can deal with the wounds of the child and move through the process diligently and profoundly.

As you move into your month of November you can begin to look at your life with Gratitude.   Look at what has transpired in your life in 2017 and look at what you are grateful for. You are moving into a period of Gratitude and Forgiveness.  It is now important to see your lessons, see where you have grown as it pertains to what has transpired in your life.  As you move through your month of November with gratitude for what is transpiring in your life you can move into a greater depth of loving you. As you move deeper into loving yourself, you can begin to honor the powerfulness of who you are.  This all begins with giving thanks for your soul family and for those who honor, value and love you.   

You quite possibly have relationships in other areas of your life where you may not have been loved, honored and valued. It is important to be aware of this. And now time to open your heart space to see those relationships where you highest good is championed and move in congruence with these wonderful and glorious souls. 
As you look at your relationships to see who fully honors and values you for who you are and begin to move in congruence with them,  this will begin to challenge many as it relates to receiving love and intimacy. 

As you open up your heart you can move away from being on the periphery in relationships. Look as well for those relationships where the reason you are in them is because they give you something or you get something from them. Perhaps not based in love.

It is time to move into your heart space and begin to connect your first chakra with you heart charkra. It is time to bring together the erotic force (the life force, the spiritual force) and the love force (the expression of the truth of your being that comes from the core of you, your soul).  By doing this it will open the depth of intimacy you are having with others.   If it is important for you to create a new collective consciousness of love, peace, community, harmony and equality, it is now incumbent upon each and everyone of you to move into intimacy with yourself and with others.

Look at the relationships you are having with others to see if you are standing at the periphery of these relationships. Standing on the outside and looking in. It is time now to match the erotic force and the love force and bring them together.  It is important to do this so you can open up in your heart space and move into intimacy with others.

How does it make you feel when you look at someone to move into intimacy with them? 
What transpires within you?
Do you create a vail or a mask or a barrier with someone who opens your heart space to love them and they will love you?  

As you move into your month of November look at your relationships and begin to have gratitude for those who do see you, honor you, value you, love you and champion your highest good.  You now can open up to intimacy within your heart with these wonderful and most glorious souls. 

When you do encounter these relationships, what is your reaction?
Do you place a mask around your heart space?
Do you create a barrier between you and them?
What are the feelings that surface?

You are coming to a time on your earthly plain where it is important to love, honor and value you and others.  It is time to see how others love, honor and value you so you can open up to create a sense of love with them. This will lead to a greater sense of community, harmony and equality in these relationships.  You then can move in  collective consciousness with them.

Because of the fears and feelings that come up surrounding intimacy, many have created a wall, a mask or a barrier between yourself and those who love you.  It is now time to move into this, look at it and ask what do I want? Do you want to keep relationships at arms length because it is important for you to avoid the deepest feelings you have surrounding intimacy?  

The process of moving to intimacy begins with gratitude.  Surround yourself with gratitude. Look at those who have gratitude for you for simply being who you are and being in their life.  

It is time to move into the balance of giving and receiving.  Look at your relationships to see where there is a balance of giving and receiving. Look to see where you may be giving yourself away to be loved?   Look to see if these relationships maintain and sustain old behaviors.

As you move to the end of your year of 2017 and moving deeper into the depth of your truth, look to see if your truth right now is to avoid the feelings surrounding intimacy.   


As many are beginning to open their heart space the fight for separation may continue. What is being illustrated for you in the world is the fight for separation and isolation.  Look to see if you are continuing this fight within you. With this fight comes judgment and shame. Many are judging and shaming others. This is a useful tool, or behavior that keeps you in separation and isolation from others.  As opposed to opening your heart to see an other for who they are and loving them for who they are.
If judgment and shame comes up this will allow you to keep others at arms length.
Perhaps saying, they are not this , they are not that, they are doing this, they are doing that.   It is those with whom you have judgment about who just may be those you can open your heart space to.   See where judgment and shame comes into play as opposed to opening your heart space to love, honor and value you, to love, honor and value an other.  

Where are using judgment and shame to avoid love?
Judgment and shame pointed outwardly keeps isolation and separation in place.
Are you using judgment and shame of others to keep isolation and separation in place in your life?  If so this is simply a mirror of what is transpiring within you.
You just may be doing this with those who are more near and dear to you. This just may be a blind spot.

Many look outside of themselves and find those who are unavailable for what they say they want.   They then look at them, those who have their own agenda to love them. 
Many set up the chance with others to love, honor and value them but keep them at arms length to avoid the feelings that are presented when others say, I love you. 

It is time to retrain the nervous system.
The nervous system is used to isolation and separation. It is used to judgment and shame.  Many unknowingly search after what is unavailable to them.  It is time to change these patterns and have what you say you want. Having what you want is dramaless.

There are those who are much closer to you than you think. Yet is with judgment and shame that keeps them at a distance.  Thus avoiding the feelings that surface that relate to intimacy.  How important is it for you to have intimacy in your life? Are you chasing relationships where that is not possible? And keeping at arms length those relationships where it is possible?

Move into your heart space and ask: What do I truly want that is associated with my truth?
Perhaps this is already in your life and you haven’t realized it?
This may be because of the blind spot where you are avoiding the feelings.
 Know that these relationships already exist in your life.  Yet you use judgment and shame to keep it at arms length because of the feelings and fear you have relating to intimacy. 
It is never far away and just might be at your finger tips.

Gratitude leads to intimacy. Look at your relationships and see what you are grateful for in them.  This will shed light on those who do love you for who you are. Those who honor and value you and appreciate you.

The nervous system is always chasing after something to get something.  
If you have what you say you want the nervous system is not triggered by that. The nervous system is triggered by the defense systems. 
For example; what excites me is chasing after what is unavailable. If it is unavailable  I will chase it to get it. Many do this.
See where in your life you are trying to fit square pegs in round holes.  The nervous system is triggered by the excitation of this.

If you begin to look at relationships in your life with gratitude where there is the love you say you want your nervous system will more than likely not be triggered. This is because it is about fulfillment.   Moving to a place of fulfillment within you as it relates to the relationships that are loving. Yet, for many the yearning after that triggers your nervous system is more important because you feel alive. 
This is a false sense of alive-ness.  This is simply the nervous system being triggered through the old defense and the conditioning,  You feel like you are alive.

Yet in relationships where you are honored, valued and loved you are not chasing after this.   This is when your blind spots surface and you use tactics to keep these relationships at bay.

When you move into a blind spot, possibly looking at what isn’t in your life as opposed to what is, you can connect with those who honor and value you who can shine a light on your blind spot. This is another step towards intimacy and leads you to those who honor, value and love you. They are open to, guide, support and help you process what you need to. You then can see that this wonderful and glorious soul cares about you and your highest good.   Where in your life have you dismissed this?

If you are truly moving into community, harmony and equality, open your heart for support,  guidance and love when you find yourself  disillusioned, in a blind spot or not understanding what is transpiring within you.

It is time to support, guide and assist each other and raise each other to your highest good, your greatness and powerfulness to know that you are children of God.  

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