Tuesday, November 7, 2017


By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

Higher realms beyond the human mind (a tough reality and ability for most of our human minds to accept and apply) are teaching us it is our relationship with our self (“self” being a mirroring of everything) causing all that is happening in our lives and world. Since the human mind so far has not been able to solve the issues causing our separation and confrontation (seeing only too well its effect of chaos, and division in our nation and world), why not try and apply something outside the human mind and see if it works?
We are taught by higher realms (be they archangelic, ascended mastership or otherwise) humans chose to experience being human through something called the relationship with self. It is often said in advanced metaphysics “the only relationship we are having is the one with self.”  Through our emotions creating our thoughts we create our reality. In reality we are the creator creating all the time. And taking responsibility for this is the key to creating the life we say we want.
Right now our nation and world are largely ‘ruled’ by wounded little boys and girls who do not have a loving, healed relationship with self and this is reflected in their lack of governing (the needs of the people) and hidden agenda policies they support. If only our leaders were required to be in a personal process of deep self-examination and learning  how to heal “not feeling good or worthy enough” and  seeing  the creation of their ego defenses of confidence and arrogance around their wounds, we would have a safer world of equality, harmony and balance. It the meantime we have to be and do this self -healing ourselves and mirror that into the choices we make.
We are being further taught by higher realms that we are presently receiving energetic support from them to create a heightened state of awareness (consciousness) of self- love, allowing an increased valuing of self that can be reflected out into collective mass consciousness; moving from “Me” consciousness to “We” consciousness. This will allow through love, the creation of equality, harmony and balance so lacking in the world today.
In effect we are being higher realm taught that our nervous systems are being retrained not to need the old taught defense patterns of negative activation to know we are worthy to be alive. And the foundation of all the healing we need as a human species’ is love, first applied to self, then others…
This needed love is always ‘closer than we think’ and it is forever our relationship with self-preventing the full expression of love through a lack of giving and receiving in balance.
Higher realms further suggest by focusing on ‘what is’ in our lives with gratitude, rather than ‘what is not’ in our lives we can activate the equation GRATITUDE=ABUNDANCE. We are constantly reminded this ‘personal process’ of deep self-examination is one of ‘inside out’ not outside in. So no matter how wacky things are outside ourselves we can create self-love reflecting out to others….and create the lives and world we say we want. Through this self-love we can make improved choices concerning who we elect and chose to lead our governments, education institutions, medical facilities, corporations and religions.
ALL OF THE ABOVE WILL CREATE LIVES AND A WORLD BASED UPON (SELF) LOVE; ALLOWING EQUALITY, HARMONY AND BALANCE FOR ALL. After all this is enough for all of us, if we no longer allow the few to control the many.

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