Thursday, July 26, 2018



By Phillip Elton Collins, co-founder, The Angel News Network

The world’s greatest resources are to be found in the eternal human spirit which supports our ability to create.

It is time to remember and take ownership and responsibility for the choice we made to be human, to bring joy in belonging to the human species. To know through our talents and gifts we can and shall overcome any and all problems (which are our learning tools).

It is time to feel at home in the universe, knowing we are the universe experiencing itself.
Within our journey upon planet Earth let us remain perpetually curious and deeply embrace our kinship with one another on the Earth and within the universe. We are all made from the same energy of love.

Let us free ourselves through continued connection to higher realms from Earthbound limitation propelling us into a new paradigm of love, equality, harmony and balance connecting us to the finite and infinite.

The youth of the world and the feminine energy are presently responsible for the values that give affirmative energy to society.

Let us affirm there is no limit to human potentiality since we are the creators creating.
We are all in a personal process of introducing ourselves to ourselves. We are each other in disguise.

Humanity’s divine destiny does not reside within governments, religions, corporations or any other organization but rather within individual human beings.

 The youth and the women of the world know it is not a world of “you or me” but one of “you and Me.” It is time to balance the masculine and feminine in this world. The imbalance is the base cause of our duality and separation, leading to confrontation.

Let us affirm that each of us will activate our soul plans (reason to be here) and be and do whatever is necessary  through a deep personal process  to support the ascension of the planet and humanity into a higher frequency of existence, thus creating a new epoch of “We Consciousness,” knowing there is enough to be shared for all.

To create a new paradigm of oneness it takes the subtlest individual   intention in the proper place to effect necessary change, what we resist persist.

 Again, all change begins with the self-empowerment and the intention of one person to manifest on behalf of all humanity which cannot be achieved by any organizations, regardless its size and power.

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