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ARCHANGEL MICHAEL SPEAKS: The Evolutionary Process to Your Core Wound Channeled by Jeff Fasano

Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

The Evolutionary Process to Your Core Wound
The Life Beyond

From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as you begin to transcend aspects of your old life. You are seeing the old in your life for what it is and transcending that and beginning to transition into the new. Many look ahead now and they are not quite sure what the new is. Many are in a place in their life of releasing the old. Releasing old relationships, releasing what no longer serves you, releasing your attachments to the third dimensional realm, and quite possibly releasing what you have known that is familiar to you.  

In the process of releasing the old in your life, you are moving through the evolutionary process of your life and your soul’s divine plan. You are moving through the evolutionary process of you. It is most important to make yourself aware of this idea and what is transpiring. You are moving through a revolutionary process by releasing the old in your life. In doing this you move to your core wound, and now seeing it. It is important to understand that your life has been dependent upon that core wound. The core wound is from where you create your attachments and old behaviors. 

The evolutionary process of self-mastery moves you deep within to see and connect with that core wound.  The core wound is connected to core feelings. The core wound has perpetrated behaviors in your life up to this moment in time. Perhaps an old behavior is you giving yourself away to be loved. Striving to be perfect because when you are you think it is the only way you will be loved.  

You are seeking two things in life, to love and be loved. The core wound is rooted in the wounding of the child. The child simply wanted to be loved by mom and dad for who they are. It is the core wound within the child that perpetrates the behaviors of the adult. In your adult life you have been perpetrating old behaviors based upon the wound of the child.  The child is seeking to be loved by mom and dad.  Old behaviors are formed from the core wound of the child. The child seeks to please mom and dad and if they please them they will be loved. As you move deeper into the core wound you will see the behaviors that hold the wound in place. 

It is all about the need to be loved. 
If I speak my truth will I be loved. 
If I honor and value myself, will I be loved?

If I take care of my needs and ask for my needs, will I be loved?
If I set boundaries, will I be loved?
If I honor and value who I am and begin to live the life I want, will I be loved?
If I release the old relationships, will I be loved? Will there be love in my life?

The core wound based in the wounded child is all about seeking to be loved and accepted by mom and dad. Each and everyone of you perpetrate old behaviors simply to be loved. For example, you will take care of an other’s needs, and expect by doing so, you must be loved by them. You trying to prove to them that you are loveable. Where are you perpetrating old behaviors to prove to others that you are worthy to be loved? 

The reason for your personal process is so you can move that core wound. 

We ask you often, how much do you love, honor and value you/? For many, self love is a foreign concept. Some are beginning to understanding it and some are beginning to practice it.  Self love helps you to re-parent the wounded child. It is important to love, honor and value you exactly where you are. Look at what you need right now and what is important to you. 

Connect to the wounds of the child because this is who has been directing your life. And why the old behaviors are in place. Many are now realizing that the old behaviors continually produce the same result. The result is you are not being loved by perpetrating the old behaviors. You perpetrate an old behavior where you will take care of an other and by doing so prove to them that you are loveable and they must love you. This simply says, love comes with an attachment. “I am taking care of you, you must love me”. This is a linear attachment to love.   

Love is you.  Love is being you.  You are loved for who you are. 

If you are undertaking a personal process toward self mastery, what will be revealed to you is are loved for being who you are. It will reveal to you who you are and you are loved honored and valued for who you are. Many are just beginning to realize who they are and loving who they are. As you see this and build this foundation, you begin to shift and change the relationship you are having with you. 

What is the relationship you are having with you? 
As you shift and change the relationship you are having with yourself, you will then be able to see the old in your life and what no longer serves you.  You will see what no longer honors the new relationship you are having with you.  As you honor and value you to a deeper level, you will then see what no longer supports that. You will then see the need to release it. 

You will begin to see the relationships that need to be released that no longer support the new relationship you are having with you. It is a new relationship that is deeper in loving, honoring and valuing you.  

Many now are releasing the old and what no longer serves them. Some are undertaking a major release. Some are releasing in increments and some are seeing that it is time to close the door to the old and lock it shut. Doing this leads to a place where you are in between the old and the new. You see the door to the new open ahead of you, yet not quite sure where to go yet. You are in this place called limbo. It is in this place you can process what you have released. You can see the attachments and process them. These attachments are in place to stimulate the nervous system. You are now realizing that what stimulated your nervous system no longer does. Thus you may be feeling empty or dead inside. 

You may be saying, “Nothing stimulates me anymore.”  The old that stimulated your nervous system that made you feel alive, is no longer needed by you.  This is because you are alive being you. The hit to the nervous system is no longer needed for you to feel alive. You are releasing the need to be stimulated from outside of yourself in order to feel alive. You are retraining the nervous system from a place where you need a hit to be happy, to a place of fulfillment in your life.

When those outside of you ask, Are you happy? You may now have no answer for them. The reason for this is, you no longer need the hit from outside of you that stimulates the nervous system that makes you happy which is simply a momentary state or experience.  

You are looking for a life where fulfillment and joy is constant in your life.
Are you fulfilled with your life?
It is about moving to a place of neutrality. This is a place where you no longer need the stimulation to the nervous system from outside of you to feel alive. Yet it is fulfillment that says, you are alive and ready to move into the unknown with a will for life by bringing you to the world and then open your heart to receive what is coming to you. By doing this you move to place of balance.  

Many are realizing that there isn’t balance in your life. There isn’t a balance of giving and receiving.  This goes hand in hand with your core wound.  
Is there a balance of giving and receiving in your life?
Are you giving to others with an attachment so they will give back to you?
Are you giving to get?
Or are you giving from a place of abundance? 
This is who I am and I am giving to you, but there are boundaries with my giving. 
I am giving to you, not with an attachment but I am abundant and fulfilled and thus I am giving to you.  

The amount that you give is based upon who you truly are in your truth. 
If you give with an attachment to get, and to be loved, you will give far more energetically than you actually should give. 

Many are now evolving in the evolutionary process. You are ascending and thus raising your resonance and vibration. It is a place of fulfillment, yet you are not sure what this place is. You may not be sure what you are feeling. You have released relationships that no longer serve you, and no longer resonate for you. You have released aspects of your life that no longer resonate for you and wondering where you are right now. 

You are in a place where you are in between the old and the new. It is a place where you can allow the feelings to surface. Based upon the degree to what you have released, you will feel feelings to a certain depth. In order to move forward to the new in your life, you release the old. Some release in increments and some fully release what no longer serves them. In your evolutionary process there are those who are releasing just enough and some releasing an inordinate amount of the old because they know in their evolutionary process of their soul’s divine plan that this is what they need to release. When you do this, the old will die. The old concepts will die as will your old beliefs. Thus you move through a death period. This will bring up feelings. 

It is important to allow yourself to be where you are and have those feelings. Be in a place of acceptance and compassion for where you are. It might be uncomfortable. It is so because you are realizing that one of the old behaviors was you trying to control everything.  You no longer are in control of anything and never were.  So you may be feeling these feelings.  As you realize that you are not in control of anything you are releasing that old behavior.  

It is now most important to simply be. Allow yourself to be where you are.  Begin to focus on the new. Focus on the relationships that fulfill you in a new way. Fulfill your need for spiritual growth. Fulfill yourself in a way that is more multi-dimensional than the linear attachments to the third dimensional realm. Open your heart to where you are fulfilled in your evolutionary journey of self mastery and connect with those who are doing the same.  

There are times that this can be a solitary path, a time that can be quite lonely. It is most important that you understand that you are exactly where you need to be as you move along in your evolutionary process of your soul’s divine plan. You are beginning to assimilate into a high vibrational resonance that you have never experience before. There are those experiencing this as you are.  It is important to connect with them if you are able, to begin a new collective consciousness even if it is with one glorious soul.  

Be where you are. The old no longer resonates. The new is just opening its doorway for you to create the new you in the new life to come.    

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