Thursday, October 3, 2019



October, 2019 message from Archangel Michael via channel Jeff Fasano
Edited excerpt by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

The next three months of 2019 will be an advancement of our soul plans (our reason to be here). It will be an accelerated time to release all that lowers our vibration and does not support our highest good. This includes any relationship attachment be they personal, political, governmental or environmental that does not support the wholeness of self.

This advancement will allow that knowing of our life, who you are, why you are here that fully activates our soul plan.  It is a time to be in touch with the feelings surrounding our advancement as old doors close and new ones open.

It is a new time of no longer producing the old results, and truly manifesting what it is we say we want. It is a time to advance to a new level of service to self, allowing service to others. It is a time to fully embrace being an individuated soul free of past conditioning, knowing we are unique adults, in a personal process of healing our inner wounded child, standing in equality, harmony and balance to all.

Now is the time, if we so choose, to stop looking to others for answers and know we are unique fully equipped souls fully embracing why we are here by knowing who we are.
Archangel Michel is reminding us we are ingredients to the advancement of the whole (ourselves, the planet and the universe).

Michael is saying this advancement is one of BEING all we say we are; peace, love, equality, harmony, community allowing the rise in our vibration. By being who we are we are reducing and/or eliminating unaddressed inner wounds continuing to run our lives.  Michael reminds us many people know no other way to live their life than doing reflecting their inner wounds.

Through a personal process (deep examination of self) we can begin to accept our inner wounds and take responsibility for them. Michael is asking us to know what we need to release, moving into the depth of our truth. This, in fact, will be  a simplification of our lives.

Michael further shares what we are largely witnessing in our lives and world is the manipulation and acting out of the inner wounded child.

We at The Angel News Network are sharing tools that allow others to wake up to their inner child wounds and those of others. Michael is asking us to see ourselves reflected in those wounds. This can best be manifested by JUST BEING.

Through a collective consciousness of being we can better feel another’s energy and develop deeper compassion. We can see some are stuck in the old and some are ready to advance by rising their vibration by knowing who they are and why they are here.

 Michael wrapped up the October message by reminding us in being human we are in a gradual, life long committed process of learning to be love, peace, equality, harmony and balance. He asked us to know our commitment to ourselves and others, releasing the old, rising our vibration, being in service to self and others…and seeing ourselves as proxies for one another.

Finally, Michael ask us to ask ourselves these two questions “How can I fully move into the beingness of me?  And what is my commitment?”

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