Saturday, October 26, 2019


Journey of the Awakened Heart
Archangel Michael Speaks
Channeled by Jeff Fasano 

Advancing Your Awareness

Many now are moving to a greater awareness to the truth of what is transpiring outside of them in their life on a personal basis and the world. They are advancing to a greater awareness of their truth and thus seeing the illusions outside of themselves.  As you now look at your life see how your awareness has grown in relationship to your old behaviors and relationships. As you grow to a deeper awareness to self, you then move to your core truth. As you begin to see this in your personal life, you then see what is transpiring in the broad spectrum of the world outside of you.  

As you move deeper within and release the old within you and in your life, you raise your resonance and vibration. And what you endeavor to do is come into harmony with those around you who are doing the same. So when you look at the old in your life, relationships and that which no longer serves you, you then can begin to congregate with those who resonate and vibrate as you.  

What you are doing is coming into harmony with mother earth and all its inhabitants.  You become a more empathetic soul. You have empathy for what is transpiring in your world, become more compassionate and your energy is at a higher vibration. It is a compassionate, empathetic, harmonic connection with yourself and others. All of this begins by moving to a greater depth of self love, healing aspects of your wounds, moving into an individuated adult then into harmony with others. 

Your relationships with others in the “we” are sustained by individuated adults who know who they are, who honor and value themselves, where there are no attachments, and move in the beingness of who they are and in the high vibration of love, honor and value. 

The beingness of you is you as an individuated adult, who honors, values and loves themselves, conscious and aware of attachments, and what is transpiring outside of themselves in their life. They are conscious and aware of their behaviors.

It is now about standing individuated knowing that in community, harmony and equality you can reach out and be supported in life.  

Look to see where you began your inner personal process and where you are now. See your growth and celebrate it.  Celebrate where you are now. See where you have become conscious and aware of your old behaviors. See where you have shifted and changed your life and how more deeply you love, honor and value you.   

Many now are in an advancement period of their life. Graduating from the old to the new and doing it gradually. It is a gradual process, yet it is a commitment. It is a life long commitment. Not a commitment you make for three months, two years or five years.  It is a life long commitment to love. 

It is now most important to remind yourself of your commitment.  
What is it? 
What is your commitment to yourself, and to others? 
Is your commitment to raise your resonance and vibration?  
Is your commitment to be who you are? 
Is your commitment to be of service to others?  

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