Tuesday, October 13, 2020

 Archangel Michael Speaks

Channeled by Jeff Fasano


Allow the Truth Within to Guide You


The soul purpose of the Pandemic is allowing you to step back to take look at you. The energies moving in to your earth plain now are allowing another step in that process and why they are moving in in September and October and fully laying the foundation in November. What will transpire during this time is your illusions, feelings, and wounding will surface within you. The layers of the old will release. You will see the wounded child for what it is and move to a more centered place in the adult space, in the heart. 


Eventually what will transpire as you move into November is the myths and the illusions of what has been transpiring in your world in 2020 will come to fruition. You will see the truth of it all. Many are beginning to see the truth of it from the periphery.  The illusions and the myths of what has been transpiring in your world in the next few months will come to the fore. 


The truth of what is transpiring in the world is within you. It is how you relate to what is happening in the world outside of you.  The truth is up to you to guide and support your life based upon what you are seeing in the world and how it affects you. This is why We ask you to move into the powerfulness of your truth and begin to create a collective consciousness that can shift and shed light on what is transpiring in the world.  


It is not so much about what is transpiring in the world. What is transpiring is so. Yet We have asked this question many times: Are you allowing what is transpiring in the world outside of you to dictate the life you are leading now? This is just another test for you where that is concerned. As you allow your personal process to unfold and allow what is transpiring outside of you to unfold, you can ease into the transition of adulthood.  


You all know what the truth outside of you is, it is about allowing the truth within you to guide you.  


Many are still in a place of fear where the wounded child is still looking for mom and dad to take care of them. There are many who understand the truth, move within and simply look at where they are and at what is transpiring in the world and say: What is my life?  What is important for me? Then allow this to shift and change your life. This is why We ask you to create a collective consciousness like this with others. In effect creating a new world that is unlike the low, dense vibrational aspect of your third dimensional realm.  


The more energy you lend to what is transpiring in the world outside of you, the longer it will live. So the question is, what is your truth and where are you learning to say no? 


It is important to allow the new energies to move in and infiltrate into the third dimensional realm. This will rapidly shift and change you to further release the dense, deep attachments you have to the third dimensional realm. In many ways it is about trusting the divine plan and support from the higher realms. 


At this most important time on your earthly plain is a time of great learning. It is a time of the greatest sense of truth about you that you have never experienced before. A time to move into a complete individuated, self supporting, self responsible adult. What you are seeing transpiring outside of you is the antithesis of this. Allow your divine plan to unfold moment by moment, day by day, week by week and month by month. It is about moving into the moment of now and living in the moment of now fully. As opposed to looking at what will happen in one week, two weeks or three months. It is about doing your part in shifting the energy by creating a new collective consciousness. 


By accepting the new energies that are moving in to your earthly plain, they will shift and change the molecular structure of your physical body by releasing the old, you are shifting and retraining the nervous system.  You are moving from fight or flight, opposing and fighting what is transpiring outside of you. It is not about accepting what is transpiring in the world. It is about looking at it and seeing how it affects you. What is being triggered inside of you? What is most important for you to do? 


You can now move into a place of fully experiencing life.

Ask; what is my innate truth based upon what is transpiring in my life and in the world outside of me?


It is always important to be reminded of the inner process, the inner journey to see that what is happening in the world outside of you is a reflection of your inner journey. This is why We ask you when you look outside of you in the world what is it triggering within you, what is coming up for you? If you are conscious of what is being triggered and the feelings that are surfacing, and what is transpiring in your physical body, and nurture yourself through it, you will be able to release the old energetic structure where the wounded child played a big part of your life and move into the adult space as well as utilizing your tools. 


XXXXX In all of what is transpiring in your world today, it is most important that you keep in mind the dive plan. You own personal divine plan, the divine plan of your country, the divine plan of the world and the universe. If you subscribe to this, you will then see that everything is unfolding perfectly. Yet this does not mean that you sit back in your easy chair and watch life happen before you. 


This is why We ask you if you see yourself as an ingredient in shifting and changing the energy of the world by creating a new collective consciousness.  Or does your wounded child look outside of you and look for mom and dad to take care of everything for you so you can be safe?  


The difference between sitting back and saying:  Since this is the divine plan, it will all happen accordingly and I will sit back and watch life and hope mom and dad will keep me safe and secure and take care of me. Or; Choose to move into the depth and breadth of my heart space and become self responsible, self conscious. A part of the divine plan is your purpose and mission in this lifetime. Many will sit back in their easy chair and watch what happened in the world in total indifference. What is beneath that indifference is fear. Underneath the fear are feelings of inadequacy, not good enough, not perfect enough. Feelings that have been lodged in their physical body, the mental body based on the conditioning and programming from mom and dad. Sitting back and waiting for someone to do something that will affect them and change their life. 


As We say, let the divine plan to unfold, it is important for you as you move into the adult space, seeing your mission and purpose in this lifetime and you being an ingredient in the shift of what is transpiring into a new collective consciousness. The more energy of peace, love, community, harmony, and equality that you send to the world this will shift and change an other.  This is done through your beingness. 


As the energies begin to move in and dislodge the old wounded energy, feelings will surface and energy will move. You may begin to question your place in the world. Many are doing this right now.  


As We bring this information to you to allow you to process your self, and give you tools to do that is to simply enhance you. To move into the greatness and powerfulness of who you are and express this to the world with love. It is not through opposition or fighting or protesting. It is about speaking your truth with love. Expending energy of peace, love, community, harmony and equality which is your truth. We come to you to support you to navigate what is happening in your third dimensional realm without an attachment to it.


XXXXX It is important to understand that it is not about shifting and changing the structure of the world outside of you.  It is about shifting and changing the hearts of many. Shifting and changing how others look at what is transpiring in the world. It is about purporting an energy out into the world that will shift and change the minds of others so they can see how they are perceiving what is transpiring in the world. 


It is most important now to speak your truth. Speak your truth to the world with love. Leave the doors of self expression wide open to love. And when you see those doors of self expression begin to close, stand there forcefully with love in your heart, and stretch out your arms to never let those doors close.        


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