Saturday, October 3, 2020

Energy Intervention

ENERGY INTERVENTION AS WORLD LEADERS CONTRACT VIRUS By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network As we at The Angel News Network have been sharing for months there are new, powerful energetic forces coming into our dense 3D reality to affect a clearing and cleansing from the inside out for each of us. Each one of us is affected by these energies in relation to where we are within our own self-examination of growth within our own unique persona process. All is in divine order following each one of our soul plan’s, reflecting our reason to be here. Specially with Trump, as a world leader, these energies are moving through his dense physical being supported by his strong ego defenses creating many imbalances of giving and receiving in his life, thus the nation and world. In effect, the veneer, his mask that he projects to the nation and world is cracking now through a severe viral process revealing to him and others what he needs to heal. Note this process is happening with many world leaders at this time revealing the cosmic mission of this pandemic.

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