Friday, January 18, 2013

INTER GALACTIC FEDERATION: Final Channeling of 12 Life Lessons

December 27th, 2012 Received by Phillip Elton Collins

Greeting beloved students of We Consciousness.

We come to you from the Intergalactic Federation in concert with the Five Pointed Star System portal opening that you have learned of tonight. We join the energies of the Pleiadians and the Arcturians (balancing the masculine and feminine energy) with the Orion energy from the inner earth--demonstrating, if you will, as above, so below.

Dear beloved humans, you have learned so much over the last few weeks about yourself through the combined energies, unprecedented in your frequency, coming together to bring to you a mighty teaching of oneness through knowingness of self.

We wish to add an addendum to your teaching to give you an even deeper understanding of what is happening, why it is happening and where it is happening. These frequencies have come together during 12/12-12/21 and most recently on 12/25 because these portal openings, these vortices openings, these energetic connects, are to activate a force within the core of your planet which has always been there, which was transported from your beloved sister planet, Venus, so many millennia ago.

This force is called unconditional love, which you are in the process of reactivating through the process of self, as you have discussed tonight in the teachings of your 12 Life Lessons. You have gone as far from self, from source, from one another, from your home planet, as you could possibly go through the gift and the hardship of your freedom of will. It was a dispensation that was give to you through a veiling of yourselves, through the abuse of wisdom and power that you once knew.

You were gifted with this freedom of choice and freedom of will in order to get as far from yourselves, one another and source as possible to work your way back through hundreds and thousands of incarnations in this frequency to get to the end of time, to get to the time line ending, if you will, of where you are now, which simply reflects where your planet is and where she has chosen to be in her ascension process. Thus, including everything within and upon her body, your planet, your mother earth, will ascend with the divine beings of light that you are.

So why has all of this taken place? Why have you chosen this journey, dear ones? What is this all about and how does your divine plan mirror this divine universal cosmic process?

The purpose of this planet was to learn and to teach love, dear ones. So now through the process of learning to love yourself, you are preparing yourselves for the grandest service of them all. You are returning to world service through love of self as your foundation, connecting in your so-called We Consciousness, in your oneness, in your equality, with harmony and balance, to now go out throughout this solar system, throughout this galaxy, beyond universes know and unknown, to become part of the ever expanding and growing universe that knows no limit and knows no end, dear ones.

There are worlds behind you. There are worlds where you presently are. There are worlds, as you know, much more advanced than you are. All these worlds are waiting for you. Can you feel it in your heart? You’ve always known there was more than what appeared to be, have you not?

The dispensation of so many frequencies coming together is a revelation, is a transformation of what is taking place. So many of you, more than ever before, consciously and unconsciously, have chosen to be here at this divine moment. So as you have discussed tonight, heed now what happens to be transpiring in your outer world, as you have discussed through the channel we are coming through now. It is simply the final clearing and cleansing of yourselves, of your planet, to activate this final golden age which is activated by this unconditional love in the core of your planet, which reflects the core of not only Venus but also so many ascended and advanced worlds which no longer participate in freedom of choice and freedom of will through a veil. They are in full service to source and all that there is, which allows the manifestation of all things in your ascended mastership.

You are in the process of not only moving from your carbon to your crystalline existence but also you are being empowered to control electrons and atoms and to create through your thoughts and your feelings every single thing which is needed to serve and service all that there is, dear ones.

There are millions and billions of beings in service to all that there is. You are joining this divine cosmic community. It is your time to do this. It is your final cleansing and clearing of self. So tonight fill your hearts with gratitude that you have chosen to show up and to learn from something other than the human mind, to know that there are other sources of wisdom, that there are other sources of tools and teachings to propel you into the frequency of oneness and to finally expel you from this dense frequency of 3D.

You have learned all there is to learn from cause and effect and karmic disposition. Be compassionate, Be accepting, Be forgiving of how you have chosen to learn and know that way of learning has ended if you so choose. Now, dear ones, your real learning, the true magnificence of you, shall come into full manifestation and fruition on this grand planet of love.