Tuesday, January 29, 2013

JOEL'S JOURNAL: The Ascension Handbook


Think with your heart. What does that really mean? How does the heart think?

In actuality the heart does not truly think. The heart simply is the resonant radar, if you will. In your world you have radio towers sending and receiving energy. The heart is much like that. The heart is a receptive space of the Godhead. There is no thought in there. There is recognition of truth in there.

The mind is the divine instrument that manifests the truths in the heart. That is how one thinks with the heart. That is how the mind moves in service to the heart. 

Artists and musicians have this gift. That is what is occurring in their moments of inspiration and creation. They are thinking with their hearts. Humanity has always elevated those who seem to have the natural ability to think with their hears. However most people exclude themselves from that group and put creative people  on a pedestal.

It is time for more of humanity to say, "This is my path also. I am a true artist painting a canvas of my Ascension Process. Therefore, I choose to engage in this creative process called surrendering to the heart and allowing the heart to lead the mind."

Humans were designed to have truth in their heart and to create that truth with their mind. 

Many of the greatest human accomplishments were created by harnessing the truth in the heart and then asking the mind to create from that truth. All of your avatars, your greatest artists, your greatest teachers have completely lost their minds, so to speak. They use their minds to create the truth that resonates in their hearts.