Thursday, January 31, 2013

JOEL'S JOURNAL: Discussion with the Two Marys


The Two Marys are the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. The following excerpt discusses the importance of having compassion for where each of us is in our lives. Although the comments are addressed to Jessie and me, the Mary's have told us many times that comments directed to us are almost always also intended for our readers as well.

" We extend to you our greatest love, our greatest compassion. And compassion is truly the word, the place of energy, where we want to focus your attention. It is really an important aspect of your growth and your leadership in your spiritual work.

"This word compassion is something that you both are familiar with and you both, indeed, have very large capacities to have compassion for your fellow humans and, to a smaller degree, compassion for yourselves. And it is compassion for yourselves that we wish to bring into the light and ask of both of you to start to contemplate and put in the foreground of your consciousness. The notion of having more compassion for yourselves as you endeavor into new territory, new ways of being, new paradigms of thinking and so on. So compassion for yourself will be the lubrication, so to speak, on the wheels of the machinery of change for each of you.

"The wheels of change have been moving for a long time, many, many eons in your soul’s knowledge. But for you as individuals it seems like. at times, you both feel that the wheels of change are moving but there isn’t much lubrication, salve or ease as these changes occur.

"Indeed, that is accurate as we have witnessed for both of you. There is not a lot of ease in how these changes occur. And yet, if you choose, if you bring the idea of more compassion for yourself into your systems, you will witness a lot more lubrication on these wheels of change that we are referencing. Changes to the personalities, changes in how your mind operates, changes about how things are and how things aren’t, and so on.

"So compassion for self literally will carry the day and this is a very direct request that we’re making of you to assist each other and to really know that that piece of work that we’re calling increasing compassion for yourself is not a junior piece of work. It is a senior piece of work. And compassion for yourself, as it increases, will give you exactly what you are looking for: Grace, ease, harmony, resonance.

"So we acknowledge your having increased your compassion for yourselves over the last few years. We are simply saying excellent job. All of that was preparation. Now, truly, increase your compassion for yourself. Truly love yourself more as you acknowledge the changes, acknowledge what’s shifting, acknowledge the losses, acknowledge the gains. We are simply saying, increase the capacity for your compassion, for yourselves, and you will be able to steer through these seas of change like the most brilliant sailboat where all the other boats are lurching and pitching while yours is gliding across effortlessly. Use that image, beloveds, to hold your mind in the proper direction."