Wednesday, February 6, 2013

JOEL'S JOURNAL: A Simple Message of Oneness from the Two Mary Energies


Exactly one year ago Jessie Keener and I published The Ascension Handbook, A Guide to Your Ecstatic Union with God.

The Ascension Handbook was given to us by the Two Marys, the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, channeled by Jessie Keener.

The Handbook offers nine discourses designed to guide us to our ecstatic union. In the first discourse The Marys encourage us to use discipline to develop the gift of how each one of us receives spirit. That gift can show up as "automatic writing, hearing, feeling or knowing that these gifts are there to be tapped and utilized."

They, essentially, said to us, use it or lose it.

I have served as scribe for spiritual messages channeled by others in the writing of several books as well as for many spiritual postings on the Internet, especially from the Two Marys. The Marys have encouraged me to develop my own automatic writing skills. I have done so in fits and starts. Yesterday, i received a message through my automatic writing  that suggested I could begin recording messages as they came to me to be transcribed and published on my blog.

Here is the first message I received today. It is a simple message of oneness that we all know, but can never be reminded off too often. Somehow it seems to be an appropriate place to begin. I hope you agree.

Dearly beloved, 

We come to you to begin communicating with you to bring the messages of the Mother energy to raise the world, to lift the world into higher consciousness to bring all together as one.

We are the Mary energy.  We ask you to relax. Let us embrace you. Let us embrace the world in a blessed connection. Share with us the energies of the fifth dimension and the higher realms.

We are all part of the same thing. We are all one. You are not separate. Embrace this. Love it. Be with this. Enjoy it. Be one with it. We are all one.

We will begin a series of messages that reflect the love that mankind is growing into. We are all one. That is the message today.

As you submit to the oneness, the wisdom comes with it. The wisdom shows up. The wisdom is just you. You are a part of that wisdom. Everyone is part of that wisdom. All is part of that wisdom.

The idea of separation was created by man. Man is not separate. Man is one with all that is. That is the revelation that is coming to the Earth. That is the knowing. You are all one. There is no separation. Relax into that idea. Relax into that knowing. That becomes the message. You are one. That is the message. You are one. You are one with all. Feel it. Embrace it. Slide into it. Become it.

We are all one. Love it. Know it. Be it. That is the message. Be one with all. We love you. We love you.

We are the Mary energies and that is our first message to you. You are one. Be one.Be love. Be in peace