Sunday, February 17, 2013


When we encounter a genuine spiritual truth it is interesting how often that truth shows up synchronistically in other spiritual messages we encounter. This has been happening to me frequently lately. Here are two examples of one basic spiritual idea: Creating the life we want begins with loving ourselves.

I recently published a book based on teachings of the Archangelic Realm of Michael channeled by Jeff Fasano, titled,

Life Mastery: Creating the Life You Want and the Courage to Live It.

In the last lesson Michael teaches the following:

"This program was designed to help you see that you are the creator, the source and the power of you.

"You need nothing outside yourself in the physical to determine who you are or to validate or gratify you.

"It is the love and truth within that is most important.

"It is this love and truth that powers your courage to be you.

"Mediate daily on this truth, and be who you are."

Compare this teaching of Archangel Michael with a message from Jeshua recently channeled by Pamela Kribbe posted on the Ascension 2012 website of Greg Giles. This reading identifies self love as the essential ingredient in building healthy lives and relationships:

"You have an intense desire for love. You seek it in relationships with others and also through a connection with the divine. But, truly, what you are craving for lies within yourself. It is your own divine nature, the part of you that is one with unconditional love and joy.

"When you experience this part of you, it feels like coming home. Everything else in your life becomes easy, light and joyful. You are at one within yourself and you do not need anything outside yourself to make you feel good. You are a unity unto yourself, and yet you feel connected with everything else in a deep and intimate way.

"What is paradoxical about relationships is that you can only be intimately connected with another person if you are able to embrace the oneness within yourself. If you are ready to accept yourself, with the burdens from the past, with your highs and lows, then there is space for another person with his or her unique individuality.

"Then you are no longer using another person in order to come home. Instead, you share the home you carry within your heart with that other person. This type of relationship becomes a celebrating together, a sharing, and that is a healing relationship, whether it be with a partner, a friend or a child."