Monday, February 25, 2013


Over the years I have read many times that we, the human race, were dumbed down long ago in our ancient history by some dark forces seeking to control us. Never knew quite what to think about that, so I chose not to.

Last fall The Two Marys began one of our conversations with a statement that confirmed that we, as a race, are, indeed, dumbed down. But they also offered a solution. The Two Marys are the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene whose mission is to assist mankind in our Ascension Process. The Marys are channeled by Jessie Keener with whom I created The Ascension Handbook based on the channeled teachings of The Two Marys. 

Here is an excerpt of my conversation with the Two Marys on 9/14/12:

“We are here with a very important message about your world, your reality, your circumstances and who you are being in all of that. There is always the difficulty of bringing information from the higher realms to humans in a way that is intelligible and makes sense for you students.

“We are going to begin this discussion with a very bold point. Humans are using such a small percentage of their brain that it is almost impossible for you to properly perceive reality.  In fact, what you call reality is not reality. What you call reality is an agreement, a massive multi-layered, multi-leveled agreement about what is and what is not.

“But that is not reality. That is reality dumbed down because the abundant and infinitely powerful organism that you are utilizes such a small fraction of your brain. It is so challenging to explain things that will help you and be useful because the mind instantly dumbs it down.

“Be aware of this, beloveds. Be aware that no matter how inspired you are by our words, you are receiving them from a dumbed down vantage point. This is not your fault, of course. And this can be and will be remedied if you follow our guidance and follow the guidance of many, many other fifth dimensional beings who are assisting humanity at this time.

“Do your realize, for instance, when your practice your sacred G breath, you are utilizing more of your brain than normal? In order for you to truly activate your light bodies you must activate your brains. In order for your heart and mind to be in full partnership you must reactivate your brain.

“Your heart needs nothing. Your brains need a lot of work, for it is not your heart that stops you. It is your mind. As you progress, you will start to notice that your need to have an opinion decreases. Your need to put things in right or wrong perspectives will decrease. Your need to engage in dualistic thinking will decrease. And your awareness of your oneness, your passion and your power will increase. Also, as you start to fully occupy your brain, you will occupy your heart. For the secret is the brain is the master energy source that powers the heart.

“So it is not one or the other. It is the proper use of the brain. The brain was designed to be so much more than you are using it for. In human terms, it is quite sad, quite grievous, to witness humans trying to sort out all this giant mess with such little brain power.

“How absurd that it is considered normal that humans use three to five per cent of their brains. How absurd that you assume it is perfectly acceptable to be a three to five percenter. Who says it is acceptable in your society? Even your science says so. Beloveds, that is not true. It is not acceptable. It is not your design. That is like saying, I will only use three to five percent of my breath. I will only beat my heart three to five per cent of the time.

“We invite you to start to occupy more of the brain by exercising your sacred G breath frequently throughout the day. And to understand with humility that most of your thoughts are suspect, unless those thoughts are of oneness, celebration, joy, gratitude, passion and empowerment.

“So your thoughts are unacceptable because they are coming from such a dumbed down brain. When more of your brain is engaged, your thoughts are naturally more connected, more congruent and more real. We use that word, “real,” deliberately, for those other thoughts that are seemingly real are the illusion. How perfect to have a dumbed down brain that only uses three to five per cent of itself. How perfect to keep people trapped in illusion. Do you see?”

Here is the exercise for the Sacred G breath as outlined in the Helpful Hints chapter in The Ascension Handbook, that Jessie and I developed from channeled messages from the Two Marys. This breath exercise induces the pineal gland to release a chemical compound that expands our capacity to engage our brains and expand our consciousness.

The exercise involves three cycles of breathing: (1) in the mouth out the mouth, (2) in the mouth out the nose, (3) in the nose out the nose, (4) in the nose out the mouth, (5) repeat in the mouth out the mouth and continue the cycle two more times.

You may do this exercise by yourself, face to face with another or on the phone with a friend. Our breath is truly the secret of life to a far greater extent than most of us have ever imagined. So: KEEP BREATHING!