Saturday, January 25, 2014



To my mom, Margaret Fasano, and my dad,
Thomas Fasano, my greatest teachers and my best friends.
To my brother, Tommy;
we made it through together.

Michael Speaks
We welcome you at this wonderful and most glorious time, as you are now ready to emerge into a new life of community, harmony, and equality. Whether or not you know it consciously, you have reached the point where you are ready, open, and available to all that is coming to you and to receive what you say you want. This is not necessarily anything outside of you that validates or gratifies you; it is something that resonates with you. You have previously moved through a healing process that enabled you to know who you are and why you are here. Some who are reading understand fully why you are here, and some of you are just getting a glimpse of it. The important thing is that you are ready to find within you the answer to where you are going out in the world.

As you begin the process of exploration in this book, we begin by asking: why are you here? Are you here to get something for yourself? Are you here to move out in the world to express your gifts and talents? Or are you here just to get by, endure life, and survive? In your heart, you know the answers and it is time to take the next step. You are here for the purpose of world service, and loving who you are and what you do is world service.

We, Michael, are simply a resonance, a vibration at a specific frequency, which emanates from the Archangelic Realm of Michael. We come to you with specific messages that are of this specific frequency. Each person vibrates at a certain level. Those who are attracted within the depth and breadth of their hearts to the frequency of this energy are singularly encoded with it. Thus, the frequency from your heart connects—or resonates—with the frequency of this energy from the Archangelic Realm of Michael. That is why you are attracted to reading, understanding, and feeling the energy of the words in this book.

The essence of this frequency and the message it is carrying are about making a journey from the core of your mind into the core of your heart. The twenty messages and lessons contained within this book are tools to be utilized while making this journey. As you commence reading the first message in Part One, “Who Are You?” you will begin a process of allowing your heart to become the guiding force of your life. For some, the shift in consciousness that makes this possible is gradual. For others, it is sudden. The process involves peeling layer upon layer of wounding from around your heart, until you have moved into the core of your heart and uncovered the essence of you, your truth.

As you release each layer of wounding that surrounds your heart, you will also raise the level of resonance and vibration within you. This is because each layer of wounding is filled with dense, lower-vibration energy, which simply represents what you learned in the past—during childhood and through trauma—about how to survive in the world and how you were conditioned. Peeling away these layers is the intention of this specific frequency and level of energy that emanates from the Archangelic Realm of Michael.

After you have completed the ten exercises in Part One, you will move on to the series of messages and lessons in Part Two, “Why You Are Here?” As you move along the pathway set forth for you, you will discover the talents and gifts you are here to give. The purpose of Part Two is to lead you to cross the threshold of a doorway of consciousness. By engaging in a discovery process, you will raise the level of vibration of the world and help to co-create a new world of harmony, community, and equality.

We, Michael, come as a level of energy of support and guidance for you on your pathway. We simply make suggestions through the wonderful and glorious soul (Jeff Fasano) who has made the choice to be the messenger (the channel) of this energy. This glorious soul is connected to the specific frequency within him that connects with our frequency, which enables him to impart our message. The frequency is consistent; it is the same for all who experience it. As this frequency moves through this messenger, the energy permeates your heart. Then, it is up to you how you choose to interpret it.

What is actually connecting with you—things uniquely yours—are the frequency in your own heart and the ways you utilize your five physical senses to interpret it. As the frequency of the Archangelic Realm of Michael penetrates the depth of your heart, it radiates outward to give you the impetus to commit to the teachings. It does not connect to your mental body whatsoever. It only connects with the frequency of your heart.

As we have walked our pathways on the journey of self-mastery we’ve all been led to, we have read many books that have given us valuable information to think about, and we’ve been introduced to many spiritual tools to improve our lives. We have stored much of this information in our minds. Now, many of us are wondering, “What’s next? What do we do with all of the information?” Our next step is to bring what we have stored in our minds into our hearts, so that we may actually live from it.

The material in this book, Journey of the Awakened Heart, which was created by Michael for the mass awakening of consciousness in the world we are living, is intended to guide us step by step, each at our own personal pace, to move within our heart space. Many have found it life changing.

Lately have you noticed yourself saying?

"I want to move out of the old ways of  doing things that seem to get me nowhere.”

“I am in the same old place and still struggling in my life.”

“I want to move into abundance and enjoy my life.”

If these words sound familiar—meaning, if ending your struggle, moving into greater abundance, deepening your connections with others, finding fulfillment, and enjoying life is what you truly want, then developing a new approach to living is now of utmost importance. The crux of the matter is this: you have practiced the “old ways” your entire life. You cannot expect to embrace new ways without a similar degree of practice. Contained within these pages, therefore, are messages and lessons that will assist you in discovering a new, highly individual, and self-mastered way of life that is more enjoyable.

Making the commitment to move from the old approach to life into the new approach to life is what makes the transition entirely possible. That commitment you make, however, is to no one and nothing outside of you. It is a choice, pure and simple, to love yourself, express yourself authentically, and pursue only those experiences and activities with which, and the people with whom you resonate. Resonance is a term that describes harmonious vibrations. You are a vibratory being. This book, if it is in harmony with your essence, can facilitate the movement forward toward living the life you say you want, and loving yourself more than you ever have before.

Collectively, those of us for whom this material provided by Michael resonates have come now to a point in the world where we have the ability to make new choices. We can let go of looking outside of ourselves to get something “out there” to fill us up in order to feel validated. We know our deepest satisfaction comes from within us. We now have the capacity to give our unique gifts and talents to the world, and, through the giving, to realize our potential to create a new world of harmony, community, and equality. Yet, the only way this can happen in actuality is to transform within our selves.

As Michael has stated so eloquently on different occasions, those of us for whom this message is intended have come to the intersection of the old way of life and the new. We already know the old way of life doesn’t work, and it holds less and less attraction as time goes by for those of us who have been working on ourselves for these many years. But we’re also not yet ready to move forward and step onto the path into the unknown because we cannot feel yet the distinction between living a life based upon conditioning and living a life based upon the harmonious energy of resonant causation. Something has to happen here, at this juncture, that prepares us.

Journey of the Awakened Heart provides the tools we need so we can release the old habits, patterns, and rituals that hold us anchored in the old way of living. In detail, it shows us a path to follow that will enable us to begin to honor and value ourselves, and recognize our unique gifts and talents. If we follow this path, as Michael has so plainly illuminated it for us, at the end we may step confidently into the unknown.

Life is a process and so is this book. It is designed to uncover our essence so we can be who we are and freely express ourselves in ways we have only imagined thus far. A question to ask now is, “Am I ready to have the life I always say I want?” If so, then your journey to an awakened heart can begin right now.