Wednesday, January 1, 2014

RAISING OUR VIBRATION by Phillip Elton Collins

Inspired teachings of Ascended Master El Morya
Received by Phillip Elton Collins, and many others...
New Years Day 2014

Beloved Brethren of The Angel News Network the time to remain in your present consciousness, wounds and defenses that keep you wrapped in the myriad of challenges of your 3D dimension is in process of coming to an end. And we know in your hearts you are truly ready for the old to end and the new to begin.  As you have received from other higher realms teachings your personal processing experiences are always mirroring your own consciousness. Dear Ones, you know your Mother Earth has chosen her Ascension, thus all within and upon her body must ascend or leave within the next glorious Ascension Cycle.

Dear Brethren are you now ready in your new year to truly take an essential part in the creation of your new world through the creation of the new you? We remind you, you cannot become an ascended (life) master simply by talking it: you must be the message by beginning to practice feeling, thinking and being like an ascended being in order to attain the vibration that will allow you to become one....this is moving into the 5D.

Creating the vibration to become will be, if you so chose, your task-at-hand during your new year 2014. All the reminders, additional tools and teachings are in place and being received again. Is achieving that of which we speak the greatest priority in your life? Are you creating time each day to reflect upon what you intend to further awaken the divinity within yourself and others?

It is time "to be" what you are teaching and needing to learn, rather than doing. The messages and teaching you will further receive within the endeavor your call DIVINE DISCUSSIONS will greatly assist you in raising your vibration, that of others and your world. You are being divinely loved and supported.

Do not be disheartened by what you see in your lives and world around you. There is much clearing and cleansing taking place, and Beings of Light are in your world at present, and being sent to your world to assist. Your destiny is your divinity!