Friday, January 10, 2014


JEFF FASANO, Channel and Author 

As we have walked our pathways on the journey of self-mastery we have read many books that have given us valuable information and concepts to think about and we have stored much of this in our minds. Now, many of us are wondering, “What’s next? What do we do with all of the information?” “How do I incorporate these concepts in my life?” The next step is to bring what we have stored in our minds into our hearts, so that we may actually live from it.

 Journey of the Awakened Heart is a book that does just this. It contains the teachings of Archangel Michael that in detail guides us step by step to move within our heart to discover who we are, our talents and gifts and our purpose in this lifetime. Contained within it’s pages are messages and lessons that give us tools to put into practice what we have learned so we can love ourselves more and live the life we say we want.

Michael plainly illuminates a path for us in this book. And if we follow it, we can move from being a silent observer of our life to becoming a willing, joyful and excited participant in it.


You are now resonating at a level where you are moving within and beginning to gather your thoughts, feelings, and intentions for yourself. Now, it’s time to fill your “toolbox” and learn how to use those tools. Some of you have already been given many tools. Some are apprentices learning how to handle them. Some are actively searching for tools.

The next tool in your toolbox is your sense of self. You are looking to step out onto the great pathway of the unknown and, as you look at it outside of yourself, you see nothing and this frightens you. Seeing nothing frightens you. It is evident that you cannot control anything outside of you. Seeing nothing on the pathway ahead means your life is simply about you now. You have been used to looking outside of yourself to have your needs met. Now you are looking within. As you are moving into the depth of your heart, you gather everything you know about you and all your energies to this one space.

You have shed layers of wounding. Now, it is as if you have moved into a closet within your heart where you are looking at rubbish. You have identified the old aspects of your life that need to be thrown out. You will keep shedding layers and tossing out the rubbish until all you have left is your truth and your energy.

“Who am I?” you may be asking. “Since I know I can no longer look outside of myself for validation and gratification or for anything, who am I now?”

Looking for a toolbox is to search for what you need to take with you on your journey (other than yourself). You ask, “What can I bring with me?” In your toolbox are the tools you learn in your life about being who you are, and honoring and valuing your wonderful self. When you hit obstacles, these are the tools you will utilize.

You are beginning to release the patterns of isolation, separation, and duality within you. And when you look into the mirror now, you are beginning to enjoy who you see reflected there, as opposed to judging and shaming yourself. You can look into the mirror today and say, “I like this person; there must be something to this process.”

Old judgment and shame falls away as you integrate parts of yourself that you once avoided by honoring, valuing, and loving yourself from the depth of your heart. As you do this, energy emanates from your heart and raises the level of resonance and vibration within you. What comes next from you is a thought, “I would love to meet someone and begin to share this feeling with another soul.” Realize that the person you would like to meet is someone who feels the same as you do. And once the two of you get together, you both will wonder what it would be like to meet another person…and another.

By raising your vibration and level of resonance you attract those who are resonating at the same level. By moving in harmony, peace, and love with the essence of yourself—in congruence with your truth—you connect with a community outside of you.

You are now moving out into the world on a new pathway with a somewhat intact self and looking to give from the depth of your heart, enjoying how wonderful and glorious you are. World service occurs when you begin to look for ways to express yourself and ask, “What can I give?” Understand that this is why you are looking to attract and be with others who are at the same level of resonance as you.

You are wondering, “If I love myself this much, what would it be like to love and give to another?” There is more to your life than narcissism. There is more to life than just getting, accumulating, and consuming things, and making it all about Me. You are ready to give. You have realized that you can give to yourself because you have moved through a process to gain tools that guide you to support yourself. You also now realize that it is time to serve the world. However, you might feel a bit confused yet about the relationship between giving to yourself and giving to the world. This is why you have a bag of tools.

You are learning to give and receive in balance. As you consider what is and honor and value yourself, you become deeply aware of your self. You gain a sense of self. Thus, you are gravitating towards a deeper sense of knowing yourself, and understanding what this means in every moment. Becoming clear to you are the talents and gifts you used to create your life. So, you wonder, “If I give of my talents and gifts, which enable me to convey who I am to others, what will I receive in return? What do I need?

It is now time to open your heart and unlock the chains that surround it to reveal the depths of who you are. In a resonant community you may share your visions, yourself, your talents and gifts, and state your needs, set your boundaries, and express yourself to the fullest. It is time to “be” you and to live in a balance of giving and receiving with likeminded individuals from your own soul family of We-consciousness.

In the following process, begin to examine your relationships. Look at the people in your life and answer a series of questions to determine if those you are in relationship with are serving your highest good, and if you are serving theirs?

“Am I in these relationships to get something?”
“Am I giving something?”
“Am I in these relationships simply to remain in a comfort zone?”
“Am I frightened to be alone?”
“Am I looking to learn how to be alone, yet frightened to be alone?”
“Why am I in this relationship?”
“What is the relationship?”
“Why am I having this relationship?”
“Why is the relationship important to me?”
“Is it important to me?”

“What about the relationship I am having with myself allows me to remain in old relationships that no longer support my movement towards the greater good of myself so I can support the greater good of the whole?”

“Is there something far greater than the two of us that moves me towards something that has a meaning, value, and purpose greater than the comfort of our relationship?”

Look at the relationship you are having with yourself and ask:

“Is this relationship supporting my highest good?”
“Are the relationships I am having supporting my highest good?”
“If I am supporting my highest good in the relationship I am having with myself, am I supporting the highest good of those with whom I am having relationships?”
“Is their true intimacy in the relationship I am having with myself?”
“Is their true intimacy in the relationships I am having with others?”

Gaze at yourself in a mirror. Ask:
“Do I fully honor and value me?
“What feelings do I need to process to allow me to fully love myself and stand in my energy alone?”
“What does being alone mean to me?”

Take out a piece of paper and a pen and write down the definition of “alone” or “aloneness” that comes to your mind. Write the definition spontaneously from your heart. This is important because in order to connect to your soul’s divine plan and why you are on the path of creating a new world, you must stand alone and individuated, honoring and valuing who you are. Liberate your mind, move into your heart, and spontaneously write down what comes to you. For some, the definition will surprise and astonish you.

Then ask:

“Am I alone?”
“Do I enjoy being alone?”
“Can I be alone?”
“Can I truly stand in aloneness and know that I exist within it?”
“Can I give to me?”
“Am I giving to me?”
“Am I giving what I need to myself—or am I looking outside of myself to get what I think is not within me yet?”

“Is there something I could give myself that would allow me to stand alone, loving, honoring, and giving to myself?”

You have the power to transcend your shame and judgment of yourself. What path do you choose to follow? Do you choose to travel into your heart or will you go directly into your mind and listen to the chatter you find there, voices that are remnants of what Mom and Dad said or did that you believed meant you were unworthy, unlovable, bad, and wrong? Thoughts like these are conditioned; meaning, what they say does not have to be the foundation of your reality. What is real is in the depth of your heart. Do you choose to move into your heart and look at yourself through the eyes from your heart?

You are ready to connect with your soul’s divine plan. Therefore, we ask you to acknowledge your worthiness, your accomplishments, and the strides you have taken to arrive at this place in time. Look at where extraneous mental energy holds you in a place and renders your talents and gifts useless. Find what you shame and judge about you. Find where you can release the extraneous energy that surrounds you, so you can begin to step out onto the pathway into the unknown. You are allowed to have a new life. You no longer need to prove to anyone that you are worthy of it, you simply are. Move into your heart with acceptance and compassion and know that you are worthy to be exactly where you are. You are allowed to have the life that you have determined you want.

JOEL ANASTASI, Spiritual Journalist and Author

The Life Mastery Program is a guide for empowering you to create the life you want and the courage to live it. Joel Anastasi developed this sixteen-lesson self-help program from teachings of the Archangelic Realm of Michael channeled by Jeff Fasano. Life Mastery helps you consider the meaning of your life and, if you choose, guides you to develop a new life path by exploring the questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What should I be doing with my life? The program begins to shift your consciousness in a way that will change you and your life forever.




You may be tested with deep feelings, including the fear of being alone.

Many of you have never been alone.

Many do not understand what truly being alone is.

Being truly alone involves life masteryfully standing alone, fully making that choice, fully letting go of the attachments to what is outside of you.

The willingness to completely stand alone is an important step in fully taking responsibility for your own life.

Identifying and seeing your attachments will reveal to you how you resist being alone and may trigger core feelings and wounds.


1. Spontaneously, from your heart, write down your definition of alone.

(To connect with the authentic you and create a new path for your life, you must be willing to stand alone, individuated, honoring and valuing who you are.)

Your definition may surprise you.

2. Ask yourself:

      . What does being alone mean to me?
      . Can I be alone?
      . Do I enjoy being alone?
      . Am I giving what I need to myself?
      . Am I looking outside myself to get what I think I lack?
      . Can I stand alone, loving, honoring, and giving to myself?

3. During this next week, be alone with you as much as you can. You will begin to find out what it is like to be truly alone. Many of you have negative connotations about being alone:

      . “I have been fighting the feeling of being alone all my life.
      . “Alone is bad.”
      . “Alone means I am not liked or loved.”

Be with the feelings that come up for you and write them down.

4. The experience of being alone will help you begin to assess your relationship with yourself and how that affects your relationships with others. Record in your journal your experience of being alone and your answers to these questions:

      . Am I giving what I need to myself? Or am I looking outside myself to get what I think is not within me?

      . What could I give to myself that would allow me to stand alone, loving, honoring, and giving to myself?