Wednesday, March 29, 2017



From the Council of Archangelic Realms (CAR)
Received by Phillip Elton Collins

Dear Beloved Earth Beings,
Since there is very little truth in what you call reality, we would like to present COSMIC CODES OF TRUTH. Imagine your life and world redesigned around these cosmic truths, if you so choose: Master as many of these thirty Codes as you can. Each one is your ticket to your divine destiny:

*Formless is ALL THERE IS
*Unknowing is wisdom waiting 
*The portal to self-empowerment is your heart
*You are One with the Light
*You are transitioning from dense carbon to light crystalline
*You are becoming formless in being the light
*You are becoming One with the light
*Light is your and your planet’s final end
*Know there are universal laws and equations you are mastering to be masters of them
*You knowing heart has stored from all your lifetimes within it all you need
*You have agreed to everything you are experiencing; your ownership is your freedom
* You are destined to become universal master teachers by mastering world service
*You have had many life times on this planet and others
*Only by mastering frequency and vibration can you create your final golden age
* You are all One: light=dark; right=wrong; male=female; problem=solution; duality=oneness; bad=good; fear=love; what is not=what is.
* All this is to learn to be and master love
*Knowledge can become wisdom when applied when needed
*Consciousness will allow your soul to become spirit
*Only by experiencing all you have experienced can you release and free yourself of it
*You have only begun to know and accept how amazing you
*You do not fully understand who and what your home planet is (a conscious living being)
*By knowing you are ONE with ALL THERE IS, you become it.
*Humanity is the key that opens the doorway to Oneness
*You can only be free by knowing you are light born, not Earth born
*You are the key to all wisdom, knowing there is only now
*The Law that sent forth the light is the Word (Consciousness) of ALL THERE IS
*The power of your word creates your life
*The Word (Creation) came from chaos; calm the chaos and you have peace
*Know that all is Peace from chaos transmuted into light
* Know you are creation experiencing all aspects of itself to become the master teachers of the universe

Dear ones master as many of these thirty COSMIC CODES OF TRUTH as you can. Each one is your ticket to your divine destiny…