Friday, March 3, 2017



I have not attended a political rally since 1940 when my parents took me (I was five) to a rally for Franklyn Delano Roosevelt--until last Saturday here in South Florida.

A few women who had never met until the morning of the protest rally organized the event on the internet. It was their response to Senator Marco Rubio’s refusal to meet with constituents whom he said were paid agitators and described as loud and rude.

More than 300 people showed up.  I confess I was quite moved by this expression of democracy, especially by the 50 or so citizens who marched up one by one to state what they would say to Senator Rubio if he had deigned to meet with them. They were smart, articulate, caring and alarmed at what they viewed as President Trump’s assault on our democracy and his policies on such issues as health care, immigrants, ban on Muslims and the environment.

The women organizers, all local mothers, were intelligent, funny and welcoming (no paid agitators here). All I could think of was the wisdom from St Germain, which I had included in a recent blog titled, I AM WOMAN HERE ME ROAR:

“It will be the women of the world that will lead the planet and this nation into its light.”

There were many men at this rally, but the clear majority were women, many with children.

“It is the imbalance of the masculine and feminine, the masculine attempting to subjugate the feminine, that is creating much of the chaos and imbalance in your world, St Germain continued. “The women have had enough. What you are seeing within your new government, recently inaugurated, is the white men’s boys club coming forward, are you not? The women are seeing this, and they are rallying, they are protesting, and they will create a parallel existence, a parallel choice to the old.”

This week I discussed my experience at the rally with St Germain (channeled by Phillip Collins). Here is a portion of our conversation:

St Germain: There are many coming into the democratic process who have never been in the process before due to the threat of losing that democratic process.

Now you are beginning to see the reason this is taking place, the reason that these United States have chosen to select an individual who, in effect, is uniting you, not dividing you. Who is uniting you within and in a way unlike recent recorded history since becoming the United States of America. Many of you who have never been involved, including yourselves, in the democratic process, who sat on the sidelines and watched it as a spectator, are now understanding the importance of the participation of democracy.

“It is the participation within the process itself that allows it to unfold, sustain and preserve itself. That is what you are witnessing. You can no longer take it for granted. The thing that maintains and sustains it is your energy, your personalized, individuated energy into the collective consciousness of knowing that this is important for you individually and collectively and is worthy of preserving.”

Joel: When half the people don’t even vote, they obviously are taking their democracy for granted.

SG: “It is that half, that portion, who will become activated and understand their participation matters. That is what is being revealed at this time. So perhaps your blog, beloved student, can address this, exactly what is happening with the activation and the participation of those who have never done so before.

Share your personal experience in the gathering you recently participated in and how that felt and how it was led by the feminine energy, the women of the world coming together to create love, peace and equality, harmony and balance.

It is my great pleasure to do so, dear St Germain.
Joel Anastasi

Co-founder, The Angel News Network