Sunday, March 26, 2017


Joel Anastasi
Co-founder, The Angel News Network
With St. Germain channeled by Phillip Collins


Before the founding of the United States of America, virtually every country in the world was headed by a ruler—King, Czar, Prince, etc.

Theirs was not a government of the people; theirs was a government of the ruler designed
to protect the power and interests of the ruler and a small circle of royals, no matter how burdensome to its citizens. It was the “intolerable acts” of England’s King George III that triggered the American Revolution.

Our American Revolution created a new form of government, a representative democracy designed to create a government of the people with equality and freedom for all (still not fully realized). These freedoms were protected by a Constitution it was hoped would preserve “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for its citizens forever.

Our Founding Fathers knew that one of the biggest threats to the survival of our democracy was the abuse of Executive Power that could reshape the presidency from a servant of the people to a ruler of the people.

“I am committed to the Constitution of the country. And I am committed against everything which may weaken, endanger or destroy it and especially against all extension of Executive Power. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be kind masters, but they mean to be masters. They think there need be but little restraint upon themselves. The love of power may sink too deep in their own hearts.”
Daniel Webster.

“In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.”
Thomas Jefferson

Those of you who have been reading my blogs know that I am writing these messages based on new teachings of St. Germain, the ascendant master who inspired our Founding Fathers to create the founding documents for the United States of America.

The founding of the United States was a critical step in the eventual unification of mankind throughout the planet, reflecting our oneness as individual expressions of the one creator.  The Constitution of the United States provides an organizing structure for that unity to take root by creating a nation built on the freedoms required to create a culture of equality, harmony and balance.

 Just as St. Germain guided our forefathers to create our Constitution, so he is guiding us now through this period of chaos that appears to be rapidly unfolding in this country and planet. But preserving the democratic government of the United States of America is our responsibility through our freedom of will and choice.

That is why his warnings about the tyrant are so important to the survival of democracy in the United States and the world today.

St. Germain: “There is much division happening within your United States. This chaos is a preamble to your creation, to the clearing and cleansing which are necessary for these United States in order for you to fully embrace your divine mission of being the light of the world.”

St. Germain has given us a new teaching he calls 100 Tenets of the Tyrant. The tyrant represents the abuse of Executive Power that worried our Founding Fathers.

Donald Trump, St. Germain says, embodies many of the characteristics of tyrants we have seen in other countries over the last century.

“I wanted to bring this teaching forward so you could prevent this from happening again by being aware of it step by step by step because each one of these Tenets of the Tyrant contains an energetic awareness. Once you become aware and conscious of it, you can make the choice or not to shift and change it.”

In future blogs I will present some key Tenets. Here are five:

1. Often the tyrant goes through a distorted transmutation where he proclaims himself the true and only leader. He joins hands with his wounds and ego defenses in a mission to vanquish the free spirit of humanity, often inflicting the greatest crimes against his own people.

(Mr. Trump has declared many times, “only I” can fix what is wrong with America. President Obama responded, the American people are not looking for a “ruler.”)

2. The “beast” shall create unrest, struggle and hate in the whole nation and thence in other nations. He shall poison relations between peoples and states of all countries by envy, hatred, struggle and warfare. The watchwords are force and hypocrisy.

(Over the last year Mr. Trump has demonized immigrants, Muslims, Mexicans, triggered an explosion of hate crimes against mosques and Jewish temples and cemeteries, has attacked and attempted to invalidate our free press and repeatedly made charges and claims not supported by facts, creating confusion and chaos--a common tactic used by tyrants to win control of
governments and peoples.)

3. The tyrant will paint the alleged misdeeds of foreign governments with lies and confrontations and create so much ill-feelings towards them that “we the people” would rather bear slavery, which offers order and peace than have freedom.”

(Mr. Trump has been attacking our closest defense partners (NATO, Japan) accusing them of “not paying their fair share,” and even questioning their value. He accuses our chief trading partners of cheating us in “unfair deals,” which he threatens to unilaterally correct. Meanwhile, he repeatedly praises the world’s most powerful dictator, Putin, and the nation he rules, Russia, which represent the greatest threats to freedom and democracy.  Our democratic allies are confused, and although Mr. Trump has been president little more than two months, they are already questioning the future role of the United States as the leader of the free world.)

4. The tyrant blames others for the ills of life, turning counter revolution into a spiritual crusade, even arousing the deeply held religious beliefs of the people in favor of his cause.

(Many of the citizens of the United States voted for Mr. Trump because they see themselves falling behind economically, losing manufacturing jobs, and they believed him when he said he would bring jobs and factories back to America and solve the economic “mess” created by the political establishment. Seeing Trump as a political outsider and his apparent success as a businessman, many believed his promises to revitalize the economy. But, St. Germain says, Mr. Trump did not expect to win the election, has no plans to improve health care or revitalize the economy and cannot bring back jobs based on obsolete technologies and energy. But he is using the discontent and anger of his supporters to attack the judicial system, the separation of church and state, the freedom of the press and has appointed people to head important government agencies who have been enemies of the mission of the agency they now head--a perfect set up to dismantle protections of health, education, the environment and many other agencies created to control potential abuses by powerful organizations that influence much of what happens in our government, country and economy.)

5. If the tyrant tells lies often enough, one day the people will accept his lies as benefactors and saviors of the people’s needs and (erroneous) belief systems.

(Historians, government officials and a wide array of political observers increasingly are expressing concern about Mr. Trump’s disregard for accuracy or truth in his statements as president. The cover of the current issue of Time Magazine asks the question: IS TRUTH DEAD? When truth dies, freedom dies with it.)

“Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”
Benjamin Franklin