Thursday, October 17, 2013

Archangel Michael Five Agreements: Introduction

The Teachings of Archangel Michael's Five Agreements

These Five Agreements (channeled by Jeff Fasano author ofJourney of the Awakened Heart) were presented to us by Michael in 2007 as “Guidelines to live your life by.” They are the foundation of The Angel News Network.

We make these agreements with OURSELVES to raise our consciousness so that we may fully live our life mission.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to emerge into a new Life?

Have you reached the point whether you know it or not consciously where you feel you are ready, open and available to all that is coming to you and what you say you want on your pathway in this lifetime?

What you say you want is not necessarily anything outside of you that will give you something to validate and gratify you to know who you are and why you are here. It is within.

Have you moved through a process to know this?

Many of you may be entrenched in the old and some may just be getting a glimpse of the new.

Are ready to find out where you truly are and move within to find where the future lies and where you are going out in the world?

First however there are aspects you must know and this is “Five Agreements”.

These are agreements we make with OURSELVES to raise our consciousness and awaken the truth in our hearts. And through Archangel Michael they have been given to us to use as a guideline to live our lives.

This program will be a step by step process through these agreements utilizing the teachings of Archangel Michael to guide and support you so that you can embody them, know their relevance and importance, and in doing so live the life you say you want and give of your talents and gifts in Service to the World.

When embodying these agreements through this process and commitment you will then be on a perpetual movement forward and towards a deeper awakening your heart and the life you want to live 


You are now beginning an entrainment process and also beginning to look for your purpose in this lifetime to reveal why you are here. Are you asking yourself why am I here? Are you ready to open to fulfill your soul's divine plan and for your purpose to be revealed to you?

This is a process that will allow you to partake in a new journey in your life while discovering your purpose that will be revealed through knowing who you are. Do you know who you are? Do you know your talents and gifts? Are you loving, embodying and valuing you and your talents and gifts? As you begin this new journey and voyage We ask you to ask yourself the question who am I? Do I know who I am? Do I honor value and love me? Has my wounded little child run my life? Or is me, the adult now directing my life? Do I have choices in my life? Am I making pure energetic choices that are based on my needs and boundaries? And am I always being aware of those with who I am in relationship with?

Do you fully know your talents and gifts? Are you honoring and valuing your talents and gifts? Do you have attachments to these talents and gifts? As you give of your talents and gifts out in the world, are there attachments when doing this? What surfaces where abundance, prosperity and success is concerned? Are you looking outside of you in the world to get something to fill up a mythical emptiness you may feel?

Your answers to these questions form the basis of how honest and truthful you are with yourself. It is called impeccability of the word. Are you being impeccable to you? As you look into the mirror and directly into your eyes can you ask these questions to find out exactly where you are? For if in fact you choose to partake in this new journey it is most important that your cards are placed on the table face up so everyone in your life can see them. So you can look into your own eyes and the eyes of another and know exactly where you are truthfully.

It is now time to be the adult. Yet the only way you can do this is if you take responsibility for yourself in your life. If you have discovered your purpose and it is as a light worker, a way shower, a healer or simply someone who you can look at another and say, "I can help you" the only way this can happen is if you fully take responsibility for you.

This new journey is about moving out into the “we” because life now is about the “we”. It is no longer solely about you. You are simply a participant in this new journey. Yet, you are taking full responsibility for your life and making adult choices. Or is the little wounded boy or girl still running your life and you are looking outside of you for mom and dad to guide you in life?

Life now is now about community, harmony and equality. And if you subscribe to this (the we) it is about equality and the balance of giving and receiving, balancing the male and female energies. It is now time to grow up for this is what this journey is about. If you have chosen to be a light worker, a way shower in the world, with that comes a greater responsibility to others. It is not about blindly walking in the unknown and saying, " I am a light worker, I am a healer, I am a messenger." By saying this comes a level of responsibility that only an adult can take. This begins with you individually taking responsibility for your life. Are you doing this or are you giving that responsibility to another?

This new journey is a communion of like-minded adults who are fully revealing their essence to the world where the mask is no longer involved. Yet when it is, you are honest and impeccable with yourself and know that the mask has revealed itself. This is consciousness. It is about leaving the “narcissistic me” at the door and making that decision so that the narcissism of the me has nothing to do with your excursion and voyage into the we as a light worker.

As the New Age light worker and way shower it is about taking full responsibility for yourself and being your message. Are you being your message? Or are you sinking back into a life where the wounded little child runs that life and you are making decisions in codependent relationships that are based upon filling up a mythical emptiness you may feel within you. Are you having this type of relationship? Are you having a relationship with yourself and others where there is an equal balance of giving and receiving? Is the relationship one where two adults are in the relationship or are there two little children using each other to simply put a band aid on the wound so that you know you are safe and secure and comfortable?

It is now time to take full responsibility and stand in the power of you walking into the unknown and connecting with like-minded individuals who are on the same path as you. It is about being an adult now and growing into a place where you are taking responsibility. Yet most importantly entertaining the feelings that hold you in the wounds of the child. Are you fully feeling your feelings? Are you releasing having the need for others to be exactly the way you want them to be in order to be safe and secure in the relationship? Or can you see the other for who they are and honor and value them as you honor and value yourself? Then ask, does this relationship resonate for me or doesn't it? What in that relationship resonates for me? And what in it doesn't? Is this a relationship I say I want? Can I state my needs and set my boundaries. And since they are my needs and boundaries can I state them purely as they come from the essence of my heart?

What We are explaining to you is the definition of being an adult. Are you an adult? Those who choose to partake in this journey and enjoy the excursion and voyage know that it is abut joy. It is not a task that you trudge through in a mission to satisfy the needs of mankind. It is a joyous journey for the natural state of being is joy. Are you enjoying your process through life? Are you enjoying your relationships? Is joy predominant in your life? Does joy dominate your life? Or is it about trudging through life on a mission thinking that this is the way it should be? Are you enjoying yourself?

Are you now at a place wondering if in fact a new journey through life resonates for you? Are you in a place to honor and value and love you. Does this journey fully resonate for you based upon being an adult? Are you available to life? Are you available to opening up the depth and breadth of your heart to life? Are you available to be in a place of taking responsibility as an adult? Are you available and open to be in relationship with others who are divinely led to be in relationship with you?

Can you be an adult now? 

Can you be who you are?

Move now within the depth of your heart to see if what We have just said to you resonates for you. Are you ready to take the next step in life, the next step in the we and the next step on the journey of your life as an adult and take responsibility for yourself?

As you look around you in the third dimensional realm, most of what transpires within each individual is a wounded little child running their life. This is rampant in your third dimension. Thus what is most important, if in fact you have chosen as your purpose in this lifetime to be a light worker and a way shower is the impeccability of your word and being you. Impeccably being an adult and taking responsibility for your life. Moving through these Five Agreements will be a course to see where you are on your path to adulthood. 

Are You Available? 

As you move further on the pathway of this journey look at where you were when you first decided to commit it. Look at from where you have come. Look behind you at your life, not at the old but at where you were when began moving through these Five Agreements. Look at where you are and how far you have come within yourself. Look at how far you have come in your lifetime. 

What is happening inside of you?

Have you gained a greater sense of self?

What are you still judging and shaming?

Have you gained a greater sense of who you are through this process? Have you gained a greater sense of intimacy through this process? Have you opened up your heart to yourself and others?

Are you seeing the equality of others now?

Where are you?

Write down where you are at this most important time as you stridently move through your journey. What has transpired in your life up until now? 

It is now time to receive yourself in the moment and live in the moment. We have asked you to look at what is in your life. What is in your life might be outside of you. What is in your life is you. What is in your life is the moment you have right now. Time is moving quickly and stridently, are you stating to the world who you are? Are you stating your endeavors to the world? Are your endeavors defined? Are you defined in the world? Meaning, do you know your purpose? Are you ready to connect with your divine plan? Have you connected with your divine plan? Or are you just thinking about it? Are you wondering why you are here? 

Why are you here? 

You are now ready to begin the process to know this.

In conjunction with writing down where you are, We ask you to write down why you are here or why you might think you are here or know why you are here.

In order to continue your journey through this lifetime knowing your purpose and why you are here it is important in order to connect to your divine plan. What might that divine plan look like for you? Why are you here? What is your purpose in this lifetime? Write this down and share this with your brethren if you choose. This is important if you are now ready to define your life. Is your life defined? Are you defined? Are your talents and gifts defined? Or are you still seeking it? Are you seeking it outside of you?

Are you looking outside of you to fill yourself up with what you think is in your life? Are you in your life? Are you the captain of your ship? Are you in charge of your life? 

The only way you can move stridently on the pathway in world service as the light worker, the way shower so you can show the way for others who are coming to you is if you know who you are and why you are here. This is an ever-growing process yet if you are now truly ready to continue your journey through life in a higher state of consciousness and in world service, it is important to ask yourself, am I still searching outside of me for me? Am I still searching outside of me for those in my life to tell me why I am here? Am I looking outside of me for others to tell me my purpose? Am I looking for my divine plan? Or am I walking on the pathway in the unknown knowing who I am, my talents and gifts and allowing myself to remain in charge of my life so I can simply open up to receive in congruence and be available to those and the opportunities that are coming to me on this pathway as I now move toward those and the opportunities? 

Are you available and ready to what is coming to you on this pathway? The only way in which you can receive those and the opportunities that are coming to you is if you are fully available to them. The only way you are fully available as the light worker and the way shower in world service is if you continually move in a personal process processing and releasing those aspects of the narcissistic me that hold you in lack, limitation and struggling to survive life or “smallness” thus unavailable. 

You are moving up a stairway ascending in your lifetime, are you fully available in life? Within your personal process are you seeing where you still remain unavailable. What are the feelings you continually avoid? Do you even know what those feelings are? It is time to commit to a personal process. It is time to commit to you. It is time to let go of anything outside of you where your energy is depleted and no longer serves your highest good and your purpose in this lifetime. Are you committed in your process? Look at the first two agreements. Is it world service you say are here for? And if you are saying this, what process are you in personally to allow you to move yourself out of your own way? 

Loving Yourself 

You are now opening up to the greatness of you and fully revealing who you are. Do you know who you are? Are you gaining a greater sense of who you are? Or are your defending and masking who you are by saying what others might want to hear? Are you saying what you think others might want to hear? Are you fully moving into the truth, transparency and authenticity of you to be who you are? Are you moving into the depth and breadth of you to receive yourself?

When you speak do you hear yourself? Are you listening to yourself and wondering, what am I saying to everyone outside of me? Am I speaking my truth or am I saying what I think I would like to say. Are you saying I wish I was there, I hope I am there, I think I am there but I am not there. I am hoping to just get there. Are you saying what you think that everyone would like to hear so you can keep the old self in place because you are comfortable there? Where are you?

Are you defending the old self? Or are you fully opening up to the transparency of self? Do you avoid receiving? Do you speak to avoid receiving? Do you push your energy to avoid receiving? Do you sink and indulge into the depth of your feelings to avoid receiving? Do you look to get something from another to avoid receiving? Is another just an object to you? What do you do to avoid receiving? When defending the ego eloquently, perfectly avoids receiving. Where are you avoiding receiving love? What do you utilize to avoid receiving love? Are you receiving love? Are you receiving when another speaks to you and hear what another says? Or are you waiting to speak? Are you speaking inordinately in order to avoid receiving love? Are you pushing your energy to avoid receiving? Are you sinking and indulging into the depth of you to avoid receiving? Are you giving yourself away to avoid receiving? Are you objectifying another in order to get something from them in order to avoid receiving? Are you fully present in each and every moment to receive? What do you use to avoid receiving?

As you now move into the last and final agreement, Receiving Love, We Ask you, are you avoiding receiving? We will begin here by looking at receiving from another. When another presents a possible solution to a problem or to help you and offer guidance, do you receive what they are offering? Or do you refuse it in order to avoid receiving it? Do you begin with no? Or with yes, yes I am open? Then with discernment I will see what resonates for me or what no longer resonates for me. Do you begin with no when another offers something that just may move you out of a comfort zone? Or do you say, I am open to receive what you have to say and yes I am here to receive it? Then through discernment determine for yourself what resonates and what doesn’t? Are you receiving love?

The only way to walk on the new pathway through life as the light worker and way shower is by receiving love. It is a challenge for all of you. What feelings come up when another comes to give you guidance or may just wants to touch you? What happens to you physically? What parts of your body react to when another wants to give to you? Does your jaw clench? Do your shoulders immediately tighten and rise to protect you? Receiving love can be a complicated process for it is through the defense and the old ego that makes it complicated. What do you attach to receiving love? Do you think that you have to give yourself up if in fact another gives love to you or attempts to? Do you have to let your guard down in order to receive love? When another comes to you to give love can you be aware of what you do? Can you be aware of your process when another simply says, I can offer you this or praises you? What happens in those moments when another offers love to you? Do you say no based upon your defense? When another comes to you to support your highest good do you say no?

Look at your relationships. Are you receiving love in these relationships? Is there a balance of giving and receiving? Or are you in these relationships giving yourself away in order to be loved? Are you taking care of another’s needs so you will be loved? Are you telling another what you think they should be doing and in doing that think you will be loved? Look at your relationships and ask, is there a true, authentic and transparent balance of giving and receiving? Or are you in a relationship to fill up an emptiness within and you think this is love? Is love to you yearning after love? Are you in a constant state of yearning after what isn’t there and perhaps what is not available to you in life? Do you think this is what love is?

We ask you to define love for yourself? Not what you think love is in a universal way or what you think love should be. In your life now, what is love? Is there love in your life now? Is there full self-love in your life right now? Are you giving to you all the time? The only way in which you can love and have love in your life is by giving love to you. Meaning this, “Michael I am now setting the intention for a significant other and I am now ready to give this love to me.” Are you giving love to yourself and in turn receiving it? Are you giving to yourself in each and every moment in each and every day and receiving that love? Or are you simply going about your day doing and doing and doing some more to avoid the feelings in each and every moment to receive when doing the giving? Do you simply run amok each and every day avoiding your feelings? Are you doing and doing some more for another and you think you are receiving love?

How do you measure receiving love when you give love? Meaning, are you receiving in balance? Are you receiving an equal amount of energy in return when you are expending energy with others? How do you measure this? There are all facets to measure receiving love. Yet it is all based upon giving love. Are you giving with attachments” As if to say, “when I give this to you, you then better love me”. I am going to take care of you, so then you should love me.” Can you be loved for simply being who you are? Who are you? Are you worthy to receive love? Are you good enough to receive love? Are you perfect enough to receive love?

Will the nurturing be consistent when you open your heart to receive love? Or do you put a veil over your heart when you begin to yearn and then yearn after what is unavailable? Again, look at your relationships. Are those with whom you are in relationship with fully available to receive love? Are you giving love in order to receive love? There is a balance to this. Look at your attachments when you think you are giving to another. When another organically, perfectly and divinely begins to receive that love without your attachment to it, how does that make you feel? Does it raise your resonance and vibration? Do you move to a place of fulfillment and joy when another hears you and receives you? Are you even aware when you give love and if it is received by another? Are you open to simply receive when another says thank you?

You are moving to a very precocious place in this process. It is about opening your heart with discernment to see what your attachments are when giving love and where you defend when receiving love if in fact you are ready to receive love. Take note of your physical body and what transpires when another attempts to give to you. Make note in your mental body, your emotional body and your spiritual body what transpires when another attempts to give to you.

Write down your definition of love. Not what you think it is or what you would like it to be. In your life now where are you receiving love or yearning after it? Is it about the drama of love?Are you in love with being in love? Is it a fact of life for you or is it a phantasmagoric dream of love? Is it romantic love through the drama of romance? Understand that this does not exist.

In order to fully love another it is time to give to yourself the love you always wanted. Are you ready to examine where love is within you? Are you ready to examine your relationships regarding love? Is there love in your relationships or are there attachments in your relationships? Is there love in the relationship you are having with yourself? Or do you simply meander through life wondering when you will find the love of your life? These exercises are crucial to continue your journey through life.