Thursday, October 3, 2013

Teachings of Michael Channeled and Scribed Jeff Fasano

Teachings of Archangel Michael
Channeled and Scribed by Jeff Fasano

From the Archangelic realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you as you move deeper into the depth and breadth of your heart space and opening to the grandness of self, the greatness of self and the uniqueness of self.  At this moment in time on your earthly plane a new portal is opening for each and every one of you to step into that greatness and powerfulness and uniqueness in order to see this in the mirror. In many ways, shapes and forms each of you have chosen the path of the light worker and way shower and bringing your talents and gifts out into the world that  is simply what you utilize to express yourself. Your talents and gifts are what you utilize to simply express the being-ness of self as you are being who you are.

On your pathway into we consciousness as the portal opens, each of you is ready and poised at this specific time on your earthly plain to express yourself, express the full being-ness of self. The way in which you do this is by utilizing your unique talents and gifts. You are taking your unique talents and gifts and expressing the being-ness or the uniqueness of the self.  This is the basis for your modalities because each and every one of you has something very important to share with your constituency or your fellow human. There are specific reasons why you have chosen to share what you choose to share and are based on the experiences you have had in this lifetime. Based on the experiences you have had in this lifetime, you have chosen to express yourself through your talents and gifts. You are using the modality, the teachings, the messages and exercises you have chosen to bring to the world, to make people aware of what is in the depth and breadth of them. 

This is a full energetic transfer. You are connecting with your constituency based upon your frequency, vibration and your energy. Like-minded individuals are connecting with you who are on a similar path, have a similar purpose and mission. They connect with you energetically (your energetic constituency) so you can bring your talents and gifts and fully express yourself through those talents and gifts and bring your modalities, your teachings, your lessons, exercises and messages to the world so you can raise awareness, raise consciousness and share your experiences within this.  

*What We are bringing to you in The We Consciousness Conversations are  lessons, exercises and messages so you can bring more clearly and defined, what you are bringing to the world and do it in we consciousness. You will be able to look at your modalities, look at your self, at where you are in your life and how it corresponds to your modality, your talents and gifts and who you are. Asking the questions why are you bringing your modality to the world and are you doing it in we consciousness? It is a step-by-step process of moving within to the depth and breadth of your heart space to fully recognize yourself, refine and define the self and thus in tandem refine and define your modalities to bring your modalities out into the world in full we consciousness.

What you are doing dear ones is expressing yourself. You are now moving into the transition period of your year of 2013, the next four months of this year.  For many the first four months were about releasing more of the old, the old habits, patterns and rituals and the old behaviors. As well as releasing old past lifetime memories, recognizing old trauma, experiencing this old trauma and the feelings related to it so you can experience all of this. By releasing this you can move into the next phase, the transition period, so you can begin to fully be who you are and express who you are.   

A portal in time is now opening for you and it is about full self-expression. So We ask you, are you here to fully express yourself? Many of you are moving out into the world in full expression of self and bringing your teachings, and modalities to the world so you can speak your truth. *These bodies of teachings, these seven conversations are about speaking your truth.  Moving to the core essence and the truth of self and your modality. Moving to the core essence in authenticity and transparency so you can be the message, the modality, the teachings, lessons and exercises that you are giving to others. Are you being what you are giving to the world? Does your life reflect what you are asking others to look at? Are you looking at it in we consciousness? This is a self-examination as well as examining your modalities, teachings, lessons and exercises that you are bringing out into the world.

We ask you, are you ready to express yourself to the masses? Are you ready to express yourself to each other? Are you ready to be who you are? Are you ready to bring your modalities out into the world and do it in conjunction with others? Or are you looking to stand at your pulpit recite to others what you need to recite and receive gratification and validation of it? If it is gratification and validation you are looking for, it is time to look at this.

It is about giving your talents and gifts that fully express who you are and creating the balance of giving and receiving, we consciousness. The balance of giving and receiving is we consciousness in community, harmony and equality. Within self- expression is telling the world your uniqueness. We consciousness and the new world of community, harmony and equality is where the uniqueness of the individual is celebrated. The old paradigm is: follow the herd, fall in line, follow the mythical deified leader and they will lead you to the promised land, join in, fit in.  We consciousness is where each individuated adult on their soul’s divine plan following their passion, finding their purpose and completing their mission is done through the uniqueness of self. Our teachings here to fore were about loving, honoring and valuing you. So We ask you, do you fully know who you are? Do you fully love, honor and value who you are?   Are you being who you are? If you are dear ones, you are ready to take the next and vital steps into We Consciousness.