Thursday, October 10, 2013


We Consciousness Support Forum
September 6th, 2013
Archangel Michael
Channeled by Jeff Fasano

This is Michael.  As you are now moving into the depth and breadth of your heart space, deeper in to the depth and breadth of your heart space and moving into the grandness of self, the greatness of self, the wonderment of self, as you are now moving on the pathway, moving deeper into the depth and breadth of your heart space and opening up to a greater sense of self.  And now in many cases, in a case-by-case basis in your vernacular, each and every one of you are moving closer towards a greater love of self because you are now opening your heart to yourself.

So what We ask you to do, dear ones, is open your heart.  In this very moment in time, open your heart, dear ones, open your hearts and allow your essence to flow out into the world freely.  Open your hearts to transparency.  Open your heart to authenticity.  Open your heart to show the world the essence of you.  How does that make you feel, dear ones?  What are the feelings that might be coming up in this moment?  As you open your heart and present yourself to the world, how does that make you feel, dear ones?

This, dear ones, is where you are headed.  This, dear ones, is what will be transpiring as you move forward into We Consciousness.  Opening up the depth and breadth of you, in full revelation of you, revealing yourself to the world.

We have been speaking many times to you, dear ones, about judgment and shame and as We speak this to you right now, does judgment and shame arise within you?  You see, dear ones, it is about moving into the full beingness of  self, the uniqueness and the full beingness of yourself and allowing yourself the recognition of the uniqueness of the self, recognizing yourself.  Do you recognize yourselves, dear ones? 

Moving into full recognition of the essence of self, in the depth and breadth of your heart space, is only attainable by releasing the mask.  Each and every one of you moves from time to time in your third dimensional realm with the mask in place.  Each and every one of you, to some degree or not.  It is important, dear ones, to notice and observe when you are doing that.  Are you fully being you?  Or do you take a calculated risk when walking out amongst the others in your third dimensional realm, that I will maybe; quite possibly expose all of me to the world.  Or, do I keep the mask in place just enough so I will feel safe and secure?

Do you feel safe and secure, dear ones?  Is that your objective, is to feel safe and secure?  By projecting the mask outside of yourself in the third dimensional realm that will give you the false notion or pretense that you are safe and secure.

So, We ask you, dear ones, open your heart space.  Allow that effervescent white light to shine out on the world in the full beingness of you in transparency and authenticity of you.  It is time, dear ones, to be you.  It is time to release looking for acceptance outside of yourself.  It is time to ask yourself:  Is it okay to be me?  Is it perfectly acceptable by me to be me?

You see, dear ones, the reason why the mask has been put into place is because each and every one of you is seeking love, seeking love.  I just want to be loved.  The old behavior was I will do this to be loved.  I will give myself up to be loved.  I will create this mask and be whatever they want me to be to be loved.   So We ask you to open up to the love in the essence of yourself and allow that to shine out on the world.  I am me.  I love me and I am going to show me to everyone out in the world.  I will be with my feelings that come up.  I feel exposed.  I feel not good enough.  I feel not perfect enough.

You see, dear ones, it is when those feelings arise within you, amongst many more, is when the heart shuts down and you move into the mental body and utilize the mask because you need to avoid those feelings.  I am feeling exposed, I am feeling not good enough, I am feeling not perfect enough, I am frightened.  I am feeling unsafe.  I am feeling out of control, so I will put up my mask and then I am in control of everything.

It is time, dear ones, to fully feel your feelings and be whom you are.  It is no longer a feasible choice, dear ones, if in fact, you are moving forward and towards in this lifetime as Wayshowers and Light Workers, to avoid your feelings.  If you continue to avoid your feelings, dear ones, you will remain in the old habits, patterns and rituals of creating that mask to avoid your feelings.

As you move into a multi-dimensional awareness in We Consciousness, it is time now, dear ones, to feel your feelings and be you.  For you are not those feelings, they are just feelings.  So, dear ones, open your hearts to yourselves and love you.  Can you love you where you are?  Can you love you for being you?  Can you love you as you are in the present moment and congregate with an open heart with others?  Because, dear ones, as you move along the pathway in your third dimensional realm, and as you move within and heal what needs to be healed, you raise your awareness and consciousness to self along with your resonance and vibration.

And with that, dear ones, while connecting to your soul fragment’s divine plan and your mission and purpose, you will be connecting with those on your pathway, resonating and vibrating similarly to you, if not the same, but also, dear ones, on the same pathway as you, meaning, they are moving within, they are healing and they are opening their heart space and feeling their feelings.

So, if in fact, dear ones, you are moving along your pathway, look at your relationships.  It is these new relationships in We Consciousness that will allow you to be who you are in the accompaniment of others who are doing the same and within that opening up communication to simply express where you are, when you are, and what you are feeling.  And as each individual is accepting each other and themselves with acceptance and compassion, you will never be judged and shamed.  You will be accepted in We Consciousness for uniqueness and being you.

And with that, dear ones, are there various questions and points of interest you have regarding, dear ones, your pathway.  Welcome, dear ones.