Monday, October 14, 2013


The Archangel Michael as channeled by Jeff Fasano is the principal guiding force of the Angel News Network (ANN) as well as the main inspiration for our founding as a spiritual organization.

ANN's  mission is to bring the wisdom of the divine realms to mankind.

Recently in a Q & A that followed one of our We Consciousness Workshops for Lightworkers and Wayshowers, one of the partciipants asked Michael, "Can you explain why we exist?"

Here is Michael's answer:

"To complete your mission and purpose in this lifetime, dear one. What is your mission and purpose in this lifetime? You did not arbitrarily choose to come simply to exist in this lifetime. Each and every one of you has come and incarnated into this human form for a purpose and a mission--to live each moment with purpose and intention. 

"Each soul fragment is here to complete its mission. You did not choose to come here to wander arbitrarily. Remaining in a place of arbitrary wandering allows you to remain in a narcissism of me.

"You are here to serve your world. How you choose to do that through the giving of your talents and gifts in a balance of giving and receiving is for you to define for yourself."

The participant then asked Michael: "How do I know if my choice of purpose is coming from my head or my heart?"

Michael responded: "What brings you the greatest amount of joy when you give of your gifts and talents?"

These, of course, are fundamental questions for all of us.

Jeff and I have both written books based on Michael's teachings to help us make life choices. Jeff's book is Journey of the Awakened Heart and mine is Life Mastery. They are available through our ANN website:

Here are a few more helpful questions drawn from these works that Michael has suggested we  ask ourselves when making choices that serve our highest good:

. Does this choice make you feel good about yourself?

. Does your choice bring more expansion and empowerment to you?

. Do you feel inspired and uplifted?

. Do you feel a greater sense of freedom when you contemplate the value of a 
  relationship, a goal or a desire in your  every day life?

The one question that invariably cuts through a lot of confusion for me in making a choice is: Will this bring me joy?

Can you think of a better question?