Monday, June 1, 2015


From the Archangelic Realm of Uriel 
Co-founder of The Angel News Network


Dear Beloved Human Sister and Brothers,

As an essential aspect of your awakening, it is time for you to know more deeply who you are and what being human really means, dear ones.

Prior to incarnating into human form you agreed to become human and to experience all that you have experienced through your many life times on this planet. What exactly does this mean? It means through your emotional, mental and physical bodies you would experience every aspect of these bodies, as learning tools. And through taking ownership of this truth you will ultimately free yourself from these bodies and the bonds that have kept you within the frequency of existence you are in now.

Why would you choose such a thing? Because you are preparing yourselves to become the master teachers of this planet in world service (We Consciousness) and evolving further out into galactic and universal service to ALL THERE IS.

As many of you know, your often not so loved planet, has chosen to activate her soul plan to return to light (the destiny of all dense bodies, including you). Thus all things within and upon the planet will transmute back into light, as well. We all ultimately return to the components of our creation: light, and love. This is the cycle of creation, dear ones.

The missing wisdom in most human thinking is the reality  that you have had the many lifetimes you have had on this planet; experiencing all you agreed to experience to learn what you needed to learn to complete your soul plans. This has prevented knowledge from becoming conscious wisdom. This veil of not knowing, remembering and knowing in the present is being lifted at this time (as part of your ascension process). The reason it existed was for you to fully experience the now. Now that you are entering your final 2,000 cycle of ascension on this planet, you are fully awakening to that we speak of now.

Through your many past and present lifetimes you have experienced every aspect of humanity, as possible. You have been saints, murderers, you have been killed and killed others, you have been male and female, all races, sexual preferences, and all religions. You have embraced all belief systems that have not always contained truth. Dear ones, you have been everything there is to be to be human. And why? To know what is through what is not is a most powerful learning experience, in deed!  After all, its how you and your soul chose the way you needed to learn what you fully needed to learn to become these master teachers of the world and beyond. This is who you are and why you have been dancing the cosmic choreography ,dear ones!

It is time to connect the macrocosm with the microcosm, dear ones. To know the truth of what your being here really means for yourselves, one another and this world, and worlds beyond.

You have not agreed to be and experience all that you have throughout your Earth time as a punishment but a preparation for your divined destiny to enter first into world service of oneness (we consciousness) and then beyond…

There is much to be self-mastered within the here and now prior to evolving further into your service to ALL THERE IS. From higher realms such as we of Uriel and many others, you are receiving teachings and tools beyond the human mind to free you from your human minds and emotions that have kept you in lack and limitation. This is the mission of the endeavor you call The Angel News Network.

As you further awaken you are expressing your fatigue with being in lack and limitation, the few controlling the many, your weariness with the deceit and denial of the deceit in your world. Your souls are demanding and commanding you to know who you truly are and why you are here: to now create a world of equality, harmony and balance.

Each of your is an unique expression of creation through your divine soul plans, your talents and gifts. Your truth, needs and boundaries are the same, dear ones. You are all created through the same energy building blocks of love: to be love and to be loved, and to love one another.

You are beginning to learn what love really is, and that being human has not always understood or expressed divine true love. Love is not the emotion or feeling you think it is. It is a higher aspect of yourself that is the pathway to awakening you into you ascended mastership of self. A process of inside out (not outside in) that will allow love to be the energy/force to create a world that knows you are all built upon this energy: That you are one energy construction. That each atom and electron within your being is constructed of love, that is intended to be nothing but love loving…in spite of how humanity has distorted love loving.

The organ that is constructed of love is your heart, dear ones. Its DNA contains all the wisdom from past and present lives, and you are now learning to think with your hearts, to truly access love and express it within the relationship with self, thus others. As has been said, the mind, housed within your mental body, is lovingly moving back into service to the heart. The necessary mind is not to be eliminated but curtailed in its asserted force of action (the masculine energy). As you examine your history you can easily see where your mind, leading the way, has gotten humanity. Now through a balance of the masculine mind and feminine heart energies (and this has nothing to do with your genders, dear ones), you are creating a pathway to freedom and oneness which can be expanded beyond your world…

Again, let us remind you that this is happening now due to the dispensation of ascension and your destiny as being human. The contract that you agreed upon to become human contained a time-line that you are completing now. It is not the end of the world, but the end of the world you have known in the past, and present. If the world you have had in the past and present continued, you would destroy yourself. You have done this before. But your home and planet has made another choice. Remember it is the love of the Source that created you, the destiny of your planet and you upon her that is creating the ascension into higher consciousness.

It is the intention of the realm of Uriel that you know these truths and apply them into your current thinking and feelings…thoughts and emotions that greatly affect you and all the elements of your world, and the universe.

- Uriel


*The poems in this book are all from Sacred Poetry & Mystical Messages by Phillip Elton Collins. 


Our individuated self 
Often “thinks” that
Its energy and power 

Exists from itself. 
Forgetting every aspect of self 
Came from the God-Self.

Our mental body forgot
Even the atoms from our physical bodies
Are loaned by a force outside self.
Funny how the mind wants to take credit all the time.

Let us fill our hearts with gratitude 

For the multitudes
Of everything given to us 
From higher altitudes.

For in truth, every aspect of self 

Is borrowed from the shelf 
Of the Great Chef
Who mixed and made self.