Thursday, June 25, 2015

SILENT SELF-TALK: A Conversation with Creation, Archangel Uriel Received by Phillip Elton Collins


Given from Archangel Uriel, World Teacher
Received by Phillip Elton Collins  
Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dear Beloved humans being human,

One of the most important conversations you are having is the silent one with yourself, not the ones you are projecting out into the world through your ego masks and defenses.

Take a deep breath and check in with that silent talk with self. Are you judging and shaming yourself in unspoken words? Is that silent conversation balancing with the one you are giving out into the world? Or are the two conversations decidedly different? Are you saying one thing outwardly and really feeling and saying another inside?

Dear ones that silent talk is your true feeling about yourself. It is also a conversation with creation. Once you are able to take a deep examination of that silent self-talk you can grasp a handle on what exactly needs to heal and be released within self; a process of inside out, not outside in.

If it resonates throughout your day periodically check in with yourself and without judgment nor shame of self, take a deep breath and truly listen to what you are saying about you to you. Is it loving and accepting with compassion, thus forgiving how you are choosing to learn what you need to learn, the way you need to learn it? Also realize dear ones this cozy conversation does not stop within you.

The energy from this self-talk resonates out into your world and beyond. It actually effects how others resonate with you.  Like-kind vibrations/frequencies (The Law of Attraction) attract one another.  So, if you truly feel non-loving of self, spoken or not, this is what you will create in your life and send out to the forces of creation since everything is interconnected.

Learning to lovingly check in with your silent self-talk is a powerful tool to become more aware/conscious of self in order to release unhealed aspects of self and to allow making another choice through your freedom of will. 



The entire cosmic universe 
Was involved and ignited
In the creation of planet Earth.

Twelve Star systems came together 
To bring the best of each star
Into our reach from afar.

It was called the grand divine experiment 
Inspired by unconditional love,
So they called us,
The Lover-versity of Love. 

The whole universe is waiting 
And watching us now
To see if we can ace this
Final place, the final Golden Age. 

To learn to love self and another is the mission 
In order to become the master teachers
And preachers of love,
And be the love stuff of submission. 

In recent years we have discovered 
Billions of galaxies,
Many like us.
Needing to learn like us 
About the reality of love. 

Are we ready to accept
That this immense galactic universe 
Is not adverse to a total 
Connection through affection. 


There is so much separation, duality and confrontation in your world due to your individual wounds and ego defenses mirroring out into your collective world. As has been taught many times before all this is the result of your unloving relationship with self-reflecting out into your thus, also wounded world. The ascension shift (moving into a higher frequency of existence), as told many times before, will be a personal peace process of inside out, beginning with each one of you.

The chosen messenger whom we are coming through at this divine moment, like many others, is a brethren within an endeavor called The Angel News Network with many of our various higher realm teachings to assist you in your individuated personal peace process. Can you receive and apply these teachings?

Ultimately as has been explained to you many times, the intention, through the healed loving relationship with self, is to create communities of equality, harmony and balance throughout your world. Remember dear ones, the purpose of your planet is to learn to love. As your history reveals, this has not always been an easy process for you. It does not have to be this difficult, if your can simply learn to think with your heart, allowing your mental bodies to also be in service to your heart that knows all of which we speak. All the learning from past lives is stored in the DNA of your heart and pasted on lifetime after lifetime.

Let us now examine how aspects of your higher selves can be applied to achieving the needed peace on your planet. It is your destiny during the creation of your final golden age to learn to live together in peace through all of your chosen diversity. Through your diversity you are learning you are all aspects of the same thing: LOVE.

Acknowledge the divine right of each and every person on Earth to be free of their wounds and defenses and reveal their higher selves; you are in process with this. Learn how to champion each other’s higher self through speaking your truth, knowing your needs and setting your boundaries. This will allow the opportunity to awaken the full activation of your soul plans; the reason to be here. You each have talents and gifts to bring into world service, knowing the world would be incomplete without each of you. You are all aspects of the Creator experiencing itself. Be and do this with complete acceptance, compassion and forgiveness as to how you have chosen to learn.

Remember through your personal process to have no hidden personal agenda or outcome other than the highest good of all. Surrendering to not knowing will allow the probabilities and possibilities of the universe to come forth. This requires a quieting of the mental body that constantly needs to know. Again return to the source of your knowing heart. Surrendering to not knowing allows the higher self to work.

Dear ones the peace you so hunger for will and can manifest in your lives, the lives of others and your world if you simply apply the above words into action. Select world leaders (governments reflect the people they govern) who have evolved enough to apply these principles and trust and know there are forces higher than humanity who are available to support you through your process. Seriously consider being in service to these forces; after all they created you and all your past golden ages… and if you so choose…your next golden age…