Sunday, June 21, 2015

SUMMER SOLSTICE 2015: A Letter from Mother Earth by Phillip Elton Collins



Received by Phillip Elton Collins 
Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Dear Beloved Children upon the surface of my body,

This longest day of the year is another gift to you from your Mother Earth to give you more time to think about your abuse of one another and the planet that is your home; to see the factors that affect both. For those of you who are not aware of it, I AM a conscious living being (like yourselves) and my organs (air, water, minerals, oil/gas) are the elements that maintain and sustain my life and your ability to live upon my body. It is essential to your survival that there be a balance that reflects your relationship with your self and others that allows knowing how and when to use my organs. This can be achieved through creating communities of equality, harmony and balance knowing there is enough for all. 

When the forces (twelve star systems) that came together to create this planet they intended there would always be enough for all.

As a result of humanity’s disconnect  (the human mind thought it could do it a better way) from the additional higher realms (Archangelic, Inner Earth Civilizations, Ascended Masters, Star Realms)  that also support your survival, you have continued for eons allowing the few to control the many.

This planet has activated a divine soul plan ascension process (moving from carbon back to light) thus all upon the planet will transmute into that same frequency. In effect, the planet is becoming a light bodied star, and so are you! The planet will survive (complete its divine soul plan) no matter what choice humanity’s makes. So what do you choose?

Through your freedom of choice and will I ask that you ponder during this longest day of the year; the present and future choices you would like to make about yourself, others, those you choose to govern this planet and the endeavors attempting to control something they did not create.

If you so choose it is time to stop giving your power away to those who do not support the highest good of you and your planet. What do you choose and how do you plan to implement your choice?

The tools to use are your internal gyro system; your resonance (how you feel about something) and your discernment (how you think about something). Remember you are much more powerful than you think!


This Father's Day 2015 let us remember and intend to balance the masculine and feminine energies within our personal lives and world. Without this equality and harmony we cannot advance as a human species.

Active Angel Agent (AAA)
Phillip Elton Collins
Co-Founder The Angel News Network