Saturday, June 20, 2015


Channeled by Robert BakerRobert Baker

An excerpt from The Second Coming
By Joel D. Anastasi

Channeling: The Definition and Explanation

We read energies. It depends upon what energy our frequency is capable of tapping into. Some of the denser energies we are not able to tap into. Some of the higher energies that deal with our own perspective, we can tap into most easily. Things such as dates and times and things like that are not as readily available to us because that is all the concern of the third dimension. That is all locked within the record of the third dimension where the time/space continuum is concerned. That is the fallacy of the finite mind.

Understand that we represent a dimensional realm in time and space, a level of consciousness. Within that level of consciousness, there are many levels. So within that level of consciousness, people can tap into our realm, and they can say, I am channeling Gabriel. So they are in a sense tapping into the realm of Gabriel. The clarity and the availability of the channel will determine how much energy and information they are able to tap into and how clear that information will be. Most channels are rather finite in their ability because most of them are conscious channels or semi-trance channels. That means their own conscious minds are there registering everything to some degree, and thus editing the process based upon what is locked in the belief systems of their own subconscious.

If a channel is able to accomplish the feat of becoming a full-trance channel which is rare, if they are able to do that, the information and energy they are able to tap into can be clearer. Clarity is also based upon the vibration of the body we use to come into because we have to raise the vibration of the body when we come in as the body is very dense. If the vehicles themselves are working consciously to raise their own vibrations, in their own processes, then the vehicles become clearer channels, like a computer program that is able to receive a certain channel of energy.

You can only receive the clarity of that energy in consciousness based upon how clear the channel receiving it is. If there is static in the channel, there will be static in the information. If the belief systems of the particular channel interfere with the information, that information will be interpreted as it is coming through, so it can become distorted. Or the channels are able to pick up on the lower frequencies of our realm and tap into some peripheral information and say they are channeling Gabriel. But they may not be channeling the full content. They may not be channeling the clearer essence of the heart of our information because everything operates through signals of vibration and frequency. The clarity and the rate of vibration frequency determine the ability of the vehicle to tap into the informational level or the level of consciousness that is available.