Thursday, August 27, 2015


for the Angel News Network.

We simply cannot create a new world paradigm by ourselves without the support of higher realms. I wish now to share some Ascended Master wisdom’s that are intended to offer such support. 

Which ones of which do you resonate and are ready to daily apply in creating a new reality?

(1) Life is the one thing that produces manifestation; all energy is some form of life.

(2) When your awareness/consciousness connects with something, your life integrates to that part of life, and you become one with it.

(3) Our lack of control of attention prevents manifestation.

(4) Energy flows wherever your attention focuses it.

(5) When we master the proper use of energy it will be through the mastery of our emotional and mental selves.

(6) Ascended Beings are just more evolved conscious beings than us.

(7) War makers of the world do so through their deliberate misuse of energy.

(8) Can we comprehend what Power is ours when we connect in Oneness?

(9) We are just beginning to understand the Mastery of Self that is ours through our healed emotions and thoughts, and connection to We Consciousness.

(10) What cosmic shock is necessary to shake mankind from its creations? 

(11) Are we ready to accept and know there is life greater than the one in this world? And we need its support.

(12) Cosmic assistance can and will be the greatest help in our attaining our ascension.

(13) Overcoming so-called death is the greatest and last limitation for us to achieve as a species.

(14) When we overcome so-called death our ascension will organically take place.

(15) The destiny of America, The Heart of the World, is the future of mankind.

(16) We cannot rise out of our mankind creation without the support of higher realms.

(17) Oneness with your Divine Essence/I AM PRESENCE becomes the ever-lasting condition of your future lives.


Dear Beloved Angel News Network Soul Family,

Ascended Master are beings who were once human like us and now have ascended/evolved into a higher frequency of beingness. They are higher realm beings in full service to our planet, humanity, and universal truth.

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