Saturday, August 1, 2015


Everything we are creating in our lives is what we need to learn, the way we need to learn it through our freedom of choice and will. It is not a punishment.  Are we ready to take ownership of this truth, leave victim hood behind. and  employ self-empowerment? 

- An Active Angel Agent (AAAA) 
Phillip Elton Collins, Co-founder of the Angel News Network



From Archangel Uriel, World Teacher and Guardian

Dear Beloved Humans becoming self-empowered,

Only through taking ownership of everything that happens (that you manifest) in your lives can you free yourself from victimhood: the shaming, blaming, and judging of self and others.

There are no accidents or other events that take place in your life that do not include your freedom of choice and will. Your freedom of choice and will is a grand gift from creation that no one can take from you (many have tried on and off this planet, to no avail); that’s how powerful you are, dear ones.

All of the events in your past and present lives are the not-so-simple ways you have chosen to learn what you needed to learn to fulfill your destiny (soul plan) to become the master teachers of the universe.

The reason many of your existing therapies do not release you from addiction, what you call abuses, and other so-called negative events is because they do not include your ownership, your self-empowerment of your lives.

Dear ones, we understand that the truth/reality we speak of may be challenging for many of you. But only through your acceptance with compassion, thus forgiveness, as to how you have chosen to learn can you free yourselves from yourselves.

You are not here to be victims or punished. You are here to advance in your evolutionary path to fulfill the embodiment of your divinity. The forces from whence you came simply do not punish or include victimhood.

By choosing to become human, you agreed to experience all that you have through your many lifetimes. The healing of these experiences is taking place at this rare opportunity of ascension (raising your consciousness and vibration into a higher realm of existence).

Dear ones, nothing can happen in your life without your agreement. In taking ownership of this truth you assume the responsibility, and the consequence is self-empowerment and freedom from judgment.

Take a deep breath and connect with your heart that knows all of which we speak. Your ownership of everything in your life is an essential teaching at this time, to welcome your eternal beingness. The inclusion of this truth is a vital missing link in your consciousness/awareness.

As beings who came here from various worlds to be a unique part of this divine experiment called Earth, whose mission is to learn to love, you are the Creator experiencing all aspects of itself. You have agreed to move as far from this truth as possible in order to learn what you needed to learn. It was the only way you could learn it. It is time to journey back home, and to know and remember who you are and why you are here. Now you are readying yourself to apply your wisdom here and elsewhere.

Dear ones, you no longer have to fear your true sense of self, your divinity and power. Now you are awakening to the world and the universe.

As your old-time religions say, “Free again, at last, thank God Almighty, free again at last!”