Friday, August 14, 2015

THE AKASHIC RECORDS: Our Role in Healing/The True Purpose of Disease with Phillip Elton Collins


Retrieved from The Akashic Records
Co-founder of the Angel News Network

Many of our standard treatments for illnesses or disease focus on treating the symptom of the disease (with possible side effects) rather than connecting with the core cause and effect of the disease. This discussion is not to judge or shame any existing treatments but to gain a deeper understanding of how we can innately and naturally create a permanent healing without doing any harm. Perhaps there is a way to create comprehensive/integrated medicine that uses existing and alternative approaches. The goal is to involve the patient while doing no harm, and create a lasting healing.

What is missing or not understood or believed in standard medicine are the unseen forces that create life; the energetic/spiritual components that maintain and sustain life. We have learned a lot about the physical structures and functions of the human body, now we need to master what actually allows it to live in combination with what we currently know. This will require the ‘knowing mind’ to surrender to not knowing and allow wisdom beyond the mind to come forth. The energetic/spiritual is the ‘god power’ of life, our emotions and thoughts the contractor,  and the physical body the end result.

What we intend to do now is combine the energetic/spiritual, emotional, mental and the physical as aspects of the whole human being in creating a holistic approach to healing.  In the recent past and present we have focused mainly on the physical while maintaining disease without sustaining a majority of permanent healings. Maintaining disease, rather than curing them, has become big business with little monetary incentive to find cures. As our consciousness increases (which is our destiny) the ‘greed-factor’ in medicine will decrease and eventually be eliminated as we evolve into true healing.

Another  key element missing within many of our approaches to medicine and healing is self-empowerment through the proactive and often preventive involvement of the patient. True healing is a process of inside out, not outside in. Most of standard medicine approaches involved outside in approaches: take this pill, have this surgery, do this therapy. This is not to say these cannot sometimes (temporarily?) improve the situation but often at a consequence that may create something that was not present initially. How much actual permanent healing is taking place, is the question.

Involving the patient in the process of their own healing, often beginning by allowing them to be heard is vital!  Healing begins with nurturing first by allowing the patient to explain in detail exactly what the problem is and why they desire to achieve healing it.  This begins the balancing of the energetic/spiritual life forces flowing through us and focusing on the desire to harness this force for healing.  This also begins the process of allowing the emotional and mental bodies to communicate with the physical body (knowing that all physical imbalances begin with the emotions and their created thoughts).

The involvement of energy flow, its balance or imbalance within the physical body, and the effect of emotions on this energy flow are the major missing wisdom in medicine today. This discussion is intended to be a template and basic outline for a holistic medical approach. For a complete study of energy and emotions within the human body please refer to The Angle News Network publications: ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN! Angel Answers and Actions, by this author, Chapter 48 "What is Life & The True Cure For Disease." 

This is an adapted teaching from Archangel Gabriel originally published in THE SECOND COMING: The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age, by Joel D. Anastasi.

As humanity further awakens within its consciousness it is essential to know that disease is not a punishment or a test to be endured through long suffering but a learning tool to further awaken our purpose for healing by knowing our purpose for living. These purposes can be revealed by knowing who we are (spiritual beings having a human experience) and why we are here (to learn to love self, thus others and the world). Why we want to get well, to heal is the spiritual/energetic force within the healing process. Activating/evoking purpose in this way, places healing in a much larger energetic arena than simply addressing a physical problem/symptom.. Knowing the ‘who’ and ‘why’ of our lives assist in manifesting the healing through our reason to be here.

As in all matters of life, seeing the positive/teaching within an illness situation allows us to take ownership and release victimhood, and find the meaning, value and purpose that is the pathway to the healing process. We all know stories how people’s lives changed and took an unknown positive path as a result of a disease. The forces that created us are not here to punish us but to love and support us through whatever means are necessary for us to learn what we need to learn the way we need to learn it.  This allows us to know we are co-creators with Creation, as we assume responsibility for being the self-empowered master of our own healing. This does mean we cannot ask the support of others.

The human mind is still asking why there are diseases and a need for healing. Another way to explain is that humanity has not so simply stepped off the path of its true divinity, direct connection to ALL THERE IS.  All we are discussing here is resetting our soul plan compass. Quite simply, we imbalanced our lives and world and our physical bodies are mirroring/reflecting one another, and are communicating that problem to us. Since the world and we are made of the same cosmic stuff, it is only natural that our ‘talking bodies’ are trying to wake us up, and effect change.

Finally, let us review and suggest four other steps to assist in healing:

For healing to occur, the first step is to know something is wrong. You don’t feel well. What is it? Since healing is a process of inside out, it is essential that we move inward with an attitude of gratitude that begins to reveal the healing. True healing begins with consciousness/awareness.

second step would be to accept with compassion thus forgive what you have created in order to learn what you need to learn the way you need to learn it. True healing/ transformation requires accepting all aspects of our self (a deep examination of the self)  that has been unknown/unconscious that is moving into your present awareness:  this is a vital component of healing.  There is a self-mastery (personal processing) program entitled LIFE MASTERY: A Guide for Creating the Life You Want and the Courage to Live it! 

This is a teaching from Archangel Michael via trance channel Jeff Fasano, workshop created by Joel D. Anastasi that we may suggest, if you so choose.

As we accept with compassion and forgive the experience we create, we can personally process more of the previously unfelt/unaccepted feelings allowing the energetic/spiritual access for healing. Then we become more emotionally and physically balanced allowing true healing.

The third step is to know you are the major player in the inside out healing process. Once we release any judgment or shaming of what we have created, we can better allow an assessment of what the next best steps are through your resonance (how you feel about it) and your discernment (how you think about it).  Each of us is responsible for the ‘common sense’ matters of health such as diet and exercise, honoring the body temple that houses your emotions and thoughts. Then the unseen aspects of self come into play such as  the discussed emotions, attitudes,  spiritual beliefs, and any confirmed therapies you have decided upon.  Previously we discussed the importance of being heard that can be very healing/therapeutic. This can be done with your own diary and certainly speaking and being heard  with your health-care people. Since we are composed of energy, raising the vibrations within the body is vital. There is no better way to do this than through joy. Find people and activities that allow you to laugh at your ‘condition’ knowing you are not your disease. Play in nature and look in the mirror everyday knowing you came from love, you are love, and you are lovable and loved.

The final forth step is to remember our emotions and thoughts create our reality every day. Also check in with your belief systems. If some erroneous  beliefs become your knowing that is what you will experience. This is how powerful we are. You are teaching your body to entrain to the highest vibration, thus balance its energy flow and heal. You are learning to employ ‘energy medicine’, and the vital role of the unseen forces in bringing about the healing of the physical. There are breathing techniques,  meditations, and energy exercises that abound in our world to assist us.


All of what we create in our lives is meant for us to know our selves and better understand the ways we create. Any health situation is a way to wake up through healing. When we are not just trying to fix or get rid of a health issue but see it as a leaning tool (not a punishment) it can become a transformation of our lives. That is the healing.