Monday, August 10, 2015

MAN POWER GOD POWER: Call Upon Higher Realms, Regularly

These Higher Beings
Truly have freed themselves
From human limitations,
And all evaluations
Through blazing outpouring of Light
That constantly brightens the night.

As the elements continue to shift and change in our relationship with self, others and the outer world, let us continue to call upon Higher God Power Realms for Love and Support. These realms being Archangels, Ascended Masters, Star Beings, Inner Earth Civilizations, etc. Their goal being for us to master self/Man Power, and have that mirror out into the outer world.

Humanity has largely lost contact with these ancient, God-powerful and protecting forces that have always been with us. We have never been alone. These energies can and will infuse self and the environment with support/wisdom much stronger than anything in our frequency. Their aim beings to eliminate any imbalances in the human self in order to create a new world of equality, harmony and balance.

More than ever before, let us call let us call upon these higher realms to allow them to offer support in our building a new civilization reflecting a permanent “We Consciousness” of Unity and Oneness. The time has come to move from the “me” to the “we”, and man to move into God.

The shocking realization is that if mankind continues to be left to its own devices our destructive desires within us are capable of destroying the planet and ourselves. It has happened before.

These Man Power forces are insane and the support of the higher God Power realms are essential and can and will assist us in awakening our Inner Divine Essence and save us from ourselves.

It is time to establish a new pattern re-connecting us to our innate goodness through these higher realms and have it mirror out to the many, Then we can become the custodians of boundless oneness, God Power, abundance, cosmic intelligence… boundless everything. Are you ready?

The balance and action of our emotions and thoughts will allow a new world to unfold. Through the higher realm teachings we can become fully conscious of any imbalances in our emotions and thoughts that do not support the highest good of self and others. The Angel News Network and many, many other outlets are dedicated to such teachings.

There is much mischief in our emotions and thoughts that have caused us to give our God Power away to others in religion, government, corporations, etc. We can set ourselves free from what we have housed within us by calling upon the invincible higher realms ever-present support.  Mankind has held itself prisoner far too long, these mighty forces can teach us how to process ourselves into freedom.

Remember, when we call upon higher realms (1) negative Man Power forces cannot effect higher realms, (2) negative forces are consumed by the positive, (3) negative forces know the higher realms mean their annihilation. Energy always entrains to the highest frequency; every positive has an electronic force field that attracts like kind. Higher realms have the ability to control any amount of energy and keep it from lower/denser energy.

When through our freedom of will and choice will we have the courage to choose a higher frequency of existence?  These higher God Power realm energies are greater than the humanity of this world. It is our destiny to embody them and annihilate anything other than the highest good of self and all.

Let us maintain and sustain the Inner God Power within each of us ever growing and expanding into the mission of creating the Seventh Final Golden Age of Oneness/ We Consciousness.

Allow our destiny now to clear and cleanse all the negative emotions and thoughts of the past and present.

If not now, when dear Brothers and Sisters are we going to demand and command ourselves, our world into our birthright of God Power Oneness? This can only be done with the unconditionally loving support of higher realms, ever ready, ever present.

Then we shall be victorious in embracing and embodying the Divine Soul Plan of Self and Planet to become the higher realms that guide and support us. Let us go forward and feel the Presence of these Divine Beings who love us more than we can ourselves right now. To free ourselves from further suffering through becoming our higher selves and joining the higher realms in Oneness. Now is the crucial time.