Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Interviewed/Edited by Joel D. Anastasi

Author of The Second Coming, 
Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age

Henry Kissinger used to complain that editorial writers often offered simplistic solutions for complex problems and situations  that were too impractical and would not work.

Henry, along with many of us, might say the same thing about some of the counsel being offered in the many spiritual readings available on the Internet and elsewhere about how to address the blood bath of conflict in Syria.

I'd like to share part of a teaching I recently received from the Two Marys who are the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, channeled by Jessie Keener. Our book, The Ascension Handbook, was developed from channeled messages from the Two Marys.

Is this spiritual advice too simple? You decide.

The Marys made the very simple--and for many of us obvious--statement that we are all God. And when we are in conflict we are in separation and have forgotten that simple, basic idea. How do we get reconnected? The Two Marys say It starts with compassion for ourselves, which is love of self.

"If we are all truly connected, all of us to everything, all of the time, what is it that connects us? What is that substance, that ether, that energy? Of course, they call it God. But there is another way to look at that, and that is to see it as compassion. Compassion is actually the stuff, if you will, that connects you to each other, that connects you to us, that makes these channelings available, that makes these dimensions interconnect so gracefully and elegantly.

The only way to stay connected through the chaos and the intense roller coaster ride that you are all on is through increasing your capacity for compassion with yourself. Out of this your compassion to move forward will ignite. Out of this your compassion for others will be restored, out of which your compassion for your circumstances will illuminate you to your next step.

Through compassion for yourself you resonate with that place in your heart where you are once again empowered, joyful, where once again you look outside of yourself and see God in everyone and everything. In simple terms, the magic is restored. So everything connects with compassion."

This teaching preceded their advice for how we should approach the conflict in Syria.

"The fastest way to bring Peace on Earth is to practice compassion for yourself. The fastest way to disarm a country is through compassion. The fastest way to help your President perform and his advisors and all the leadership on both sides is to send compassion. It is time to be very grown up and stop engaging in the petty back and forth of the ego mind. What brings peace on Earth to humanity is compassion, starting with the self. That will naturally exude out towards others and even for the land that is being mutilated by this behavior. It is not that someone is right or wrong. Everyone is doing this dance, and they are doing the best they know how for their level of consciousness."

I pointed out this may appear too simple for many people. Their response:

"This is the underpinning that brings peace on Earth and good will to all men. This is the very underpinning of what Christ Consciousness is, what the Buddha meant, what the Dalai Lama continues to speak about. Out of compassion is forgiveness. Out of compassion is restoration. Out of compassion is healing. Out of compassion humans see accurately what is actually happening. So we don't have to complicate it."

Too simple? What do you think?