Friday, September 6, 2013

RECEIVING YOURSELF: Channeled/Scribed by Jeff Fasano

The Teachings of Michael 

Channeled and Scribed by Jeff Fasano 

Receiving Yourself 

As you move further on the pathway of this journey through life look at from where you have come. Look behind you at your life, not at the old but at where you were when began moving through the process of self mastery. Look at where you are and how far you have come within yourself. Look at how far you have come in your lifetime.

What is happening inside of you?  
Have you gained a greater sense of self?
What are you still judging and shaming?
Have you gained a greater sense of who you are?
Have you gained a greater sense of intimacy?
Have you opened up your heart to yourself and others?
Are you seeing the equality of others now?
Where are you?

Write down where you are at this most important time as you stridently move through your journey. What has transpired in your life up until now? 

It is now time to receive yourself in the moment and live in the moment. We have asked you to look at what is in your life. What is in your life might be outside of you. What is in your life is you. What is in your life is the moment you have right now. Time is moving quickly and stridently, are you stating to the world who you are? Are you stating your endeavors to the world? Are your endeavors defined? Are you defined in the world?  Meaning, do you know your purpose?  Are you ready to connect with your divine plan? Have you connected with your divine plan? Or are you just thinking about it? Are you wondering why you are here? 

Why are you here?

You are now ready to begin the process to know this.
In conjunction with writing down where you are, We ask you to write down why you are here or why you might think you are here or know why you are here.   

In order to continue your journey through this lifetime knowing your purpose and why you are here it is important in order to connect to your divine plan. What might that divine plan look like for you? Why are you here? What is your purpose in this lifetime? Write this down and share this with your brethren if you choose.  This is important if you are now ready to define your life. Is your life defined? Are you defined? Are your talents and gifts defined? Or are you still seeking it? Are you seeking it outside of you? 

Are you looking outside of you to fill yourself up with what you think is in your life? Are you in your life? Are you the captain of your ship? Are you in charge of your life? 

The only way you can move stridently on the pathway in world service as the light worker, the way shower so you can show the way for others who are coming to you is if you know who you are and why you are here. This is an ever-growing process yet if you are now truly ready to continue your journey through life in a higher state of consciousness and in world service, it is important to ask yourself, am I still searching outside of me for me? Am I still searching outside of me for those in my life to tell me why I am here? Am I looking outside of me for others to tell me my purpose? Am I looking for my divine plan? Or am I walking on the pathway in the unknown knowing who I am, my talents and gifts and allowing myself to remain in charge of my life so I can simply open up to receive in congruence and be available to those and the opportunities that are coming to me on this pathway as I now move toward those and the opportunities? 

Are you available and ready to what is coming to you on this pathway? The only way in which you can receive those and the opportunities that are coming to you is if you are fully available to them. The only way you are fully available as the light worker and the way shower in world service is if you continually move in a personal process processing and releasing those aspects of the narcissistic me that hold you in lack, limitation and struggling to survive life or that perpetuate being unavailable. 

You are moving up a stairway ascending in your lifetime, are you fully available in life? Within your personal process are you seeing where you still remain unavailable. What are the feelings you continually avoid? Do you even know what those feelings are? It is time to commit to you. It is time to let go of anything outside of you where your energy is depleted and no longer serves your highest good and your purpose in this lifetime. Are you committed in your process? 

Is it world service you say are here for? And if you are saying this, can you process are you personally to allow you to move yourself out of your own way?