Monday, September 30, 2013


Nearly everyone reading this knows that mankind is experiencing a great awakening to the knowing that not only are we all one, we are each an individual expression of God. We are God experiencing itself. Ascension is the process of awakening to the profound truth that we are each and all part of God. 

With all the conflict going on in the world, both within our country and without, it seems more than appropriate to wonder, what is it going to take for mankind to reunite as one? As I wrote in my blog of September 17, the Two Marys' answer is compassion. The Two Marys are the combined energies of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene channeled by Jessie Keener. Here is what they said:

"If we are all truly connected, all of us to everything, all of the time, what is it that connects us? What is that substance, that ether, that energy? Of course, they call it God. But there is another way to look at that, and that is to see it as compassion. Compassion is actually the stuff, if you will, that connects you to each other, that connects you to us, that makes these channelings available, that makes these dimensions interconnect so gracefully and elegantly.

"The only way to stay connected through the chaos and the intense roller coaster ride that you are all on is through increasing your capacity for compassion with yourself. Out of this your compassion to move forward will ignite. Out of this your compassion for others will be restored, out of which your compassion for your circumstances will illuminate you to your next step.

"Through compassion for yourself you resonate with that place in your heart where you are once again empowered, joyful, where once again you look outside of yourself and see God in everyone and everything. In simple terms, the magic is restored. So everything connects with compassion."

Since compassion is so valuable and powerful do most of us truly understand what it is? I wish to share an excerpt from a wonderful recent teaching on compassion from Ascended Master Lady Quan Yin channeled by Julie Miller:

"Before you can give compassion to another you must be able to give your self compassion. Before you can truly offer compassion to another you must be able to comprehend what it feels like to feel compassion and truly recognize the suffering of others. When you choose to pass by someone who  is in need of compassion, you cannot feel any compassion from this experience because you are unable to understand it; therefore, you are unable to offer compassion. 

"In order to truly give compassion, you must feel deep within your heart a movement of true sincere care, a response so deep that you are able to connect to another's pain and understand what it means to suffer. When you are able to reach this sacred depth of your heart, your ultimate response is genuine and sincere warmth, kindness and the insatiable need to help this person in some way regardless how big or small. 

"When you feel compassion towards others you are able to be kind to others when mistakes occur without offering harsh judgments or criticism. You come to realize quickly that you are sharing this moment of suffering and the experience moves you when you feel its energy down into the very center of your core."

The Archangel Gabriel told me years ago that love was the "glue" that holds the Universe together. Somehow this teaching about compassion, which is, of course,  a powerful expression of love, helps me better understand how compassion/love is the great connector, is, in fact, the glue that holds the Universe together and is the necessary ingredient for mankind's ascension. 

Clearly, we've all got a lot of loving/gluing to do. Lets do it! It starts with compassion for our self.