Monday, June 9, 2014



From Archangel Uriel, World Teacher and Guardian

Dearly Beloved Humans,

You are individuated expressions of Creation expressing itself. Your life and the thing you call death are but reflections and pathways to the relationship with self. Now you are beginning to understand the expression “the only relationship you are having is the one with self,” and how this relates to creation itself.

Human life in dense 3-D human formatting is but a brief presence (moment) within the eternity of your immortal existence. Dear ones, you have all had thousands of lifetimes on this planet, to learn what you needed and agreed to learn to become the master teachers of the universe by first starting to learn to be in world service to this planet and one another. All your lifetimes have been a short duration with your total relationships from whence you came (Source/God).

It’s difficult for many of you to know that it is essential that you have joy and bliss while you are in this frequency of Earth’s “Lover-versity” and learning; the only reason you enrolled in being here. These vibrations of joy and bliss can power (empower) you through the entire process of human life, or not. In fact, each and every one of you is an essential component of life or you simply would not be here. Your individuated human cycles of life are what are powering the entire evolution of the planet and human species; some call this ascension.

Together, all of you—through your emotions, thoughts, and actions—are the “manifestation machine” of the Earth herself. Your emotions, thoughts, and actions are creating the very weather itself, affecting the seasons and many of the “natural” acts-of-God events. You know how your man-made governments, religions, and corporations (that mirror your psyche) have affected everything. Now you are beginning to remember how powerful you are.

Once you can take ownership of all this, it can become a game-changer in your lives and world. You just might begin to make other choices through your freedom of choice and will.

Sacred geometrics, synchronicity, and Universal Laws of Creation and Love become the spokes of a cosmic wheel that cycles the planet and all (minerals, plants, animals, 5-D civilizations) upon and inside the planet. In effect, a vehicle (merkaba) is created by the relationships of humanity, the planet, and the cosmos that creates the “ride” you call life. This creates all you need to nourish you and allows your divine destinies to meet their destination, as long as you are within this human frequency evolving to higher ones.

Let us focus on the cosmic creative elements of Love, not the human emotion or what you may think love is. Love is the energetic building block and glue that is holding everything together. Without your loving vibration support of self, one another, and the planet, creation has a rough time of it. How you have abused yourselves and the planet is a good case in point. Your lack of compassion and your ignorance have brought you to near destruction. This behavior is hampering all which we have spoken of earlier within this teaching. It is time to wake up and take responsibility for being the stewards of self, one another, and the planet or there will be a consequence not to your liking. In fact, you won’t be allowed to stay here as a karmic consequence.

As many of you know, the planet’s soul plan has been activated to ascend into a higher frequency of existence; thus, all upon and inside the planet will become the same frequency or be transported elsewhere. Sounds a little harsh, but no harsher than this patient planet has been treated. It’s called survival. And the universe knows exactly how to do that. Humanity did not create the Earth nor do you own it, in spite of your man-made laws and governments.

You have killed millions of yourselves fighting over something you never owned. How insane is that?!

If you so choose, it is time to move from thinking you own something to knowing you are the loving stewards of a precious divine experiment in diversity and learning how to love.

Your attempting to conquer the world has not worked out very well. Why not attempt to love and nurture it now? The reward is the survival of your planet and yourselves. Consider creating attitudes of gratitude that allow the creation of communities of equality, harmony, and balance that include you and the planet. Focus on the extraordinary elements on this planet that make a beautiful life possible. Most of the negative elements have been created by yourselves. If the higher realms had not been involved in the clearing and cleansing of your abuse, you would have already destroyed yourselves.

Through the balanced cosmic laws of giving and receiving, the more you give love and support to yourselves and the planet, the more you will receive.

Death has become an essential aspect of your life cycle due to the negative behavior of which you are capable. Immortality can only be gifted to those who love and create, not destroy. It is your destiny to return to love. Death is an escape from your present dense consciousness/behavior so you can return to your higher self and make another choice of what you would like/need to experience next time. Rethinking death as an opportunity to grow and expand can reduce your taught fear of it. For in truth you never die; you simply shift formats in order to learn what is necessary. Soon you will learn that you do not need to transition into other formats/forms. Through your raised consciousness you can choose to become an immortal being, your divine destiny.

Dear ones, take a deep breath and know all of which we speak is stored in your knowing heart. You can access it through your heart and us anytime you so choose.