Monday, June 16, 2014


Excerpt from ACTIVATE YOUR SOUL PLAN: Angel Answers & Actions, by Phillip Elton Collins.


From the Archangelic Realm of Uriel


Dear Beloved Weathered Humans,


We come to you at this time with a brief reminder and essential message about your growth and expansion into who you truly are and why you are here (to be in world service to one another and the forces that created you). Dear ones, your emotions and thoughts create all weather patterns upon your planet. Pay attention to where and when weather conditions appear throughout your world. Yes, you have seasonal patterns, but there are also “events” within your seasons that are representative of the necessary clearing and cleansing of your Mother Earth from your abuse of her body. You simply will not be allowed to continue this abuse and survive.


Your planet has activated an ascension process, and those upon her conscious body that know and understand the abuse needs to stop are welcome to join the journey. (Creating free, non-planet-based energy sources will also soon further assist you; more on this later.)


We of the frequency and consciousness of Uriel are involved in all the elements that affect your world, dear ones. The ones that appear to be most hidden from humanity relate to how your emotions, and thoughts, thus actions, affect your planet, your home. If it resonates, pay attention to where what you call “acts of God” (acts of humanity), and what you call extreme or unusual weather, take place, and the emotional and mental environments of the people in those geographical locations.


Dear ones, your emotions and thoughts collect and accumulate within your atmosphere, and when they reach a crucial mass there is a release, in order to clear and cleans those emotions and thoughts from the planet. In many ways, you are just beginning to understand the cosmic truth of which we speak; thus, further knowing how powerful you are and how that power affects you and your world.


The weather is one of the essential ways your conscious planet, a living being, can survive the unconscious behavior of those humans upon her body.


Look at where storms such as your hurricanes and earthquakes originate, their travel paths and where they land. Pay attention to the human emotional and mental conditions in these geographical locations, and what type of negative human actions take place there.


Within advanced 5-D civilizations the weather is perfect each day, due to the ability of the inhabitants to monitor their emotions and thoughts, thus respecting self, one another, and their planet.


Dear ones, if you choose not to wake up, the weather conditions on your planet can become more severe. If you choose not to understand the cause and effect of your world, the planet knows exactly how to balance herself. Remember, dear ones, you are dealing with forces that created you and are much more powerful and loving than you at present. You are in service to those forces, not they to you. In your past and present, you have attempted to control “nature” and bend her to your will. This short-term goal has not served your highest good or that of your planet. It is time to make another choice, if you so choose. (Not understanding this truth was the demise of all past golden ages.)


Once you fully wake up and realize you are in world service to one another and ALL THERE IS, your lives can become filled with grace, ease, and perfect weather. Think of the loss that your bad weather costs you, dear ones.


If you so choose, it is time to begin to understand the relationship of your emotions and thoughts, and how they affect yourselves and your world, in order to create a more perfect world, and a final golden age of equality, harmony, and balance for all.