Monday, June 30, 2014

COMING HOME TO LEMURIA: Chapter 4, A Deeper Understanding

Adama explained: “We moved into the interior of the Earth so we would be unencumbered by negativity from above and below. We have seen clearly what was happening on the surface. We intentionally isolated ourselves from it so we could evolve more rapidly. Both cultures, yours and ours, are experiments. In the case of humanity, you chose to see how far from Source you could go before returning to it. In our case, we chose to see how much we could evolve if we did not engage in the energy of inequality, imbalance, and disharmony. Becoming involved with life on the surface would have defeated our Inner Earth existence, for we surely would have brought your negative aspects underground with us.

A New View of Earth History
Adama felt it was appropriate to begin to share with me an alternate history of how things started on our planet. What you are about to read, therefore, is quite different from any history book I’ve so far read. I have paraphrased his words as best as I could in the material that follows.

There have actually been civilizations on this planet for millions of years, not thousands. Most of these were colonies of beings from extraterrestrial worlds, whose inhabitants came to enjoy the beauty of our planet and take advantage of the natural resources. The details of these civilizations were lost when the Great Library of Alexandria was destroyed. They were destroyed on purpose so that another version of events could be told. Luckily, most of the wisdom from the library was transported to the Lemurian library in Telos prior to the destruction of Alexandria. Few of the true facts of the long history of Earth exist anywhere in our world today. The records that did survive in the third dimension were hidden or eventually destroyed in one way or another and for various different reasons by people who held power.

Millions of years ago, the first Lemurians came here from a planet called Lemur in the Dahl Universe (a parallel universe to ours). At the time, Earth was a paradise and considered the most wonderful planet in the entire universe, a blue-green jewel. This perfection was maintained for millions of years, attracting other races from twelve other star systems, which came and joined the pioneering Lemurians. All the extraterrestrials mixed their genetic codes and became like a “super mutt” race. Humans are their descendants. Lemuria, the Motherland on Earth, became the most enlightened civilization among all of them. Many other civilizations on our planet were born from the Lemurian civilization. But the civilization of Atlantis and the origins of human history as a separate race from the Lemurians came much later, only after an eventual fall from unity took place.

Eventually the entire huge continent of Lemuria was populated. It was an immense area, which filled the area we now call the Pacific Ocean and extended beyond it. Before the destruction of Lemuria through its warfare with Atlantis millions of year later, all of Earth existed in a higher frequency at one with the Source. The Lemurians lived mostly in the fifth dimension, with the ability to become denser (fourth-or third-dimensional), if they so desired. There was a gradual lowering of frequencies over eons, until eventually this marvelous race and many of the others that were its companions lost unity with the Source. What caused their fall? The very same negative forces that are in place in our world today: separation, corruption of truth, greed, and lack of equality, balance, and love.

Since things were good for so long in Lemuria, it is important to discuss the physical ending of this magnificent civilization. Maybe we might just learn a few things from an enlightened civilization’s demise (even knowing they have survived and rejoined the fifth dimension). It’s sad to think that so many great cultures have come and gone on Earth without learning why or applying lessons learned to sustain our own. Their survival teaches us that we are able to return to a higher frequency if we so choose. Maybe this time we won’t have to end civilization...we can just keep growing and expanding... ultimately joining the Lemurians and others.

All data in Lemuria is stored in a crystalline form. If you want to know something, you simply sit down and connect with a crystal to experience an entire subject in a moment. Maybe we would not continue to choose war if we experienced the previous ones humanity created.

The Lemurian Era on the surface of this planet began about four and half million years ago. As mentioned earlier, it ended about 12,000 years ago. At the time of this calamity, seven large continents existed on Earth, including the continents of Lemuria and Atlantis. What physically remains of Lemuria today includes the land masses of Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, the Easter Islands, the Fiji Islands, Madagascar, California, and British Columbia. No wonder they chose Mount Shasta as their fifth-dimensional home. It was part of their ancient homeland.

There is little physical evidence remaining of their existence on the surface of the planet since the Lemurians existed in a higher frequency that was less dense (less material) than ours. This may seem confusing. But the field of quantum physics is now allowing us to understand different frequencies of reality. Believe it or not, someday soon, this understanding will seem old hat. “We are merely being way showers for humankind,” Adama explained to me.